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    This woman actually reminds of the Ab Fab show from Britain. Totally clueless and out of the loop. If I was good at referencing clips, she is a total fit. I know one of the women is Patsy. It is an old show. Totally hilarious. Just saying.

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    Are they related to Mitch McConnell, just sayin’ that droopy look seems somewhat familiar.

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    I just talked to my son two days ago (miracle) and he said it is unusually high in the humidity there in La Jolla. He said “mom, I thought you would hook me up with something to cool it down.” Seriously. He is a renter, I cannot hook him up with anything. He ran to 24 hour fitness, and worked out for 90 minutes, (not breaking a breath). This is like when he went to a laundromat, and washed all of his clothes at once, and went next door for a beverage (years ago), and came back and every item of clothing he owned was stolen. But, “mom, I only left for five minutes.” What is wrong with our athletes. The disconnect, or is it the males. It kinda makes me dizzy. It is in the 100′s in Sac Valley. N.

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    Wow, I just went to La Jolla a few weeks ago. It was like sym city, bumper car alert. My son lives there on prospect, and close to coast. I have never seen so many people in my life, all different colors, all different languages. I am not sure if it is because of UCSD, (and my son is a renter). I was planning on staying a couple of weeks, but it was incredibly hot and humid (and I live in Folsom), no AC, barking birds on the roof, that sounded like they would kill each other. Seriously, I will come back when things have calmed down. My son is also a soccer player (formerly), likes to work out, etc. We flew him home for Thanksgiving, I spent several hours making turkey, and all the good things, HE WENT TO TRADER Joes and asked if I would be “mad” if he made a skinless, chicken breast. God, almighty, what is wrong with that. He grew up in California, but that really corked me up. Love your writing style.

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