• Please correct if I’m wrong, but I thought that “Uncut” is a movement designed to spread globally, so if that’s the case, how can anyone be stealing intellectual property?

  • As a person who worked for Countrywide for one year (2004/2005), seeing exactly where Conutrywide was heading and what it was doing (though no one that I talked to about it would believe me and all thought me crazy). Countrywide was the most corrupt company ever–though Bank of America is no better. Before going to Countrywide, I worked several years for BoA. They were both definitely offenders of consumers and the law. I left the industry because of the corruption, knowing full well where it al had to be heading and warning people to get out, sell stock, etc. Again, I was simply “crazy.” However, I wonder what they’d say about me now that all has come to pass, and many are homeless.

    Countrywide was so ridiculous. They used to fish for people who might talk by producing an ethics hotline, all confidential–Right! Anyone making a call to that number was quickly terminated. In doing an employee refinance on my home, the loan officer forged my signature because she couldn’t get a hold of me at the exact second that she wanted and went ahead and forged the doc’s. It was a common occurrence for doc’s to be forged and lies to be told—absolutely crazy!

    Angelo is very aware of what he started, but it looks like he’s golden and may never be faced with the prison stay that he so greatly deserves—he and many other CW exec’s. I also say that BoA only bought Countrywide because Angelo must have had something on Ken Lewis (BoA CEO). Yet I do not believe that we will see the day when either will be prosecuted. It’s all so ridiculously wrong and F’d up

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    I concur–Cheers!

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