• I joined the Green Party yesterday and made a contribution. I don’t like disloyal backstabbers who think I’m going to continue this abusive relationship. Democrats seduce you by making promises, then after the election they start punching you in the gut and the face. They think you don’t have the courage to leave this abusive marriage of sorts. Then, right around election time they start saying how sorry they are for stabbing you in the back in a way you’ll obviously never recover from. “I’m sorry, I promise I won’t hit you again,” they’ll say. I’m tired of this stupid game I’ve had with Democrats they’re cowardly and disloyal and they’re no friends of mine. I believe the words “go to hell,” come to mind.

  • We don’t buy your stuff. People on this site just eat celery and wear organic hemp shirts. They don’t buy products like yours.

  • I spent some time looking over the explanations between chained or C-CPI-U (urban), and regular CPI-U. I work with CPI fairly regularly but not really in depth. It appears that the economists technically believe that C- CPI-U is a more accurate reflection of cost of living increases. I’m no mathematician or economist but I direct you to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to investigate their equations and theoretical explanations. This is not what I initially believed, a conspiracy of people like Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. The variations between chained and regular CPI vary from around .2 percent to around .8 percent per year. It corrects for the constant elasticity of substitution (CES) using the Turnvquist index, whatever the hell that means. It just means that people in fact substitute other products or classes of products in response to price increases. But there is a major problem that makes this shift unwise.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics also offers a provisional CPI for the elderly which is higher than the regular CPI. A shift to chained CPI means elders lose significant purchasing power over time and just when they need it the most. While this adjustment might be appropriate in some other contexts, it does not appear to be a good idea for Social Security benefits.

  • This decision not to prosecute obvious torture is enough to make any decent law abiding person ashamed to be an American. It is a dark day for the Republic when DOJ endorses the Nuremburg defense. It is absurd on its face and it’s disgusting. We will work to hold the many Bush Administration and Obama Administration criminals in the United States accountable in another international forum where the rule of law still means something. It plainly does not mean anything in the United States today. Eric Holder’s announcement is a disgrace to DOJ, to our constitution, and to all those who believe that torture is evil and cannot be permitted to go unpunished. This decision guarantees that new torture plots conceived at the highest levels of this government will move forward in the future with impunity and bipartisan support.

  • I agree with your characterization of Manning’s treatment as torture. Thanks for the further explanation of what’s in the new book. When Obama plainly deferred, with no apparent interest, in the obviously illegal treatment of Manning, I realized that torture was almost certainly still a widespread activity under the Obama Administration. How else could we explain the open and notorious endorsement by the President of torture?

  • This sounds like an interesting book and a contribution to some of the other earlier works like Torture Team, by the noted legal scholar Philippe Sands. I hope to read this one. The use of torture has discredited every principle we supposedly stand for in the U.S. It has had a devastating impact on our credibility, and I fear that it is continuing under Obama.

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    I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. The promises I relied upon from Obama were quite specific, it wasn’t a case of hero worship or pouring all my desires into an empty vessel. The bottom line is that this is a failed political system incapable of producing policy outcomes that are in the public [...]

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    Democrats suffer from the delusion that they can screw the people who brought them to the dance and that we’re going to continue to support them. The President unilaterally threw federal workers under the bus with a two year pay freeze and now he’s going to screw them by agreeing to wage cuts, an idea [...]

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    The Third Wave is the Republican wing of the corporate conservative Democratic Party. I don’t care what Weiner did, he stays, end of discussion. No apologies, no explanations, I stand behind him without reservation. I stand behind my friends. When the DSCC and DCCC come calling along for more money, as they always do, and the Obama campaign, I’m going to tell them to “call someone else.” I’ll be hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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    I watched much of the debate and applaud Rep. Kucinich for making the effort to defend the Constitution. I cannot understand why someone would even bother to run for House and not support this resolution which merely stated the obvious. Senator Obama understood that a chief executive does not have the power to initiate an [...]

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    You may be completely right about this. One thing we know for sure is that he is completely drunk with power. His complete rejection of every civil liberties stand he ever took proves that. The imperial presidency is alive and well. Obama claims torture is no longer practiced, but when faced with the fact that one of our own, Bradley Manning was being tortured, he made it clear he could not have cared less. That suggests to me people around the world are being tortured either on his direct orders or with his direct knowledge. It’s hard to take anything he says at face value.

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    The question should irritate the incompetent negotiator-In-Chief. Barack Obama has no idea how to negotiate anything. We’ve seen it time and again, he cedes the entirety of his position and then expects Republicans will be reasonable, what a dumbass. Sitting in this chair, I know he’s unable to negotiate squat. As a federal employee he threw us under the bus by unilaterally freezing our pay for two years. The purpose was solely to improve his political prospects. He’s done this to his own crew in the White House before. Obama is no friend of federal workers. It’s all talk and no action. This was after he had already agreed to a meager 1.4 percent pay raise, thanks a lot Barack. Just kidding about that raise Barack? Really?

    Did Obama even consider negotiating with the other side before throwing us under the bus? Of course not. Instead of improving the long-term prospects for fair compensation for feds, this unilateral action emboldened the other side to seek a five year freeze, pay cuts, ending pensions, furloughs. All of these were completely foreseeable based on his failure to even consider negotiating, but not to Barack Obama. Thanks for nothing, Mr. President.

    Now Obama and Co., are busy negotiating away a five percent cut in our pay, which he has reportedly already agreed to, as part of the debt limit increase negotiations. Why? Because some conservative Democratic group called the Third Way thought it was a good idea. Oh yeah that notorious liberal ass Erskine Bowles also thought screwing federal employees was a great idea.

    Negotiate? On a cold day in Hell Obama will figure out how to negotiate. After being stabbed in the back by Dems they think federal employees like myself will come to the rescue in November? Think again Barack. Loyalty means more than screwing your friends to show how tough you are. I’m going Green and leaving most ballots blank in 2012. The few Dems I will ever vote for will be very very liberal, not corporate conservative like Barack Obama. As far as those contributions and volunteering goes, forget it, that’s over. Obama should be hacked that we all know he’s the worst negotiator ever to occupy the White House in American history.

  • Agency is a complex area of the law and this Order by Judge Barbier does not contradict anything I said. Judge Barbier did not hold that BP determined the rules of compensation or dictated the terms of a settlement. Did you even read the decision? Specifically the Judge noted that BP had the right to appeal Feinberg’s decisions to award damages over the amount of 500K to be decided by a three judge panel. So, if BP does not like Feinberg’s decisions it has to appeal to an independent three judge panel. The Court did not question the independence of the three judge panel. The court did not question Feinberg’s methodology of determining damages. The Court did not hold Feinberg’s methods of determining damages were subject to the direct control of BP. So what’s your point?

    Acting as an agent does not show that Feingberb’s decisions on compensation were determined by anything other than common law principles governing damages. BP did not adjust up or down Feinberg’s compensation based upon his decisions in individual cases or collectively.

    This order properly and primarily involved how Feinberg must communicate with potential Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit. It did not hold his decisions were determined by BP and it, in fact, establishes that BP did not have authority to override compensation settlements or decisions independently.

  • Feinberg’s compensation is not set by either BP or Obama. He agreed to deal independently and to take on an impossible challenge. A couple of points are important here, the measure of damages in law, especially business is fairly precise and requires proof of income, documentation, etc. Business losses are not typically subject to punitive damages but rather are intended to “make the parties whole.” By law business damages cannot be speculative. I think he has pursued standard legal business reimbursement policies. I think he has pursued standard legal individual income reimbursement policies. Why wouldn’t an individual with income losses file for reimbursement?

    Are those reimbursement principles imperfect? Yes. Is Feinberg an evil tool of BP or the White House? Of course not, that’s just stupid. However, Feingberg seems to have failed in reimbursing individuals and businesses at the level of damages that they individually and collectively sustained, even to date. There is also the problem of geographic causation of damages, that is those to far away are often denied any reimbursement at all. That’s obviously wrong.

    As for those working off the books, that’s a risk that often involves cheating on social security, medicare, and paying your taxes. I’m not real sympathetic on that point. Of course, our friends in business and corporate America have a lot of teach us on these points. There is this thing called business insurance perhaps some of you have heard of it? It’s like flood insurance, it’s not required but when I owned a house I bought it. And yes, I know a lot of people can’t afford either type of insurance. I am sympathetic on that point.

    The most legitimate criticism of this payout plan is in the first comment by bmull. There is no way to know the future losses that will be sustained by an individual or business because we don’t know the long term environmental or economic consequences of the oil spill. It seems readily apparent to me that those losses could and almost certainly will far exceed any agreements entered into by Feinberg with people taking settlements.

    The only alternative to taking an inadequate settlement is to join forces with a lawyer and hope that after decades of litigation you might, emphasize might, get some money, although that’s doubtful. Many of the people who have chosen to sue will be dead by the time any final decision on their claim is made by a court because BP, like Exxon, will fight until the end of time to avoid paying legitimate losses that are sustained by their gross negligence.

    While I agree with criticisms of Feinberg and the settlement process, it’s a gross oversimplification to just say Feingberg is evil and a tool of this company or that government or etc., etc. He’s just a human being who tried to do the best he could under impossible circumstances and plainly failed. At least he tried.

    The best option for people in the area was to obtain the best settlement from Feinberg possible, then abandon their homes and businesses or their jobs, default on all payments due, move to another state or area not affected by the oil spill and declare bankruptcy. If, of course, you can qualify for the “reformed” bankruptcy pushed through Congress that limits the ability to write off debts. It’s complicated. Feinberg felt constrained by the same principles of reimbursement he faced as a result of the 9/11 payouts, it’s not easy and it’s inherently unfair that some are reimbursed far more than others.

  • I’m gratified at the number of senators who voted against the Patriot Act.
    And yes, Rand Paul’s defense of constitutional liberty was inspiring I watched it at length.
    Unfortunately, Obama and Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution or civil liberties.
    They are as bad, if not worse, than Republicans and George W. Bush. We gave away our
    civil liberties in exchange for the illusion of security.

  • No apologies for saying you don’t know what you’re talking about, but ignorance is bliss. I have yet to meet or speak with a single person who supports torture who has any idea how ineffective it is in protecting the U.S. Ask professional interrogators. At the end of the day people who support torture have no moral values, none. You want to save the village by destroying it? That’s not new, it’s just stupid.

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    As an attorney who practices in the Federal Courts, I think Mukasey is a disgrace to the legal profession. He should have been prosecuted along with John Yoo and others for crimes they may have committed. Mukasey is no friend of the rule of law, but then neither is Obama or Eric Holder.

  • Why did they come out of their caves? Because Barack Obama made it o.k. to torture people by not even investigating the war crimes committed by John Yoo and others. The British legal scholar Phillipe Sands documented the specific war crimes committed and the people who committed them. it’s a who’s who of the Bush Administration. When you excuse torture you encourage its practitioners to continue their disgusting and shameful defense. Even Ronald Reagan would have been horrified by the Republican torture team. Worse, Democrats aid and abet these criminals by endorsing the Nuremberg defense. If a lawyer told you it was ok to murder someone then it’s legal even if it’s illegal. Nonsense.

  • This appears as the latest in a series of moves by President Obama to signal both the civil liberties community and the war criminals from the Bush era the exact same message. Obama now directly approves of torture without apology. By encouraging and approving of the torture of Bradley Manning, appointing “Dr.” James, and obstructing [...]

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