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  • When we were teenagers, in the 70s, we “invented” a trick to describe ourselves in acceptable terms. We just said everyone is bisexual. In those not long-after Kinsey days was a reasonable point of view.

    Cynthia Nixon can be gay if she wants to, even if she’s bisexual like we all are. She’s right that the more interesting part of being bisexual is the gay part of it. She cuts to the chase in labeling herself.

    At least she just uses the simple word gay rather than the insulting acronym labeling invented by the movement ten or fifteen years ago. There should be a lot less furor over Cynthia Nixon saying she’s gay than all of us being saddled with the stultifying LGBT tag.

    I’m on Cynthia Nixon’s side in this. She’s smart and sensible and she’s right when she says it doesn’t matter why you think you’re gay, or say you’re gay, or are gay. We’re all bisexual. I’ve got no problem with more of us claiming the gay part of that. Born that way or choose it; either way’s dandy.

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    Undoubtedly, true about the Titanic and the Iceberg. Like how to get past a first paragraph that contains nothing about what Eli is saying, but a link to a quote of Upton Sinclair. And this, during the month when Firedoglake wants me to sign up as a subscriber. Baffling in the extreme.

    Basic writing: Say what you’re going to say. Say it. Then say it again. If in the first paragraph you just link to some other guy, you lost me. Maybe clever and all, but you lost me. And I’m sincerely interested. Please, no more links to quotes from other writers in opening paragraphs here.

    (Fatigue sets in. Over the past year, I’ve deleted bookmarks to lefty blogs that I used to follow because of their limp postings. Firedoglake is still on my list. But why this high-brow here when so much could be put out in less cryptic terms? Upton Sinclair???? Ach du meine Güte!)

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    The big three of modernity. Art, morals, and science. The beautiful, the good, and the true. Self, culture, and nature. Or make it four: soul, sense, society, and culture. I agree that the right is hellbent on returning to a pre-modern reality; I don’t understand why.

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    Typo: “Insofar as we need revenue (which we clearly do not now), the most obvious place would be to tax the people who profited most from the bubble, the Wall Street crew.”

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    To the original point: Obama claims credit for “millions” of home loan modifications whether they were made under HAMP or not. If he didn’t offer to say that those “voluntary” modifications were the LEAST banks could have done, he didn’t say enough.

    Banking must be reliable, honest, and fair. Its fundamental to capitalism. Banks lost their minds and failed not just their fundamental purpose, but to bankruptcy. America’s banks are as out of control as the mob that busted heads here in the city on the fourth of July. Worse: the banks busted heads first.

    Obama needs to be calling banks for the thugs that they are. Less than that…oh, who cares? Obama’s a clueless putz. Day he says what needs to be said’s the day hell freezes over. (I’ll be hanging around, of course, waiting to see if it happens.)

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    Jim Sensenbrenner, my Republic Rep here in Wisconsin voted for it. He’s got the money of River Hills and the racists in the northern reaches of his district behind him. It’s a district split between those that will benefit from the tax cuts for the rich, on the one hand, and fear of brown people, on the other. He won’t suffer from this vote, unless those that would vote for him are punished.

    It’s not hard to punish these people that would vote for politicians like Jim Sensenbrenner. It takes a little courage to stand up and tell them to their faces that they’re assholes. But just a little.

    Jim Sensenbrenner, and the people on the north shore of Milwaukee that vote for him, deserve to suffer. Considering the coddled little lives they live, it won’t take much.

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    OFA’s terrible mis-management of the midterm campaign in Wisconsin is part of why Democrats fared so badly last fall here. I went to their GOTV meetings. It was all about how great a job Obama had done during his first two years in office, almost nothing about the fact that we had two great candidates to promote in Barrett and Feingold. OFA’s been out-of-touch since the day after he was elected.

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    The storyline, seems to me, is about the history of gangsterism during prohibition. 1920, prohibitions starts. Wilson is President, WWI is recently over, it’s an election year. Warren G. Harding & Calvin Coolidge will win the presidency, and in less than ten years the Great Depression will begin. Shortly thereafter, in 1932, Al Capone will [...]