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    Saul of Tarsis didn’t know Jesus, nor his thoughts.

    Now Paul failed in his claim that the laws no longer applied yet he, and all who followed, continued to pick and chose which OT laws they liked, and still wanted them applied.

    By the reasoning you use, that the law was supplanted, then you must say that “Thou shalt not kill”, Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord G-d in vain” etc, all no longer applied.

    Please, this excuse has grown old. Just because Paul wanted a lobster dinner, he denied the law. BTW, even upon the cross, Jesus died as a member of the House of David. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  • Can we please stop pretending Obama is a leftist, a progressive, or a liberal?

    When has he ever really advocated any of the beliefs that those descriptors are for?

    On healthcare, he just took the low road and put together a mish-mash of nonsense with a lot of gifts to the corporations and the conservatives and pretended that the following years would improve on it. Either he was insincere, cynical, or lying to us.

    On the stimulis, he sided with the blue dogs time after time, and ignorred the progressives and economists who said it was too little and misdirected.

    On To Big To Fail, he has continually supported his friends on Wall Street through his former Wall Street people who are in the Treasury Department.

    On so many things regarding justice, he has turned the other way and said “let bygones be bygones” and encouraged those who had done deeds in the past, like the GOP, to continue on knowing they wouldn’t be prosecuted.

    On human rights, his record is sad. Whether it be here or abroad.

    As for the military, he might as well be GWB mark II. More, more, more, and let us use it seems to be the cry, together with the development of the CIA as a totally uncontrolled and without oversight paramilitary organization doing acts that if anyone else was doing them would be called out as terrorism.

    He’s “the best” the Democrats had to offer, and “better” than what the GOP was selling. But sadly not what we really need.

    What has Obama done for me? After 4 years and voting for him twice, I can’t say anything positive. Jimmy Carter was a good and noble man, and a far better president than many gave him credit for. Obama ranks way down there with George W Bush.

  • Any product that contains grain may contain insect parts. In my younger days, I worked on farms during harvest, and in grain elevators. Grasshoppers and the like are harvested in droves. They aren’t all separated out, and at some point in handling, parts and pieces still remain in the grain when it is turned into flour. Sorry to tell the vegans this, but the only way to avoid a certain, though perhaps minute, contamination by animal products is to raise your own, or buy from local “artisans”.

    If we actually strove to avoid everything we might find offensive, we would live a very limited life indeed.

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    Red meat for the base didn’t work so well last time.

    It’s uncertain in what direction Rubio might go, but given any of the alternatives listed and you can be assured that they, in seeking their ideological base, would continue the driving away of the middle of the road voters, in the same manner as Palin did.

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    These are the kind of issues that have severed me from my support of the president. Far too often, his words and actions have not met. Pragmatism is an excuse. Not having the power is an excuse, not a reality.

    This president presented himself as being a hero of the people, but time and time again, his actions have been that of a bureacrat, or a technocrat, or a loyal member of the establishment. Whether it be his stimulus program and all of the right wing giveaways without the level of functional stimulus really needed; or his refusal to seek out criminal activities in the Bush Whitehouse, or the intelligence community, or the military; or his health care bill that was poorly managed, included giveaways to the industry (tell us again how that it’s a takeover, righties), and minimal real controls; or the defering to BP in the oil spill, yet getting the lion’s share of the blame for the response (not to mention his ignorring the non-bought science community); etc.

    If I lived in a blue state, or a purple state, I would overcome my extreme dissatisfaction with the president and vote for him, very half heartedly. But since I’m in a state so red that the rocks bleed red, I have the option of finding an alternative candidate to vote for. With the electoral college, and the total improbability that my state might go blue, I don’t regard it, at this time, as throwing away my vote.

  • The Supreme Court conservatives decide that the fourth Amendment is outmoded in these modern times and basically gut it.

    Although I normally dislike hyperbole, the right side of this Supreme Court may go down in history on the same page as jurists Franz SCHLEGELBERGER, Herbert KLEMM, Oswald ROTHAUG, and Rudolf OESCHEY. For the fatherland.

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    Yes, it’s like the big company I used to work for who is so enamored with offshoring. Moved their product testing (avionic products in development) to India. The people there weren’t provided with the right tools or understanding of exactly what it was they were testing and how to do it. They’d look at the design requirements and take them so absolutely literally it was dangerous. I finally went to micro component requirements with flow diagrams so they could “get it”. Unfortunately, when an issue occurred, which was often, it took multiple days to remedy and might have to be repeated three of four times to get them on the right track. But they were cheap (less than half price before benefits taken into account) and the corporate types didn’t care how many times it took. Or the result on product delivery (like the avionics upgrades for the Gulfsteam V, for example) In the end, many here lost their positions as more and more work was sent there. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a similar history.

    My Internal Medicine Specialist (GP by any other name) was newly graduated from medical school when I first started seeing her a decade ago. Good doctor in most ways, but last time I saw her, she gave me the “uncertainty” argument as to why the economy wasn’t growing. Arghh. I find it amazing that people don’t get that having insurance means that on a $125 office visit, sans labs, the insurance company pays $60 or less, you pay a $25 copay, and the office accepts to forget the rest. Now if you don’t have insurance, you pay $125. Great system we got.

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    Medical transcription

    I remember how surprised I was a few years ago to discover that my cardiologist and the firm he works for was sending their notes clear to India for transcription, and, of course, he would then have to take time during our next session to try to decipher what he had actually noted and what it had been turned into. Why are there a shortage of American jobs? Yeah.

    I haven’t been on here in a while. But the troll noise at the “pre-eminent” (ha ha) liberal (ha ha) website was too much to deal with. I will be checking in more often again. I’m on MST. Thanks

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    Thank you for the offer. I’m unfortunately unable to travel (cost) at this time. I take out the truck on average once a week. Used to be semi-affluent. My industry changed (offshored)

    I have a cell phone only because my wife won’t let me give mine up, for safety sake. It is JUST a cell phone. All the apps, etc stuff are worthless to me and I see them as just another financial drain.

    I hear you on changes. I remember Sanabel Island and Cocoa Beach from 1958, and Miami. I remember Orange County, CA from the late 1980s. When I returned there three years ago, so much had changed. The B&B my wife and I honeymooned in was gone and replaced by condos. Used to be that between Del Mar and Laguna the space around PCH was empty. Now it’s lined with upscale homes.

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    Unfortunately, we do live in the age of 147 character tweets and (if it’s long) 1:30 second soundbites.

    I prefer whole thoughts, complete thoughts with some history behind them, and not just items designed to invoke knee jerk reactions.

    BTW, I lived out on Tybee Island for a short period in the 1990s.

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    I remember “back in the day” very well.

    Everyone claims they’d love “Uncle Walter” again but the networks would never allow it.

    Neither would the “newspapers” allow a Woodward and Bernstein. Watergate took months to unfold, in todays market, if it isn’t big and flashy NOW, they don’t want it.

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    Most of the current (no pun intended) crop of pundits at MSNBC were good as contributors, five minutes at a time. Lawrence O’Donnell talking about how the Congress really functions in regards to his experience as an input was fine. An hour of Larry is about 50 minutes too much.

    My issue with Rachel has always been the “in group” “martini clatch” (sp) cuteness she injects. She does do honest reporting on most things. But she can beat it to death, too.

    As for MSNBC’s weekend people, I admire Melissa but I don’t care for the format or length. Chris is just too squeeky for me. Or is it whiny?

    The reality is, you play the game the way the company wants it or you’re toast. Keith is never going to do that.

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    Not many. Because the media wants news to be a profit center, not a service.

    My estimate is that to do a startup, and get real talent in the door, together with the equipment and other operating expenses, it would take a cool billion dollars the first year, and close to a half billion each year thereafter.

    Even though he’s a conservative, Ted Turner could probably do one again. He’s certainly not happy how CNN turned out.

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    He could chose the root that (sorry about this) Glenn Beck went. Own studio, web based, etc. Perhaps if he could find a financial angel to help him do this so it didn’t even have to be a financial consideration, and fee, for a while.

    Keith has helped a lot of people, but it’s amazing how many of those people disappear when he needs them. I understand Maddow, MSNBC and its contract had her by the shorthairs and she has had to stay silent. But others, I don’t get.

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    Don’t know. Cenk doesn’t roll over and play dead very well either, as his departure from MSNBC showed.

    The reality is, that Current is as corporate as everyone else. Al Gore has his own ego, that’s still probably fragile from the 2000 election. Company men get ahead, individuals usually get stifled. Gore could have made Current a premier news network, but it would have probably taken far more seed money than he had. I mean a real news network, with actual on the scene investigative reporters (not kiddie wannabees), around the globe, reporting what is happening, without the pundit point of view. The unblemished truth is more powerful than any hyperbole. Instead it is like so much of the rest of today’s news, a rehash of something that someone else did or manipulated into news, not real reporting.

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    Without Olbermann, MSNBC would have nosedived, and they wouldn’t have had Rachel M or Lawrence O’Donnell, and several others. Without Olbermann, HP would not have gotten as much onto MSNBC as they did early on.

    Without Olbermann, Current wouldn’t have a news network, if you can call it that. I grant you that making Olbermann the head of their “news bureau” was probably a big mistake. Frankly, Spitzer and the lady Governor and Cenk just don’t carry the day. Just like most of the pundits with full shows on MSNBC. Rachel is the strongest, and she’s just a little too much into herself these days.

    People need to remember that during the Health Care debates, it was Olbermann who worked to raise millions for the city to city health care programs. No one else on any liberal program has done anything near as much. People need to remember that there were only two loud voices supporting OWS for a long time, FDL and Keith Olbermann.

    Yes, Keith is difficult. And arrogant. So are most commentators. Larry O’Donnell, anyone?

    Imagine all the people who think difficult people deserve what they get. Imagine Pope Julius II giving old Michaelangelo the heave ho because he was notoriously difficult to work with. No, I don’t think that Keith is a Michaelango, but his passion on the real topics, not the fluff ones like worst persons, was real,heartfelt, and truly progressive.

    Not liking conspiracy theories, but could it be that Democratic kingpin Al Gore, knowing that Keith would hold to his guns on criticism of Obama this year, when it was deserved, decided he didn’t want negative commentary on his network. I’ve watched far too many liberal commentators, like Ed Schultz, raise hell about something that the president was doing, like Health Care reform, only to become a cheerleader and fall in line, even when it still was a questionable bill. Keith seldom if ever did this.

    Keith is one of the true progressives, but the plethora of latte liberals out there have a fear of people with true heart who make themselves heard.

  • There was far too much wrong with the mandate.
    1) Since the HCR act didn’t provide sufficient controls on the industry, the gift of 40 plus million new customers, often ones who will be charged signicantly more, will only be a boon to the private insurance industry.
    2) Many will still be left out of the process.
    3) Many will still not be able to afford the insurance. Anyone who believed then, and certainly now, that the GOP is going to allow sufficient funding for the assistance of those who have income limitations are kidding themselves. It will be very limited funding. And I have never seen if the “rebate” is not until the next year on the income tax form, how are people who don’t have the money now going to pay for it?

    In the past, many insurance companies were mutuals, and rates were reasonable. Few are now, and the companies are soaking everyone. Yet it is the uninsured that are subsidizing the system, where if they had insurance they might have a $25 copay and the insurance company paying another negotiated $40 for the service, the uninsured often have to pay $125 for the same general practitioner office visit.

    Obama went about it wrongly. He should have first, using the commerce clause, gotten the industry seriously regulated and made to end their abusing ways. Then, after that had gone through, then worked on a serious provider of health care needs for all Americans.

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    It’s Obama’s way. Sadly.

    The democratic leadership has become only marginally different from the republican leadership. It’s little wonder that OWS doesn’t believe in any of them. I used to admire Clinton, but it was part of his handiwork that got us to where we’re at now, and Obama just keeps on doing Wall Streets work for them.

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    The first months of the Obama administration were dedicated to the “stimulus” program, not to healthcare reform. Had he had the backbone to have created a real stimulus program, and told Boehner and the rethugs where to go, the economy might have gotten turned around more. But it, like the healthcare reform bill, is riddled with right wing agendas and give-aways, and isn’t working.

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    The right wing claim that the younger generation is “catching on” to these costs, and encourage the belief that they don’t owe anything to mom and pop and if they can’t make it, it’s not their fault.

    The “good ole days” the conservatives like to fondly remember had grandma and grandpa often in their declining years being taken care of by their children, but you know, to today’s money oriented society, that’s expensive, inconvenient, and reduces their own lifestyle, not to mention that the grandchildren don’t want to have to be crowded up in fewer bedrooms so the “funny_smelling” old folk can have a room of their own. (sorry for the run-on sentence)

    Time to get them to the ice flows, while the ice flows still exist, I guess. BTW, my parent’s remaining days were in my home, which was a hard sell for her, not for me.

    From a plot at Arlington National Cemetary, a deep voice is heard rising from the ground “Fuck you Obama, if it hadn’t been for me you wouldn’t have gotten your bill through.” Try to rest in peace, Senator Kennedy.

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