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  • nightheat commented on the diary post Chris Matthews – A “Liberal” In Service Of The Status Quo by Jim Moss.

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    This segment fcking baffled me to no end. the Bush years were such a disaster, that Obama could have been FDR reincarnate and he would have won. And I guess it was our mistake, soon as the media started repeating this idea, that many of us that voted for Obama saw what we wanted in [...]

  • nightheat commented on the diary post Lawrence O’Donnell and the Rancid Cultist Rump Dead Enders by Jane Hamsher.

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    Jane – you’d be better served going on Democracy Now and only on Democracy Now.. 5 minutes of their airtime is more informative than 24 hours of MSNBC in terms of news. Maybe if there was a collective boycott of bullshit mainstream media like MSNBC, (olberman and maddow included) and an effort to support and [...]

  • nightheat commented on the blog post Liveblog: Obama Press Conference

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    He seems pretty mad, finally, only problem its directed at the people that got him into office and NOT THE FCKING REPUBLICANS…

    This press conference pissed me off so much. Guy has no clue bad he looks right now and thinks we’ll accept whatever he dishes out because he’s not Bush.

  • Jane – why are you labeled an extreme leftist and us labeled the same way for merely being smart and tough?

  • nightheat commented on the blog post Where Was the Democrats’ Long-Term Strategic Plan?

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    My theory is a little less complicated:

    Democrats are just as corrupt as Republicans..? A lot of Democrats just rode that anti-bush wave in 2006, and the pro-obama wave in 2008. With complete control of government.. Democrats wanted to pander to the base and completely sell out to corporate interests. That’s a very difficult line to walk seeing how we’re an engaged, informed, educated, and smart base of people that can see through it with little effort.

  • nightheat commented on the blog post Midterm Elections Open Thread

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    Whats troubling about Republicans sweeping Dems out of office is this:
    Republicans have no interest in solving problems, they’re only interested in power. It shouldn’t matter who is in there, as long as they can work on issues that are beyond left/right, and these days, is that even possible? This is a natural evolution for the Obama presidency as far as I’m concerned, from tomorrow on out he’s Clinton 2.0

  • nightheat commented on the blog post House Dem Losses Coming In: NBC Projects GOP +57

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    Grayson for head of the DNC

  • nightheat commented on the blog post House Dem Losses Coming In: NBC Projects GOP +57

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    Losing Grayson sucks, thats someone I would have fought tooth and nail for had I been in his district.