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    The word “homosexual” is a clinical/medical term. Anti-gays use it because the term still carries a lot of negative baggage from earlier days when homosexuality was considered a mental illness.

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    Like so many right-wing pastors, Jeffress is not going to stop lying anytime soon. He makes his living off attacking those his bigoted followers hate.

  • Staver sets up a false effect of this bill saying “Under this bill, the counselor will be forced to disregard the client’s religious beliefs or change them.” This bill does not prevent a counselor from helping a client experiencing conflict over their religious beliefs. It merely prevents that counselor trotting out the discredited conversion therapy to “cure” a client’s homosexuality.

  • One thing that is probably slowing them down this time is that Washingtonians know that their identity will be made public if they sign the petitions for Referendum 74. In 2009, the religious right in Washington tried to overturn domestic partnerships with Referendum 71. At that time, they assured petition signers that their identity would be kept secret. They fought Washington State all the way to the Supreme Court trying to keep the signatures secret where they lost resoundingly in an 8 to 1 decision June 24, 2010 that the signatures must be disclosed Doe v. Reed, with only Thomas dissenting.

  • I suspect Amendment One is susceptible to the same argument used in Prop. 8, namely it takes away rights improperly from a minority. Such rights are in the area of civil unions and not necessarily marriage. In a state like North Carolina, the emphasis should be on achieving civil unions, i.e. marriage in everything but name. Religious bigots played their cards skillfully as they got rid of everything by tying it all to the word marriage. The word marriage is not going to fly anytime soon in North Carolina and is a waste of time to pursue currently.

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