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    Meant to say, “the permanent pursuit of war is promoted.”

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    There are many facets to this subject, which need to be dealt with across the spectrum of domestic and foreign policy, public education, urban renewal, and uniform standards of police training. Unfortunately, human needs and dignity are being ignored and degraded by TPTB as extreme inequality accelerates and the permanent pursuit of war is tolerated. [...]

  • We couldn’t call those “greenies” or “potties,” so how about “cannabies?”

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    The shadow government is the result of a highly organized corporate coup that has been achieved through the influence of vast amounts of money in an era when materialistic self interst is the dominant ethos of society. It is basically a crime syndicate that deals in arms, drugs, human exploitation and trafficking, and wholesale extortion. [...]

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    …AND racial profiling, of course!

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    The police hierarchy and fraternity always protect their own, so even if there’s a suspicion of abuse or crime by an officer, he/she is presumed innocent by virtue of assumed threat of harm by an “assailant” and therefore the officer is not treated as a suspect. That means the officer could easily set up the [...]

  • This correction needs to go much further. ALL persons placed on the list must be immediately discreetly informed of the reason (including evidence presented by the Govt) and be given a means of redress at no cost (no requirement to hire an attorney). Those who have been wrongly prevented from traveling deserve to be compensated for their inconvenience and/or losses.

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    Indeed, humanity is accelerating toward obsolescence (extinction). If we have any hope of surviving, we will have to adopt de-growth anti-capitalist economic goals; and technological advances will have to be justified on the basis of benefits to the many weighed against detriments to the planet. Any new OS will have to operate on older upgradable [...]

  • I can hardly wait for TEPCO to emblazon pink ribbons on the Tyvek facades covering their melted-through reactor buildings at Fukushima Daiichi, as a reward for contributing to Komen. General Electric can claim the same fame, having designed those known-to-be-faulty Mark I reactors. Cancer and other diseases are going to skyrocket as a result of that crime against humanity and all life on earth.

  • Our government is a total sham. Our representatives and all their appointees are playing a well-rehearsed show designed to give the appearance of democratic governance, when actually they are doing the bidding of the tiny elite calling the shots. Unfortunately, most people can’t see through it because their minds are locked into the dominant culture promoted on television and through advertising.

  • The “authorities” are the real terrorists, especially those at the top. Who will investigate them?

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    The last straw was Kirchner turning to BRICS for financing. The new Cold War lines have been drawn by the financial elite. Even the interests of Exxon-Mobil take a back seat, as U.S. sanctions against Russia compromise their contract with Russian Big Oil.

  • Which prez is worse depends on your point of view. In terms of numbers of people killed, maimed, and displaced, long-term disruption of the ME, and destruction of constitutional democracy in the U.S., ‘W’ wins the prize IMO. In terms of deception, ‘O’ got his Nobel.

  • If only people in the U.S. would engage in that kind of activism and solidarity in the streets, then maybe we could restore a semblance of decency and democracy in our government. As it stands, ours is not much better than China’s; actually worse in some ways. I love hearing Chinese officials telling John Kerry the U.S. should butt out.

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    With this presumption: “I think it’s doubtful that MMT will gain a foothold in what is likely to be a coming Hillary Clinton Administration.” … why bother even to write this article? Wow, presidential elections have now been predetermined? We might as well pledge allegiance to corporate rule and not bother to vote at all.

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    That is completely disingenuous and there is nothing confusing here. This was a violent removal of a elderly man who was obviously protesting the official actions of the “dignitary” at the podium. Nobody in their right mind would mistake that for a “drunk” and the suggestion is irrelevant. Whether the media took notice is certainly no valid criticism of the gesture made by McGovern, who was dressed in a t-shirt emblazoned on the front with “Veterans for Peace.”

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    O’s approval by TPTB is at an all-time high, and that’s all that matters to him.

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    Does “Hitler Youth” ring a bell?

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    Noting that so many movies and games glorify war and violence, I begin to understand why so many people have become desensitized to this. They begin their indoctrination as children and continue into adulthood. Competitiveness is taken to an extreme in business, sports, and even shopping. This is a profoundly sick society.

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    Human existence on this planet depends on our immediately dealing with climate change — that’s what Naomi means. Israelis often talk about “existential threats.” Well, besides nuclear holocaust, this is surely the biggest one ever, to all of humanity and to most other species as well.

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