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    Jeb still has too much of his brother’s stink on him. It’ll have faded enough by 2016.

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    I’m done with casting a vote based on fear. Enough of the “But, what about the Supreme Court?” I’m coming to terms in my own mind with the idea of Republicans, even crazy ones, running the show. If I’m gonna get screwed, it’s gonna be by the Repugs.

  • Exactly right. Start writing LTE asking why the government will pay off the bonds held by Chinese, but won’t pay back IOUs held by American workers. Write that, and Joe Sixpack will start figuring it out real fast.

    BTW, RichardCA, do you have a link?

  • Looking for a little justice in this clusterfuck of a negoitation, I can say Boehner played Obama for a sap just as Obama played me for a sap to get my vote. Precious little solace – but something.

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    “I have never seen the left willing to go in and vote in mass for a candidate in a primary that they agree with but they know has almost no chance in the general election to make the other democrats afraid of there power.”

    I think this is right. I also think our (the left’s) greatest fear is our greatest weakness. Our fear, disgust, loathing, whatever word you want to use, of a Republican President, Senator, who will probably be right wing, pushes us to accept the Democrat, even the one we know won’t even consider the left’s stance on the big issues. You’ve all heard it before, thousands of times: “they have no place to go,” or “our Dem sucks, but those fuckers are evil, so you gotta vote for the Dem.” When the left votes like this, we lose any claim to accountability from the Dem we vote for. When would my Senator, Feinstein, give two craps about what the left thinks when she knows the left will vote for her over her right-wing opponent anyway? The entire Democratic establishment takes us for granted. We don’t hold them accountable. That’s our great weakness. If the Democratic establishment were to ever seriously think the left would make them pay, then something might change. Not until.

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    Boxer, Feinstein and the rest of these kabuki Democrats have been corrupted to the core by all the corporate cash they have taken over the years. That release is nothing but garbage. Boxer, Feinstein know full well the cuts to Medicare, SS are coming. They know the Catfood Commission will give them the cover to [...]

  • Sadly, Obama has concluded the Presidency is about him, not about us.

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    Here we are standing in the ruins of what was built in 2006-2008, and there is still significant support for one of the archeticts of the debacle. Yeah, Pelosi might play the inside game very well, but what I see in her public statements and interviews is someone who is afraid to be in her own skin. That she is a lightning rod for Republican attacks doesn’t bother me. That she won’t fight back does.

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    Banishing a good number of those fake Dems is a good start toward reclaiming the Democratic Party. How do we keep the DLC corporatists from running Blue Dog clones the next cycle? If you don’t have an answer for that, then I’ll just have to blame you.

  • Many thanks, Jane, for your hard work. I left the Krazy Orange Satan some time ago and have never looked back. Hang tough, it’s going to be a rough ride going forward.