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    Thank you to all draft evaders, conscientious objectors, and others that refused to participate in wanton slaughter.

  • nomolos commented on the blog post It is the Policy, not the Messaging

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    The guy is a lying, hypocritical, warmongering, bought and paid for lackey of the rich rather like Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan were in their turns.
    Those who expect any change in the next president or the next or the one after that are living in never never land America

  • No matter what agreement is reached Congress will not approve, it is their job and it is Obummer’s job to do what is best for the war industry.

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    The solution my wife has advocated for years is to only allow in State monies for candidates. No outside money.
    Corporations could only buy candidates in one State…the State in which they are headquartered. Billionaires could only purchase politicians in their home State, their primary residence State.
    Small money donations would have a far greater impact. Candidates would have to be thrifty. Candidates would have to listen to their constituents not some money manipulator in Manhattan. And, most importantly, we would all know where the money is coming from.

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    Growing up on a farm I too castrated piglets but it never made me want to go into politics. I had had enough of pigs after a while.

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    Let me count the ways. (well ten ways).

    1/ Stop the false promises, the lying, the damn hypocrisy
    2/ Prosecute the politically connected law breakers whether bankers, politicians or CEOs
    3/ Praise, not punish, the Whistle blowers
    4/ Ensure a livable wage not a minimum wage
    5/ Undo Citizen’s United
    6/ Stop invading other countries
    7/ Institute National Health Care
    8/ Make Election Day a National Holliday
    9/ Free Education at all levels
    10/ Reduce the war/military budget by half.

    There are many more ways but these ten will do for a start.

  • Just a few of the joys we have to look forward to

    James Inhofe Armed Services
    Mike Crapo Banking
    Tom Coburn Homeland Security
    Lamar Alexander Health & Labour
    David Vitter Environment

  • Obama has finally delivered on a promise. He has done the bidding of his financiers and pissed off the progressives/liberals sufficiently for people to vote for anyone other than the party of hypocrisy.

  • There is a “For Sale” sign on Scott Brown’s house this morning…no idea whether it refers to the building or the occupant.

  • Along with the compliant and enabling Judiciary things should run smoothly into the ground.
    Congratulations America you now get what you asked for. Misogyny, racism, xenophobia and homophobia will be/are now acceptable as part of the “American Dream” to go along with greed.

  • The minimum wage is nothing but a legal way to avoid paying a decent, living wage. It is a scam.

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    if you follow the Guardian links

    The new Guardian website design is a bloody mess…a pain in the arse to navigate, too many photos, not enough news.

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    As worrisome as a possible pandemic of SARS or Ebola is the pandemic of propaganda propagated by Murdoch is far more perilous and should be of greater concern as it is here already.
    Murdoch’s excretions of right wing rhetoric are dangerous to the extreme. HIs media outlets now, seemingly, in every “civilized” country spew fascist falsities, purporting to be “factual news” as a daily diet. Millions of people are being infected with his lies, their brains are being poisoned by his proselytizing, they are becoming mindless zealots to his causes of totalitarianism, xenophobia, racism, misogyny and greed.
    Unfortunately there is no vaccine with which to halt this man’s poisonous propaganda, only intelligent thought and educated people can do that. One can on ly hope we are not already too late.

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    The documentary was made, so I understand, for illustrative purposes and to get people talking about the harassment that has to be endured daily and yet is treated so cavalierly. Frankly I think they did a good job.

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    You were watching faux news…
    Actually the film was rather interesting. I have no idea what was shown on TV. What was apparent is that a single woman walking in a city is harassed a lot. Nothing we didn’t already know I guess but certainly well illustrated in the documentary.

    Faux news…bloody hell

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    As the police get more and more militarized and the gummint gets more and more oppressive the gun nuts get nuttier…so where is the big surprise?
    The NRA does not give a sweet pitoody who gets shot, or who owns a gun, as long as the gun sales make the manufacturers rich, fat and happy.

    Speechless yes, disgusted yes, surprised no.

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    Buy a gun for your son right away, Sir
    Shake his hand like a man and let him play, Sir.
    Let his little mind expand, Place a weapon in his hand,
    For the skills he learns today will someday pay, Sir.

  • Ah, what does America deserve?

    Yes, all should and will be punished until such time the masses rise up and reclaim the country. Of course a populace fed on a steady diet of propaganda, pills and paranoia with a side dish of religion is not likely to take to the streets for anything other than to wear a fucking halloween costume and beg for candy.

  • Frankly B vs C is just what the country deserves. The apathy, greed, violence, xenophobia and total lack of education in this country delivers a government and supreme court both wholly owned by international corporations and a populace too damned stupid and lazy to do anything abut it.

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    Oil price “collapse” is no accident but, in my opinion, is one more way to try and damage the Venezuelan government/economy, can’t have those damn socialists succeed you know.

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