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  • It sounds to be like a group of oil executives were trying to think of ways to convince people to drive old gas-guzzlers again to up their profits. After getting really stoned, this was their bright idea.

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    I had to google flying Menendez and I’m vaguely aware that, for some reason, it’s a big deal that Obama played golf and didn’t tell the press…or something. I just didn’t get a lot of it. I think you have to be pretty deep inside the wingnut bubble to understand some of these references.

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    While I have no doubt that these salaries seem “reasonable” to the higher ups at the WSJ, my mind turns to the people who actually did the work for this, the writer, and illustrator. My guess is that they make closer to 1/10th the average salary depicted here.

    It reminds me of my first post-collegiate job where I earned ~$30k and my boss (who made about 10x that) would get these newsletters from financial advisers with headlines like, “Why living of $300,000 is harder than living off $30,000.” They would go into excruciating detail about the extra expenses the “poors” didn’t have to worry about, like private school tuition, and fancy jewelry and clothes for the charity galas one was socially obligated to attend.

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    If I don’t marry myself does that mean I can’t visit myself in the hospital? Am I not allowed to have joint custody of my child with myself?Can I not claim myself as a dependent on my tax returns unless I’m married to myself? Am I not allowed to file my income with myself as “joint income” if I’m not married to myself? What exactly are these benefits I will gain if I can marry myself?

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    Under Bush, diplomatic facilities were attacked 12 times. Consulates or embassies were attacked in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Greece, Yemen, and Turkey.

    Back then, the GOP thought this was good evidence of why the GOP should be in charge. Now there’s attacks under a Democrat and they think it proves why we can’t have the Democrats in charge. No matter what happens, it’s always good news for the GOP! Funny how it works that way in their world.

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    Two simple rules:

    1. Making jokes about Obama: Totally cool.
    2. Making racist jokes about ANYONE: Not cool.

    You can do number 1 all you want, as long as it doesn’t violate number 2. That should be easy enough to understand. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be able to differentiate between the notion of an Obama joke and a racist joke and that’s because they have a hard time noticing anything about Obama other than his skin color.

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    What? No McMegan-approved salt pig to store it?

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    Not that I’m a giant Andrew Sullivan fan, but I do keep an eye on it. The most annoying part of it being at The Atlantic was the way he’d throw a link to and compliment his fellow Atlantic blogger. Since switching to the Daily Beast, he’s done that less and less. I guess we’re about to see those approving links to Megan’s innumeracy / “You’re wrong because my grandmother once bought fruits at a store”* garbage.

    *How wrong Megan is on any given subject is directly proportional to how often she invokes a family anecdote to prove her point.

  • I think this is a grand idea. But, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I propose he does this every day. Don’t write a single post ever again. That’ll show ‘em.

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    This was basically the argument for Nader in 2000. Gore? Bush? what’s the difference? We saw how that turned out.

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    If only there was a party that supported high-speed rail and infrastructure spending. It’d be especially awesome if Bloomberg chose a running mate with a known appreciation of Amtrak.

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    Of course Obama didn’t call! After all that plastic surgery she probably looks nothing like the photo in his phone’s contact list.

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    Due to the brilliant system known as the Electoral College, it’ll hardly be a sweep. It’ll probably end up being damn close with a few swing states playing spoiler. AKA, it’ll be just like any other election where one vote in a small state will carry the same weight as three or four votes in a big state.

    Technically, it’s possible to win the electoral college with something ridiculous like only capturing 22% of the popular vote (by winning 51% of the vote in all those small overly-powerful states, and not getting a single vote in the big states). Given that the GOP does well in many of those less-populated states, (the Dakotas, Wyoming, Alaska, etc.) they actually don’t need as many people to vote GOP as the Democrats do in order to win.

    In this sense, national polls aren’t very informative. All that really matters is what people in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc. think.

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    As someone who works in Academia, I am very fearful that this man is dangerously close to discovering that our university’s “Spring Break” happens between March 10-18 this year.

    My fear is that after that, he will realize that we force students to start the “Fall” semester a full two and a half weeks before Fall even begins.

    If he figures this out, our mighty tower of ivory will surely crumble.

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    You gotta love it when people who dislike big government and wasteful spending automatically turn to that big government to have that big government wastefully spend money investigating the fact that someone doesn’t like them.

    God forbid he ever goes to a foreign country. He’d be calling the CIA every time he thinks a foreigner might be uttering an insult in their native tongue and sending the voice recordings off to forensics for analysis!

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    And what of the reports that one Virginia GOP lawmaker apparently said that women already gave permission to be penetrated when they got themselves pregnant?

    Evil. Sadistic. Monsters. Those are the words that come to mind.

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    The right, on a number of women’s health issues, keeping insisting that they’re real position is simply, “It’s ok if others do it, but don’t force us to.” But they’re true position is, “We want to be able to stop other people from doing it as well.”

    If, on this issue, their position really is the first one, they should be happy. But, if they get upset at the decision, it’ll help make it even more clear to the public that they really think the latter.

    It’s not so much that they don’t want their religious freedoms suppressed, it’s that they want to impose their religious doctrines on others.

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    My favorite bit is the quote from Stafford which states that Paul was “offering to cooperate…without complying.”

    It’s sort of a “OK, I’ll do whatever you ask, but actually, no, I won’t.”

    It’s got me singing, “I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that).

    But, as much as I’d like to make fun of Paul over this, I actually agree with him. I’m definitely on the side of “Don’t Touch My Junk,” when it comes to this TSA policy (both male and female junk). Maybe now that it’s happened to a US Senator, something will change.

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    To be fair to Peggy, the “carjacking” quote is from a 1992 issue of the ” Ron Paul Whitey Times newsletters,” not from Peggy’s current column.

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    From Wiki:

    Dhabiha requires that God’s name be pronounced before each slaughter. (see Islamic Concept of God). Some Muslims have accorded meat to be halal but not necessarily dhabiha; in other words, kosher meat is considered halal by Muslims.

    Of course, there’s bickering and disagreement about some details, but I’d wager that Butterball either:

    a) Makes Kosher food and says, “Hey, if it’s Kosher, it’s also Halal!”
    b) Made minor adjustments to what was likely a long-standing process to make it Kosher so that it is also Halal.

    In short, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the only reason they have Halal meat is because they already made Kosher meat. Without the Kosher history, they probably wouldn’t have bothered. Or who knows, maybe they would have if demand was high enough, but that’s just the free market for you. Is Pammy gonna hate on that?

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