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    It’s high time, no pun intended!!!!

  • This candy-assed punk is two slaps away from giving in to being sodomised

  • nickgp commented on the blog post Tea Party Republican Says God Told Him to Oppose Boehner Bill

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    People that claim they talk and have conversations with a god or any gods, are indeed clinicaly insane they belong in mental institutions not in congress!. We had one mentaly disturbed asshole who talked to some god in the White House for 8 years and look at the mess we’re in today, these stupid religious superstitious assholes should be called out as the idiots that they are, there should be no tolerance for religious stupidity and superstition in government, and that goes for the likes of the bachmann’s and perry’s and the other assholes who find it convenient to refer to religion and superstition as some bellweather of high ethical morality and to compensate for their stupidity!!!!!

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    I could not agree more Mr. President, however, you must have missed the reaction to your speech by the right wing lunatic fringe constituency of the republican party, these people are like wounded elephants, dangerously striking out everywhere. In their “leave it to beaver world” every Liberal true Democrat is the enemy. The republicans have [...]

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    Another slap to the face by the israelis, the U S has been encouraging the israelis for over 40 years, overlooking evry crime they have committed, vetoed every condemnation at the U N,the U S has wasted billions in aid to israel and our prestige has suffered with our “israel can do no wrong policy”, just look at where we are and what has happened in the last 40 years, supporting a racist apartaid regime for fear of being labeled anti-semitic, the israeli lobby aipac has been leading this country by the nose far too long. Nothing will be resolved and we will continue to waste wealth and blood, Iraq, Afghanistan,where next?, Iran?, Syria?, Lebanon?. we have become the lap dog of israel.

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    We’ll all die together because a large number of dumbasses won’t shake off their stupid religious superstitions. Messianic fundamentalists,jewish, christians, moslems and stupid politicians who choose to perpetuate this stupidity. These people like bush, bachmann and tele-evangelists who are telling people to wait for some rapture, because they’ve had personal conversations with god, they should all be put away in straight jackets, it’s not enough to just laugh at them, Anyone who claims to talk to zeus,venus,vishnu a burning bush or a smudge under a viaduct that looks like jesus needs psychological help,as well as the ones who listen to them!!!!.

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    when the new congress reads the constitution i hope that scalia is there and pays attention, i also hope the tea party lunatic fringe pays special attention to the preamble and understands what “domestic tranquility,promote general welfare, blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” means!!.

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    Iraq is and has been bleeding, and will continue to bleed long after most americans have forgoten about Iraq,Just as they have forgoten or chose to ignore the over two million Vietnamese, the hundreds of thousand Nicuaragens, Salvadorans and other Central Americans, as well as the millions of other inoccent people in the world that have had the missfortune to feel the wrath of American exceptionalism

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    there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as the U S sits idly by, allowing the israelis to commit every crime they want against the Palestinian people, The jewish peoples history gives them special liscence to do whatever they wish, free from any condemnation, As long as the US accepts this [...]

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    when will these IDIOTS put away all of these STUPID SUPERSTITIONS???

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