• well, dang, uffda, and all that. But an excellent decision for you and your family. Enjoy the heck out of that beach!

    thanks for the all the snark and spewing-coffee-on-the-monitor moments thru the years. No pressure or anything from us weird little internet friends, but i’ll be looking forward to that book.

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    {{{ christy }}} I came for Plame, and stayed for redd, jane, & trex.

    when i need a laugh, i go to these sites and read the archives:
    scandinavia and the world
    girl genius (plus i love the art)

  • well, i am rapidly turning into a pumpkin so i’ll say g’night. I’m a happy farmgrrrlll now that i’ve had a chance to visit LLN in real time. HUGS & MWAH

  • <3 citrine is lovely!

  • *waves at tj* have a great time on your trip!

  • he’s so grown-up now at nine, hardly any work at all! He’d be going to a Y camp for archery & canoeing during the day and staying with me overnight. He’s a big help with the kittens, wears them right out! I don’t know who enjoys the laser pointer more, g-unit or the kittens! what really tires me out is if the grandoggie stays overnight too, she gets So! Excited! to play with her favorite little buddies. They’re all too excited and chasing around to sleep, so of course that means it’s too noisy for the humans to sleep.

  • yes, she’s on my “Must Read Daily” list. when i saw that i decided i have to start buying a few more powerball tickets because i’d sure love to geo the heck out of the northwest with dana. She is a treasure!

  • aloha, astral twin! how’s the munchkin doing? I’m looking forward to having the g-unit stay with me for a week or two this summer.

  • Suze! Pups! Can’t believe i’m up so far past my bedtime, so of course i had to drop by and say hi to everyone.

    Suzanne, i am totally envious of you going geogalivanting with dana and funnyd.

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    thanks for sharing this Teddy.

  • oh fuck! how the fuck can anyone explain all those v i a g r a – type ads to the impressionable youngsters
    without dropping an effenheimer or two?

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    yummm, soup! I make soup a lot in the winter. I make a huge pot, and put lots of single-serving containers of it in the deep freezer. Currently in the freezer: navy bean w ham, split pea w ham (i bought a pkg of 2 ham shanks at the co-op, made two kinds of soup), lentil w sweet potato, turkey, and chicken.

    The lentil soup was a definitely-make-again experiment. I usually don’t look at a recipe, just throw things in a pot. Here’s what i did approximately, using an eight-qt stockpot.
    Saute a chopped onion and several minced cloves of garlic in a little olive oil in the pot. when it’s tender & translucent, add a teakettle’s worth of boiling water or more, so the pot is about half full. Add rinsed & picked over lentils plus two bay leaves. this time i used about 2 cups regular lentils, 1 cup of small dark lentils, and 1/2 cup masoor dal (the masoor dal basically dissolves while cooking and makes the broth rich and savory). Simmer til lentils are almost tender.
    Add veggies and herbs—first chop another onion and about 6 cloves garlic, add to the pot and let simmer while chopping the rest of the veggies. I used, approximately, 2 sweet potatoes, 3 carrots, 6 small potatoes, 3 stalks celery, all chopped according to cooking time. Dump all in the pot at the same time, add about 1/2 tbsp canning salt, 1 heaping tbsp each marjoram and thyme and maybe a tsp or so of sage.
    Simmer til veggies are at desired consistency. Add more salt to taste, and freshly ground pepper.
    Sometimes i’m in the mood to grate some parmesan over the soup when i’m ready to eat, with or without, i really loved the sweet potatoes in this soup.

    So, there’s my haphazard way of making soup.

    Here’s my cold/brochitis remedy:
    2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
    1 large clove minced garlic (approx 1 tsp)
    t tbsp raw honey
    1/8 tsp cayenne
    put all in large mug and add boiling water.
    optional if i have it on hand—about 1 tsp grated fresh ginger

    I’ve started buying bags of lemons, and doing up lemon juice, garlic and ginger in my cuisinart, and then freezing in 2 tbsp size portions. Nice to have on hand.
    Another health enhancer i frequently have on hand is honey-lemon concentrate: in a jar alternate layers of sliced lemons (peel & all) with raw honey. Keep in fridge. Add a spoonful to tea. It is supposed to last indefinitely but i use it up pretty fast.

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    *waves at all the kitteh lovers* thanks for hosting, tejanarusa! And Margaret, hope you recuperat soon, but don’t push yourself. and on the home front, hurray for the stupor bore—thanks to people glued to their tubes instead of being out on the freeway, i made it home from work tonight in record time! And this [...]

  • I am really moooved by Mr. York’s testimony. He should be commended for finding another whey to Cheesus.

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    we’re working on names, ie they have names but i don’t think they recognize they are being specifically addressed yet. Like all cats, they caught on immediately to the sound of a cat food can being opened and at this point any kitchen activity on my part has them climbing my jeans and demanding breakfast/lunch/supper. [...]

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    i know i’m a proud “mom”, but i’ve lost my heart to the utter purring sweetness & high cute quotient of them all.

    I’m glad i got three siblings, they keep each other happy and occupied on my three long work days each week.

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    g’evening, Pups! Tejanarusa, thanks for inviting me to drop by. Usually when i get home from work on sunday night i’m worn out from three 13-hr days in a row, and then, of course, i have to start on the cat staff duties i’ve assumed. But i couldn’t resist stopping by to brag about the [...]

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    punaise! hahaha, this is great, i’ll have to share with my daughter who works at a food co-op (lots of purists there!). Is Louis still with your family? I remember some of the gorgeous pics of his gorgeous, handsome self. this song fragment is for him and all the other FDL kittehs: oh christmas tree, [...]

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    the last few days whenever i see some gun nut frothing and foaming, i say “pencil dick.” these pathetic excuses for manhood are so unwittingly blatant.

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    uffda & dayam. I’m in awe of your writing skills and your prolific output, i rarely miss one of your posts. BUT i am glad you are stepping back to do what is in your best interest. I’m also glad i already follow you on twitter, so i will be able to follow wherever your writing next appears as a regular feature. All the best to you!

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