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    See we can get together…I visited RedState
    “didn’t watch it, didn’t have to”
    Obama only appeals to those who think he is the messiah”
    I read the same here ..a real kumbaya moment.
    You pissed off? Force your government to arrest you for a non-violent political action. Become involved with immigration/war/poverty issues with your local The Friends (Quakers still have it)What posive things are you doing for others to balance the hate?
    That’s why I wore my colors here..as a sign of light in dark times.did my sentence and fasting end the war? ah no
    But it gave me the knowledge that I was doing all I could to end it.

    A pile of bile is a pile of bile no matter the source…There is little difference between this thread and one at RedState
    Tap yer toes and stay warm
    be aware…find a way/place to care