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    What, are bags of salted dicks now out of vogue? I think those are much more more nourishing.

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    Over supplied indeed. Especially when a lot of it “trickles down” to police departments all around this country. At no cost to the local departments!

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    Lawd have mercy! That the WaPoo and Rubin have not yet corrected or even responded after all that says all we need to know about the SCLM. Several commenters over there have said that Rubin will be on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal tomorrow at 7:30 AM (EDT I assume). Must see teevee!

    On another note, according to Norwegian journo Frank Mersland (via The Atlantic) Breivik belonged to the Progress party, apparently the equivalent of our own Republican party (in its current extreme, off-the-rails form). Can’t wait until The Asshole Blogger or some other creep like jOnanist Loadpants get hold of that. In the same way they think the Nazis were leftists (it says “socialist” right in their name!) they’ll be all over this, blaming it on “Progressives.”

    Standing on their heads to deflect responsibility from themselves to anything remotely resembling leftys is about the only thing they’re good at.

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    It is just nice to know that our wingnut friends are embracing multiculturalism by going deep into the weeds to cite obscure foreign publications in their effort to TakeBackAmurka™. Who can forget the reports of Obama’s $200 million/day trip to India as reported by the Press Trust of India which, by the way, has always been one of my daily must reads.

    Also, too, the ever reliable albino newshound, Jim Hoft, is on the Lang Lang (who is male, BTW) story like stink on shit.

    Unbelievable… Pianist Plays Anti-American Pro-Commie Song at Obama White House State Dinner (Video)

    Citizen journamalism!