• why is it so hard for someone questioning a republican to point out most of the deficit thru spending is when republicans were/are in control?

    question. governor daniels: how is that under republican presidents we acquired 2/3rds of our deficit?

    mcdaniels: thats because of a democratic tax and spend congress.

    reply: pleeeze sir, clinton had 6 years of a republican congress and bush had 6 years of a republican congress. apples to apples. whats “catastrophic” is the difference between the two presidents, something you were a part of. and you say your leadership had nothing to do with any of it?

    mcdaniels: (no matter what he says)

    reply: under bush with tax cuts we gained 1 million jobs, under clinton without tax cuts we gained 22 million jobs. how again is it we need tax cuts to stimulate the economy?