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    After spending hundreds of hours looking at cannabis research on PubMed I find you comment insulting. Do a simple search on PogoFrog.com a medical research engine for physicians (cannabis and cancer). Get back to us in a couple of months when you’ve digested the hundreds and hundreds of studies. Or if you’re lazy you could [...]

  • This is such great news I’ll pretend to vote for Hillary for sure!

  • Great points and all deserve attention.

    My current focus is on #4 the health care issue and the insanity of Schedule I status of cannabis.

    Specifically, the problem I have is with so-called Western Medicine which is also known as allopathic and/or “EVIDENCE-BASED” medicine.

    You simply cannot have an evidence-based system of medicine IGNORE a plant that has the potential to treat and cure cancer. Whether you want to call it polite murder, torture, medical war crimes, or whatever, the point is that people are dying and suffering because physician’s are not using cannabinoids in their practices.

    Simply put, based on hundreds and hundreds of studies you can read for yourself on PubMed, ANY physician who is NOT using the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids (preferably whole-plant) as part of his/her practice is a DATED DOCTOR.

    Why are we allowing our medical system to hide/ignore the fact that cannabis can be a better option than Big Pharma medications in many, many cases? Not only better, but safer and with fewer side-effects.

    Perhaps we need to take another look at the 1910 Flexner Report that killed “herbal” medicine and gave the AMA the right to be bribed by Big Pharma exclusively.

    If you’ve witnessed a family member die from cancer and suffer horribly from chemotherapy and radiation the idea that cannabis should be taken seriously is a no-brainer. Time to stop respecting your “conservative” physicians and call them instruments of torture instead.

    Either you have an EVIDENCE-BASED system or you don’t. It’s not nice to call people murderers or war criminals but what else do you call a system that bills itself as one that uses evidence, and then allows political winds to ignore science because it harms wealth?

    ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE equals a wealth-protection scheme.

  • I wouldn’t vote for Hilary Clinton if she gave me free weed for life!

    Democratic candidates such as Clinton are not friends of cannabis and if they are “evolving” it’s POLITCAL and has nothing to do with science.

  • As a longtime cannabis user I agree with the author of this post that single-serving packaging is the ONLY way to solve this problem.

    And to the puzzled Mari, I’d just say that your Social Justice antennae are either misadjusted or don’t exist.

    To those knowledgeable about this issue, the current law based on Schedule I status is about as undemocratic and unjust as any government policy can get. The fact that you’re unaware of that or don’t care about bad laws putting people in prison makes you look the fool.

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    Excellent points. I’d like to see Congress and state legislatures consider using this post as a guide for cannabis edibles.

    Separating edibles into single-dose packaging is key.

  • Too weird, I just came from reading that article when I linked here.

    It’s a great political move to force propaganda into the light of day where the ordinary schmuck “gets it.”

    It helps takes away the ability of prohibitionists to define the problem, reaction and especially the solution.

    Why this tactic hasn’t been used against law enforcement is puzzling.

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    I have little doubt that my Senator, Diane Feinstein is bursting with pride at this news.

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    The problem with Sabet and his low-brow pals at SAM is that it only takes a few minutes to start collecting studies off of PubMed that contradict the insane clown circus of cannabis prohibition. If someone who breaks international laws and treaties on torture is a war criminal by definition, what do you call folks [...]

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    I’m much less worried about the Christie situation, then I am about what appears to be a steady march to the White House by Hillary Clinton.

    If women would like to see a woman in office then how about Elisabeth Warren? I think she’d be fantastic.

    Specifically, and this goes for ALL CANDIDATES, I’m opposed to those who oppose ending Schedule I status for cannabis. This seems to be the case with Hillary.

    This Schedule I status is problematic for good research and it’s problematic for a thriving hemp industry.

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    Excellent points all. The Extractive Industry’s are the NUMBER ONE threat to this planet. We could and should put these folks out of their misery by insisting that HEMP replace OIL and petroleum products. HEMP can literally save the planet if we act now before the shale-oil deposits and the extractive industries make this place [...]

  • John, I don’t do e-books or I would love to read your newest contribution to this discussion.

    Poll trending looks great as long as the opportunities for HOME CULTIVATION don’t get left behind. I’m all for regulation as long as we retain the “tomato” model where commercial and home cultivation exist and thrive in tandem.

  • If we’re going to judge this experiment correctly, a renewed effort to dismantle lazy “we’re entitled to our own set of facts,” thinking is needed. Epistemic closure is being rewarded by so-called journalists who fail to include science in their reporting.

    My main beef with journalism and medicine on this issue is the fact that the endocannabinoid system is ignored. If you censor the idea that cannabis and homeostasis are in any way related you can fill prisons to the brim for investors.

    On the other hand, knowledge of this system puts the LIE to the drug war propaganda. So, under these conditions, 70% of Americans opposing federal interference in Colorado is significant.

    Can’t you just smell the democracy?

  • I cannot stress this enough.

    Medical use of cannabinoids and the role they play in homeostasis MUST be the driving force for what is medically allowed.

    California’s so-called “Wild West” where any hippie or kid who can think up an excuse is allowed to consume cannabis, ACTUALLY is the superior method because it allows for those who benefit from cannabis to BENEFIT from cannabis.

    This idea that it’s a last-line drug or that there needs to be restrictions on what it can be used for is wrong.

    Let the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM be the guide. Any other politically-motivated route doesn’t serve the interests of patients.

    Colorado’s MMJ scheme wouldn’t even allow veterans to medicate their PTSD symptoms because why? See where I’m going? Restrictions equal the third-way crap being peddled by Kevin Sabet,David Frum and Patrick (I can’t drive on Ambien) Kennedy.

    In this case compromise EQUALS SUFFERING. Each incremental step is a plus, just don’t mistake what New York or New Jersey is doing with a medical scheme.

    New York is significant in this issue and it would be nice to see them do it right. That means honoring the endocannabinoid system as the ultimate guide for setting medical-use criteria.

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    Impressive level of stupidity.

  • The cannabis activist in me would love to NOT vote for Obama in 2012. However, in our lesser of two evils fake two-party system I have to consider which party would pick the best or worst Supreme Court Justice in the case someone retires or dies.

    I may hate a lot of what our center-right President is doing, but leaving any new court picks to Los Retardos is frightening.

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    Two years ago I would have considered this line of thinking as unthinkable. Today I believe it may be the only way to get the Democratic Party to purge Republican ideology and fealty to the corporate state. The corporate-dominated ideology of Democrats has become so similar to the conservative-right that they have in all practical [...]

  • First, is there any data showing that the 66-plus age group files or becomes disabled at a higher rate? And if so, how much higher?

    Because there’s no way that disability is a financial-management decision or a retirement plan. It’s a legal term that is difficult to meet and that no intelligent person would take who still had any hope or chance of future employment.

    If you become disabled before becomming eligable for Soc. Sec. (SSI) payments are MUCH lower. But at any rate, this isn’t something you enter into by choice. Whether or not it costs or saves money is related to the rate-of-injury or disablement by those older than 65 and younger than 68.

    Hard to believe there’s a significant difference, but that’s without seeing the actual numbers.

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    I live in Woolsey’s district and have voted for her throughout her political career. She is a strong voice for medical marijuana patient’s rights but still caries some baggage from the reefer-madness era in regard to Prop. 19 and legalization.

    My point is that how progressive are you really if you still believe that the status quo of prohibition fits well with democratic government? So, while I’d like to stick up for Woolsey as a progressive champion, she’s closer to the Democratic model where progressive seems to be more about intelligence and compassion for women’s’ rights rather than progressive in general.

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    Karen, all good points. My favorites are the drug warriors who have no clue about the history of cannabis prohibition. For those of us who can read and spell, watching the politics of todays America is shocking. The illiterate garbage that comes out of these people’s mouths is incredible. What better way to sum up [...]

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