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    Best wishes on a speedy recovery, Jane!

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    For those of you in the know, please respond:

    Did “our Erik” have a legitimate “Saul-of-Tarsus” moment, while my back was turned; or is he channeling O-bomber?

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    I stand corrected (as usual) eCAHN…make that just 5 scientific factors…even though animal husbandry can actually be accounted for in the factor, human pollution.

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    The term ‘global warming’ is absolutely correct!

    The ‘teatards’ squealing and laughing, your embarrassment from it, are manifestations of ignorance about the effects of global warming vis-a-vis man’s pollution of the Earth, the Earth’s axial tilt, and the Earth’s yearly orbit around the sun, and the distance of the Earth from the sun during that yearly orbit; you know, just 4 scientific factors!

    If you really want to want to resolve your self-esteem problems, it is much easier to study those scientific factors mentioned, rather than attempting to sway an entire planet to share your ignorance of the meaning of the correct term “global warming”.

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    The problem as I see it has nothing to do with liberal or conservative, right or left, calm or angry reaction: net result is that a planned ‘divide and conquer’ strategy by MOTU wins hands down!

    Buying into that ‘individual responsibility’ bullshit is exactly the result that oligarchs have been propagandizing for, in order to achieve their goals. Why do you think that free unions of people have been their most feared event? Their power is derived from usurping and controlling the power of a collective for their individual aims and profit!

    Progress towards betterment of our human conditions can only be attained through collective community effort; then combined efforts of a multiplicity of communities (at a county level); then at a state level, towards a fulfillment of a people’s agenda at the federal level – an agenda based on establishing a very high quality of life for everyone in these six areas: Physical; Mental; Social; Career; Financial; Spiritual.

  • With “fear” of “Al Qaeda” diminishing fast around the world with the revelations that they are paid by the US and their client states for regime change (see Northern Africa, attempts in Syria) and black flag operations, the only thing that will keep ‘sheeple’ in line is a reprise of the “Cold War”, a very profitable enterprise, indeed, for oligarchs in both the US and Russia!

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    Yet, your chronic use of parentheticals says otherwise.

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    Obama firmly believes in a half-truth/half-lie because he is half-black/half-white!

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    I am no psychiatrist, but “repetition compulsion”; isn’t that another way of saying “habit”?

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    Thanks TBogg for highlighting Serwer’s knee-jerk reaction to Glenzilla’s simple confirmation of Snowden’s authorship of the Wikileaks statement.

    What I also get from your post is that Glenzilla should not hog all the access to the whistleblower-du-jour, but that your ‘do you ever tire of flacking for a source?” hero should be the ‘establishment’ pivot for persuading the Obama admin to trickle-down constitutionality on the 99% in a more steady stream!

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    That was a rather polemic title for a rant which was just that, and no substance, below.

    TD & Siun’s inputs should be heeded, if you were looking to be appropriately led.

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    I’ve always enjoyed the Olympics! One important reason is that since the 1996 Olympics, I’ve never watched it on NBC! (Best games for me have been the Barcelona games where Cable made the games available, for a fee, on four channels; so that you picked the sport you wanted to watch, live, without a commercial. Advertisers put paid to that idea in quick time!)

    I have a very low tolerance for ass-holery, so I have been getting live streams in HD format from a veriety of countries, and coupling it with commentary from the BBC (or other English-speaking countries; best thing is that I have never seen their faces, or even know their names).

    Funniest thing is that these same streams over the Internet are more live than any of NBC’s live claims; NBC’s ‘live’ is usually delayed anywhere from 3-15 seconds from Internet streams, so that their picture cannot even be synched to my favorite commentary. Also, every event I watch is seen with nary a commercial.

    I actually watched the Opening Ceremony for the first time ever, live streaming from the BBC; an event that went on for 4 hours without commercial interruption!

    Over the years, acquaintances occasionally ask for my opinion about certain commercials (especially around Super Bowl time), and are very incredulous that I have no clue about what they are talking about (most remarkable point about my TV viewership is that I will watch no event that is interrupted by commercials).

    WRT sports commentary, I use football as an object lesson for my kids: During the Euro 2012, I would bring up the ESPN feed on TV, side-by-side with English commentary of the same game from an Internet stream. Even with English commentators on both broadcasts, the boys would immediately choose to watch the non-ESPN broadcast which focused on the actual game tactics and flow, without the ESPN focus on the commentators and the players’ off-field activities (tennis coverage is even worse).

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    I note how all you’re interested in is keeping the conversation bogged down in meta-data, while purposefully ignoring the fact that the collective beneficiaries of a regime change in Syria and an Obama presidency are one and the same!

    Are you now conceding that the treatment and presentation of this article by David is but mere war-mongering/regime change propaganda?

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    Crafting a propaganda campaign for O is much different than crafting a propaganda campaign for the US Syria action

    How so, when the beneficiaries are the same?

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    “[Shakes head]. And I was hoping our history had been conveiently sucked down the memory hole (or a black hole, if one is astronomically inclined…tee-hee).”

    There! Fixed it for you! Say thanks for the unsolicited “auto-completion” feature on this website!

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    The history of the U.S.!!

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    “…Syria though is a bit of a black hole.”
    Is this your excuse for your cognitive dissonance? eCAHN has left many sign-posts in this thread, which you conveniently avoid!

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    Absolutely not! Reading his posts, one gets the impression that one has been re-directed to HuffPo.

    If Jane sanctions this, I can only assume she wants to pull an Ariana with this site!

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    “…That means that Israeli policy is likely to be ambivalent and cautious, trying to see which way the situation breaks…”

    Thanks for the comedic interlude!

    “…anyone who pretends with certainty to know what is happening is deluded. That includes the analysis that I put up. It is my opinion based on what facts I can find and my judgement as to their reliability.”

    Which is exactly the goal of the principals involved in this ruse for spreading ‘democracy’ around the globe!

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    “I see the thought police are out after David Dayen’s scalp….”

    How exactly? Or did you forget your snark tags?

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