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    My, what numbers! Incredible dichotomy! Sad.

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    If it comes down to it–either approving the thing within the 60 days or letting it die–my bet is that O’Bushma will approve it.


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    I really liked what Rocky Anderson said about the war back then, and I didn’t watch the video welshTerrier2 linked, but could it be that RA’s candidacy could end up being a net gain for Romney over 0bama (not necessarily a bad thing)? RA could be an appealing alternative for some of us who have [...]

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    Error in the first sentence:

    Congress’ job approval rating had been hovering in the low single digits for months . . .

    Had been hovering in the low double digits.

  • You’re delusional if you think Obama has a “true progressive nature”.

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    Yep I copied and pasted. I don’t know the answer to your question about timeframe but it does seem there is a lack of urgency. Here’s the rest of the MoveOn email (with link targets omitted):

    Click here to let us know your opinion.

    Here are some arguments for and against the deal:
    Here’s a detailed rundown from The Huffington Post on what exactly is in the deal.

    New York Times columnist Paul Krugman calls the deal a “catastrophe on multiple levels.”

    The White House, on the other hand, calls it “A Win for the Economy and Budget Discipline.”

    Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich argues “the radical right has now won a huge tactical and strategic victory.”

    The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait says we won’t know who won this debate “until after the fight over the Bush tax cuts has been settled.”

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    Jane, the email I got (11:59 EDT) from MoveOn said to tell them whether you are in favor of or oppose the deal:

    Dear MoveOn member,

    As you’ve probably read, Republicans are holding our country’s credit hostage and demanding major spending cuts to critical programs without ending tax breaks for the wealthy. If a deal isn’t reached by tomorrow night—or a short-term extension isn’t passed by then—the nation will default on its debts.

    President Obama just announced an agreement with congressional leaders. We want to see what MoveOn members think of the deal. (For more information on the details of the deal, see below.)

    Supporting the deal means we would encourage Congress to vote for it and avert default. Opposing the deal means we would encourage members of Congress to vote no and demand that the deal be improved before it’s passed.

    Can you let us know what you think? Should MoveOn support the deal to raise the debt ceiling?

    Jim Gerlach’s office said he hasn’t decided yet. 202.225.4315

  • Excellent post, David. Thanks for your continuing great coverage of this farcical fiasco — depressing as hell but great.

    GOP is one Dem capitulation away from getting everything they wanted and that capitulation — cuts to the Big 3 — has obviously been a goal of Obama throughout. What betrayal!

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    Great post, Kate. One can hope at least a few of the raucous celebrants, will, after some time for reflection, put OBL’s assassination in its proper perspective. The attacks of 9/11, from OBL’s perspective, had to have been an astounding success.

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    Thanks for posting this diary, Barb. In my mind there is a stench associated with 9/11 — and the more I think about it the angrier I get. In recent years I’ve tried not to think about it much, but your diary renews my interest. We don’t know the truth. We may never know it. [...]

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    Glad you’re here, Maryscott! I remember when you started My Left Wing.


  • This is a difficult spot for Cantor and Boehner. I’m not sure their holding up to the pressure well.


    ==modnote: fixed, thank you.==

  • The vote on that resolution will indeed be interesting.

    Obama wants to cut Social Security so bad he can just taste it.

    Mental note to ask my wife if she would remove that Obama-Biden sticker from her car’s back window. Waaaay overdue.

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    Quality reporting — and in great quantity. Don’t know how David does it. Amazing!

  • When they overreach, as this era’s Republicans always do, the opposition must forcefully slap their hands away. The Wisconsin 14 is that rare group of Democrats that 1) have figured that out and 2) seem willing to follow through. May their collective will remain strong.

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    Wind is at our backs now. Blow Walker down!

  • The President could set his parameters, Republicans could set theirs, and then the decision would be up to Congress on whether to run into a veto or craft something that could be signed.

    Obama doesn’t want to do that because he’s quite willing to compromise on spending cuts, and he would rather that came out of secret negotiations so nobody knows his opening hand in the debate.

    On target, David. Obama’s MO is well-established: he’ll deal himself a bad hand — and then fold quickly.

  • Nothing scares the elites more than unity and organization.

    Damn right!

    Thanks, David.

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