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  • The real reason dems can win in 2012 is voter turnout. Between 40-50 million less voters turned out in the mid term than in 2008. That is 1/3 of the electorate(I haven’t seen the media focus on the low mid term turnout. It gos against the medias need for Obama rejection). A presidential year will bring out the voters. Maybe not like 2008 but even if 30 million show up the dems will have a great chance.

    If Obama, the house and senate dems get the turnout machine going it will be all over for the rethugs.

  • northof55 commented on the blog post Republicans Already Scaling Back Budget Cuts

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    The rethugs don’t want to cut spending period except for spending thta helps people. They know that TARP is winding down, the stimulus is about over, troops are pulling from Iraq, Afganistan will see reduced troops (hopefully), but the public has been whipped up and the beltway media say cuts are needed. The budget is self correcting after certain programs are done and the beltway elite and everyone else knows it. It just hasn’t been presented to the American people that way because the agenda is to reduce federal spending more and cut entitlements.