• It’s worth noting that the figure of $40 million for the investigation of Clinton-Lewinsky is conservative (ahem). The tangle of investigations that that lead up to Lewinsky cost at least $70 million and many observers at the time, including WaPo, CNN, etc. suggested that roughly $80 million might be a minimum figure for investigations into Walter Hubbell, Foster, Nussbaum, and so on.

    Also it’s worth noting that the Smaltz investigation of Mike Espy ran about $30 million and the Cisneros investigation cost just over $20 million.

    At the time, the GOP justified these expenses by pointing out that Walsh spent about $35 million on Iran-Contra. But, of course, Iran-Contra was a huge sprawling international mess compared to any of the above and resulted in a dozen or so convictions. (Though, of course, little real punishment come of the Walsh report and even less political, um, readjustment.) There were other investigations of GOP crimes besides the Walsh report but a (perhaps not) surprising number of them were dropped before much money was spent or investigation.