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    Brewer has, time and time again, demonstrated that she is a despicable human being. She is surely the epitome of the modern republican woman as Schlafly was in the late last century.

    As for state sponsored murder, the only reason for which seems to be to satisfy the lust for killing by some judges and politicians “because they can” (witness Obama and his thrill to kill with drones), it has always been barbaric and hopefully this latest adventure has awakened the general public to this inhuman exercise.

    The transcript of the conversations between lawyers as this poor man was being tortured was bizarre to say the least.

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    A reasonable reaction to the Israelis sitting in deck chairs cheering on the murder of Palestinians by Israeli fascist troops.

    There should be no restrictions on demonstrations against genocide. An “eye for an eye” seems to be well within the bounds of reason.

    The “Anti-Semitism” card is played far too often as to become meaningless. All decent people should all be Anti-Israel by this time.

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    As someone who was active in politics for years, went door to door, made phone call after phone call, carried signs and dutifully voted I can understand completely peoples apathy when it comes to today’s slate of candidates. They all belong to “The Corporation”.
    Every couple of years we are presented with candidates the Party’s have deemed to be worthy (can be bought?, have been bought?) both being sides of the same coin, hypocrites all.
    Primaries used to be for constituents to choose between a slate of “independent” candidates with the Party staying out of the fray. Not any more.
    In my state, NH, in the first district, the Democratic (Hah!) Party gave money and support to their chosen candidate in the Primary last time around. I voted for the uncorrupted candidate although she was bound to lose. I write in candidates and I vote “Green” knowing full well that my vote is useless but I will no longer vote for the “lesser of two evils”. The next step is just not bothering to vote.

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    Either side, or neither side, could have been responsible for the flight being brought down.

    America would like to show the Russian side to be the responsible party so that further military (profitable) action scan be justified, Russia hopes to show the US backed terrorists are responsible and so justify troop buildup along their borders.

    I ask how come bad shit is happening to Malaysian Airlines recently?

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    Is it no wonder the US is the laughing stock of the world, when it is not terrifying the world, with the keystone cop CIA making a balls of everything they do.

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    Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement.

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    So maybe the Poop would like to see more, maybe 4% or 5%, pedophiles…would not surprise me one bit. Of course what he did not say was that the rest of the dog collared money grabbers are just plain abusers, ready and willing to abuse anybody not just children.

  • Guantanamo is nearly empty now what with all those “terrorists” going back home, an ideal place for those threatening looking 17 year olds.

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    The poor, when they band together, will be rich enough to buy guillotines.

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    The terrorist government of Israel will not be content until Palestine is wiped from the map and all Arabs are dead and buried. The american government is dutifully complicit in the genocide.

    The constant provocation by Israel, uprooting olive trees, uprooting families, stealing land, building “settlements”, erecting apartheid walls, murdering innocents, daily bombing raids, cutting off food and medical supplies, cutting off water, blocking International aid, breaking peace treaties, the list of Israeli atrocities goes on and on and is, seemingly, endless.

    That the poor benighted Palestinians, so violently uprooted from their own lands by the English, would retaliate should come as no surprise and should be supported by people of conscience world wide.

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    Klein is desperate for attention I do believe.

  • Religionists have made billions on selling fear, insurance companies do the same, governments/politicians do the same. We humans a very susceptible to fear.

  • “politicians and pundits who play on those fears”

    It is the politicians and pundits that create the fears. National media are nothing but propaganda mouthpieces for the corporate government and the corporations are very good at keeping the truth hidden and the masses distracted.

  • OB, like his predecessor, appears to get a real kick out of killing. Bending, breaking and twisting the law seems to come naturally to those that aspire to high political office so maybe murder with impunity is the natural extension of that.

  • Murca is happy OK with killing murcans on foreign soil so why not foreigners seems only fair and balanced.

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    The idea that the “left” has been won over by the Clintons is absurd. What has happened is that we see no choice in either party (same as last time) and will vote for neither of the corporate candidates presented.

    Mrs Clinton is a puppet of Wall St as was her husband. The Democrat party and the Republican party have nothing to offer other that the same old shit from the moguls of Morgan Stanley and their likes. Nothing for the masses. Mrs Clinton is, in fact, a rather pathetic character, willing to be used and willing to use being abused. Disgustoing.

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    The stock market is nothing but a place for the rich to keep score. Stock price has absolutely no bearing on real peoples lives, why news media bother to track it is a mystery to me.

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    And just how many of those unjust incarcerations are in private gaols…

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    Whatever makes the US Admin believe that our hero Snowden does not already have the information Obama and his fascist friends do not want us common folk to know?

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    Attorneys General should be banned from running for political office or further political office how could any sane person not question the motivation to prosecute if political “advancement” is in the cards.

    Prosecuting the “powerful” could ruin a future career.

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