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  • Seriously, WTF ?

  • What a relief…

    Had me worried there !

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    You have the most awesome twitter commentators ever.

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    JC, Pam !!! I sure the heck hope that wasn’t from that bad batch that’s been all over the news, the one from the Mass. distributor that’s contaminated with a fungus that’s killed a bunch of people via meningitis…

  • Pam, articles like this one is why I never miss your blog, and why I have an undying love and respect for you.

    No other blogger gives us all a reality check like you do.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  • While I think the intention is good, the reality is that it’s more important to know WHO the counselors are that hold their religion above the well being of their clients, rather than giving them more ammunition to claim religious persecution.

    In other words, it does more good to know you have a therapist that is determined to force their dogma on you, and be free to choose another, than it is to try and change these therapists.

    If you’ve ever had to deal with a “Christian” therapist, you know what I mean. It’s better to know BEFORE a session with someone like this, BEFORE you have to endure them, than it is after a dozen sessions, and after you’ve been discriminated against in other ways.

    People that want to see a therapist with these types of views should be free to see them. Just make disclosure the rule of law. This law intentionally punishes the religious people on religious grounds, and as such, it will neither stand nor help our cause.

    Let the certification organizations bare the responsibility of stripping these people of their credentials, not the state.

  • Wow, Jackson Diehl really is an amazing douche.

    As angry as his remarks make me, I’m not going to give him what he wants.

    We need to stop being played by these people.

    They’re trolling us at this point. They know they’re losing.

    That’s why they’re so rude, and trying to get us to respond in a manner which will lend justification for their villainization of us.

  • What I find particularly disturbing about all this is that it’s never been easier to delude yourself in America, because one can spend all day just looking at the information outlets that appeal to your own bias.

    And it’ not just the internet, take a look at Fox News. I make myself watch Fox, despite the guffaws from friends and associates who are JUST as biased and uninformed as the people they openly mock.

    But I actually have a frame of reference for a dialogue with the people that we generally tend to depict as “the enemy”.

    This is the cold reality; WE are just as guilty as THEY are.

    You do not make a difference just talking to your own base and repeating the unchallenged forgone conclusions that are most convenient to you, and only addressing the people that already agree with you.

    Real change, if you want it, is at your fingertips. You aren’t going to change hearts and minds on the internet. It’
    s done by going out there, in the real world, and entering into a dialogue with the people you THINK you disagree with.

    Wondering why and how things got so extreme and so partisan ?

    Take a look in the mirror. It’s your fault, too.

  • I blame the religious people who don’t speak up.

    The silent Christians are just as guilty as the lying ones.

  • “I don’t think I can comment on the historical context of Objectivism – but I don’t think I need to. While its historical context may be useful for a study of the topic, the much more relevant item on a current political blog is how it is used in modern politics.”

    I’d posit to you that the error is in not knowing enough about Objectivism as to be able to sufficiently point out that the use of it in modern politics by Ryan (or really, anybody) is just as facile as clumping “Ayn Rand/Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan” together in such a manner as to discredit yourself,but you’re right. It’s a political blog, and as such, has nothing whatever to do with accuracy, integrity, nor comprehension.

  • Having read and agreed with Objectivist/Ayn Rand philosophical ideals in the past isn’t a scarlet letter.

    The author of this article apparently lacks any real understanding of the origins of Objectivism, which is pretty typical of people on the extreme left/Marxist ilk.

    Objectivism needs to be placed in it’s historical context; Rand, after all, fled here from Russia during the purges – to ignore this belies a disappointing ignorance of history, and a kind of intellectual dishonesty of absolutes no better than the one the author is complaining about.

    I don’t have a problem with the Ayn Rand quote. One could use it just as easily to argue in favor of social programs and fairness. After all, taxpayers invested in the infrastructure the wealthy leverage to create wealth so why shouldn’t the wealthy pay their fair share ?

    Those most offended by the idea that I do not automatically owe you simply because you’v had some bad luck and or made some bad choices, are those who really DO feel that they have an automatic right to take from we and dictate to me what I owe them. This ideal is obviously indefensible, at least, by reasonable, intelligent people.

    It’s the difference between asking for help from someone that doesn’t owe you anything, and demanding it from them, at gunpoint.

    So I have to disagree with the characterizations in this article.

    And the Ayn Rand quotation is from “The Objectivist”, not “The Objectionist”, you could at least source quotations properly.

    Criticizing works and concepts you obviously know very little about makes for pretty piss poor, though atypical, journalism.

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    The people that don’t want marriage equality have deep pockets; but they’re cowards. The (illegal) anonymity they got away with the last time in Maine is enough proof of that.

    Gloating about NOM isn’t going to make us any progress; what we need is action.

    NOM is spending a great deal of money in Maine to prevent the second attempt for marriage equality there from passing. Last time it was a very close margin.

    Maine is crucial, because if marriage equality passes there, it will be the first state to pass it via a popular vote.

    So PLEASE donate to the campaign, they need OUR help NOW.


    Wouldn’t it be nice if NOM could no longer say SSM has never passed by popular vote in ANY US state ?

    It would light a fire under everybody’s ass; hey, if Maine can do it…

  • I find placing the picture of Eddie Munster next to Satan DEEPLY offensive.

    What did Eddie Munster ever do to us ?

  • Must be a slow news day.

    This article, and the comments – BIG snooze.

  • I just want to say to the Sikh community, I love you and I’m sorry this happened. That’s all.

  • Like I always say, it’s only hair, Beckie. It’s only hair…

  • Some gay guy sucked him off. Who’s more disgusting ?

  • This whole CFA thing is great for Huckabee and his obese followers.

    Sorry, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to drive the two hours to the nearest CFA to hang out and kiss, when we’ve spent over two decades telling people why they shouldn’t eat there.

    Besides, if people want to eat chicken processed with the same chemical used to kill lice, that’s justice enough for me.

    Americans need to wake up; we have THE most adulterated food supply in the world, there’s plenty of reasons to stop eating American Corporate cancer inducing shit, and I don’t particularly care to support any of the chains that sell crap to stupid people.

  • He reminds me of a gross closet case I knew in Spokane.

    Look for him at the local park sucking cocks in the bathroom thru a hole in the stall.

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