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    Haven’t posted much at all, but damn sure gonna miss a daily helping of TBogginess.

    Instead of goodbye, how ’bout we let Petty and the ‘Breakers take it from here….

    Au revoir, Tom.

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    From the local dead tree this morning:

    “But maybe the Chicago Bears, whose new head coach Marc Trestman tutored Tebow before the NFL draft in 2010, could give him a look as their backup.”

    Oh. Please. Please. Puhleeze! For us Cheeseheads, Da Bears are the comedy gold which never runs out. Timmy in Chi-town would provide two comic relief Sundays each season. Almost as good as two additional bye weeks.

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    As a social worker of 30+ years (both civilian and military), one of my guiding principles has been to communicate with folks inside the perceptual frameworks they seem to understand.

    So, Phil, here’s the deal: taxes are the dues you pay to live in this country club (USofA, represent, yo. Too, yet). Don’t like the dues structure, there’s other country clubs you and la famille can try out. I can recommend the Salah al-Din Governorate in central Iraq. You folks survive there for a year, like tens of thousands of us did under yer bud Dubya, and maybe I’ll listen to your whining. Till then, Bravo Mike.

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    Yeah, Ryan wants the (unionized) regular refs back.

    Guess who else chimed in?

    I’m calling for the return of collective bargaining and state employee unions, Scotty! I do believe we’ll both be frustrated!!

    Tom, you’re right: the stuff writes itself. There have been a lot of awful calls so far this “season”. I do believe next weekend I will hie myself to the garage for the next several Sundays and work on an old FIAT. That will be far more rewarding than watching the current NFL charliefox…..

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    Yay you, indeedy! Thanks for being here, thanks to the L & B Mrs T for puttingup with it, and here’s to another 10 years of vintage snark!

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    In re: Dylan covers. 18 responses and no one’s brought up McGuinn and the Byrds? Don’t mind if I do….. ;)

    Favorite cover is McGuinn et al on My Back Pages, 30th Anniversary Concert. Sheer guitar hero overload, complete with 2-count-’em-2 Rick 12′s chiming away. Second fave is actually Byrds’ original cover of “Chimes”: always liked the combination of harmonies and instrumentation on that one.

    This AI collection gets the purchase nod, though. Jamit on the iPod 1st gen, hit random, and go for a long drive…..

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    For “my war”…OIF (2 to be exact)….Springsteen’s Devils and Dust is dead on. In general…Knopfler’s Done With Bonaparte. I have no use for the chest thumping tunes, especially that “stand up” drivel.

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    Someone alert the USO; their favorite deadbeat bettor just surfaced.

    I’m thinking it’s time to recall the Yellow Elephant campaign……

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    Hmmmm….T, yer placing the Quittah’s pic a little too close to the post on Annie Green Springs for cognitive safety. What if Annie G peruses your site? Are we at risk for more inebriated commentary on chests?

    Think of the children.

    Or the bassets.

    Or us…..

  • I’m an election inspector (read: poll worker) in a small township in northern Dane County. All of Dane COunty has the Optiscan ballots, and they are relatively foolproof. The prom packs are managed with a multi-signature chain of custody, and the opportunities for mischief are few. The machine results do reflect the actual count; and we keep the ballots for years just in case.

    When I’ve spoken with other, more rural counties, everyone I’v spoken with uses the same machine. It’s simple, robust, and has physical backup. Marks are made with a Sharpie. Very difficult to NOT determine the intent of the voter.

    I won’t be working polls tomorrow; staff shortage at the real job. I have no worries about an accurate count in Wisconsin.

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    Rethug jokes just write themselves….no shit, hey?

    All due respect to Toto’s, but Ol’ Rand would get all pissy having to buy a “furrin” toilet (see what I mean?).But all he has to do is go down to his local Home Depot (a loyal Rethug contributor) and buy an American Standard (he’ll get starbursts from the name alone) that swallows a dozen golf balls at a crack…(oh, stop me….) in a half tank flush. Got two of them at the house. Even enough for a double pump when Mrs Rand yells about the smell through the door.

    Ok. Now I have to go gargle with vinegar…..or sumpthin’…

  • Skimmed Annie Green Springs’ site (and yes, I washed my hands AND used sanitizer before coming here). Hope Mead was able to get out of the Capitol and back home last night. Sounds like Annie sprung the lock on the box wine closet again. Just sayin’. Also. Too.

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    Ah, leave it to a FIB to whiff on the shovel and boots issue. My first serious cold weather boots were Herman Survivors, which had…wait for it…nubuck like exteriors. PITA if you wanted them to look new, but damn good warm, waterproof boots. And, courtesy your Fed tax dollars, I have a pair of the [...]

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    Perhaps. But their never-ending con show has me thinking of the late Mike Royko’s proposed motto for the Daley Machine: “Ubi est mea” (“Where’s Mine?”).

    With abject and sincere apologies to the Daley Machine. Also. Too.