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  • Alamode,

    Do you shop ? Go to a grocery store ? Buy gas ? Go out to eat ? Etc., etc. Every time you make a purchase, you’re paying for those employees health benefits, retirement and wages. When we purchase products and services that you personally make, we’re supporting your retirement, wages, health benefits. We’re all in this together, you’re not an island unto yourself.

    Now, if Billionaire’s and Corporations were taxed appropriately, there would be even more money in circulation, thereby increasing demand for your services and increasing your wages, health benefits, retirement.

    Make sense ?

  • This action is spreading. Here in northern WI. many schools are closing down including the largest district in northern WI. {Wausau}. The local news was filled with local demonstrations of high school children walking out of class in Schofield, Merrill, Wausau. Students at the U of WI. Stevens Point walked out, teachers at the U. of WI. LaCrosse are voting to join a union next week, despite Hosni Walker’s blatherings.

    There’s buses from all over northern WI. heading to Madison tomorrow. Scores of National Guard members are union employees. This ain’t Haley Barbourland and this ain’t going away. The polls show residents favoring the unions at 2 to 1.

  • I’m from WI. Their not only demonstrating at the State Capitol but at the home of Gov. Walker as well. In fact, certain Republican Senators homes are being demonstrated at as well. The police had to shut down the street in Wauwatosa where Walker lives. They estimated a 1,000 people showed up.

    It’ll be even larger tomorrow as Ed Schulz broadcasts live. The “sick-ins and wildcat’s” are spreading. Other school districts may follow. WI. is not a red state. Many wingnuts were elected because of low turnout due to disgruntlement with Obama and the DLC Dems.

    Hopefully, the people are starting to realize, it doesn’t matter who gets elected. Whether the Corporate sycophant has a {D} or an {R} behind their name, they work for us. This needs to catch on all over the country, unions need to get behind it and drive this people powered force. It’s the only chance for this country.

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    That’s why the “Left” is completely discounted in this country. Pointed questions, a stern curiosity, debate, no one cares and no one listens.

    You would have been better off with “howls of outrage.” Just like the “wingnuts”. Politicians listen to howls of outrage.