• Pull up a picture of Ted Cruz. Then pull up a picture of Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

    Tell me that McCarthy couldn’t have been Cruz’s father.

    That certainly would explain a lot!

    As to smart: Graduated as valedictorian from Houston’s Second Baptist High School. Cum Laude at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. He was American Whig-Cliosophic Society’s Debate Panel top speaker award winner at both the 1992 U.S. National Debating Championships and the 1992 North American Debating Championship. Cruz was the 1992 U.S. National Speaker of the Year and a 1995 World Universities Debating Championship semi-finalist.

    Cruz was a Harvard Law School Magna Cum Laude, editor of the Harvard Law Review (Not unlike someone else we know), and Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy executive editor. He clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

    As Texas Solicitor General (Appointed by Greg “I’ve sued the Federal Government 27 Times” Abbott), he has authored more than 80 Supreme Court briefs, and has offered nine SCOTUS oral arguments. Not too shabby, if one was to give credit where credit is due…

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    Lack of inter-operative capabilities will prevent West from shooting down each others’ airplanes or sinking each others’ ships.

    I’m sorry, but that is simply wrong. We operate with the French as well as other nations. There are frequent training exercises and the word from the Navy fliers was that the French were very good. I [...]

  • I was shocked to see her, and a few others, on this list. Apparently Congresspeople all will do anything for money. Guess we know what that makes them…

  • 28 members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)—allegedly a group of African American members of Congress that advocate in the interests of the poor and minorities—signed a letter opposing the rule, as did Pedro Pierluisi of Puerto Rico, Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, Ed Pastor of Arizona, and Jim Costa of California. Fifteen of the CBC members who signed the letter are also part of the 68-member Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    Barbara Lee, Gregory Meeks, Sammy Davis, Corrine Brown, William Lacy Clay, James Clyburn, Bobby Rush, and Hakeem Jeffries are among them, from the short list of signatures I saw. Interestingly, the others are proving very difficult to find. I have found that Maxine Waters, Emanuel Cleaver, Sanford D. Bishop, Jr, Donna M. Christensen, Bennie Thompson, Hank Johnson, Yvette Clark, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, Joyce Beatty, Elijah Cummings, Terri Sewell, Joyce Beatty, David Scott, Charles B. Rangel, Marcia Fudge, G.K. Butterfield, Donald M. Payne Jr., and Karen Bass.

    Jon Tester, Mark Warner, and Kay Hagan, were among 10 Senators who expressed similar concerns in an August 02 letter to DOL. Once again, a list of all the signees has frustrated my attempts to locate it. I can hardly blame them, I wouldn’t want my constituents to learn of such perfidy either…

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    Why do you feel compelled to be such an ass? Maybe you should show up and give us an “Unbiased” account. Of course you might get your ass stomped too. Even by Texas standards, you are something special…

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    And “Chained CPI” assumes that we will simply change to lower priced brands! I suppose they mean pet food…

  • Oops. I guess I was aware of this in the first place-you told me in a previous post.

  • US Govt Tor exploit.

    Security researchers tonight are poring over a piece of malicious software that takes advantage of a Firefox security vulnerability to identify some users of the privacy-protecting Tor anonymity network.

    The malware showed up Sunday morning on multiple websites hosted by the anonymous hosting company Freedom Hosting. That would normally be considered a blatantly criminal “drive-by” hack attack, but nobody’s calling in the FBI this time. The FBI is the prime suspect.

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    May all you people be blessed! I so admire all my peers who understand the implications of the US spying apparatus. Thank you!

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    Paying little or no attention to the too often deadly surveillance and harassment of minorities and other Out Groups in this country doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    You make some rather scurrilous assumptions about people you know nothing about. So he simplex assumption that being so “privileged” means (to you, at least) we care [...]

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    Money quote;

    “The 4-step formula is brilliant and has certainly proven itself effective in preventing the democratic reforms we need ,” Stauber remarked,

    I also was (un)impressed by the malevolence of this admission;

    “The burden is on the activists to make fundamental social change in a political environment where the corporate interests dominate both politically and through the corporate media.”


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    Difi & Nancy Pelosi are just so proud of little Markos. I “Seriously don’t give two shits” as to what Kos, a legend in his own mind, thinks.

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    Perhaps it’s the Elite’s Propaganda Agency. No matter, it is certain the agency management is a bunch of conscienceless flucks, and true public servants of the general welfare.

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    As always, Ellie, thanks for compiling this. I think Ruth has nailed it down pretty well. The noise and the fury, corporate style.

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    When I was a youngster, I was positive that Marijuana would be legal long before now. Granted, I also considered the Bill of Rights inviolate. How naive I’ve been…

  • I’ve heard a lot about the “New” military. Guess this it. Since Petraeus, it seems Flag Officers are royalty.

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    This is unconscionable! The entire “Leadership has shown us where they stand, along with the other mealy mouthed mofos who support spying on their constituents. I hate them all with a passion.

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    Pray tell, what news sources does an informed citizen such as yourself frequent?

  • The Military “Justice” is and always has been a bad joke. Kangaroo Court is a more appropriate name for this travesty, which almost certainly has a preordained outcome. Bradley doesn’t have a chance, especially with non-credible individuals like Showman permitted to take the stand.

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    I leave it to you to determine whether the epithet is fairly applied in this particular case.

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