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    ThumbnailWhile  reading through the pages of Truthdig the other day I came across this comment below posted by Jack Gabel: “origins of Al Qaeda and the 9/11 memory still shackle their minds – either they’re unwitting useful fools or rich assets – jihadi terrorism is a product of western intelligence – it’s their Arab Foreign Legion [...]

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    Well done post Dennis. The problem is not so much Journalist being labeled Terrorist, it’s the term “Terrorist” it self: Cyber-Terrorist, Eco-Terrorist, any one we want to place outside of the laws of civilization will receive this label. Where we make our mistake is allowing them (the powers that be) to murder anyone with out [...]

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    Thank you for the kind words and yes you may re-post. Also thank you for pointing out those two embarrassing errors.

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    For a Republic that seems to idolize Democracy our work places remain almost consistently autocratic. This top down structure over the years has  made a few individuals and families “filthy” rich and politically powerful while most struggle to survive on what “trickles down” off their tables. Margaret Thatcher once told us that there is “no” [...]

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    I agree with “spanishinquisition”; ObamaCare “is” what the Republicans offered up as an alternative to HilirayCare. The above post is moot due to the “Jedi-Eye-Mind” trick they (GOP) pulled on Liberals (classic bait and switch) leaving us in a position to fight for the Bob Dole, Heritage foundation plan they could not sell us in the 90′s. Naomi Klein might call this text book “Shock Doctrine.

    Lastly, why do I care what plan the GOP is “pretending” to push? I never in my life voted for a Republican, nor do I ever plan to. Thanks to MSNBC I know more about what the party I never voted for is doing then I know about the Democratic party who I have invested years of “political capital (my vote) in. Talk to me about Max Baucus and “Libby Montana’s Medicare for all; or how the Democrats killed the Public Option.

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    B.F. Skinner in his book “beyond Freedom and Dignity” pointed out that we as a society do not use the medical text of 2000 years ago, so why should we still depend on the philosophical (religious) books in there original form without updates? Secular Humanism seems to be much more “humane” then an old hetero [...]

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    To speak of Egypt as a if it were a 5000 year old culturally continuous society is somewhat misleading. The humans who occupy that region now are not the same people who lived there 5000 years ago. Also, to say that the Israelis practice a “hands off” policy when it comes to Egypt is nonsense. [...]

  • Returning to just snailmail may be quite an appropriate defense. While allegedly secure (at this time) it is unfortunately slow. It is also now run by a private company. The service provided by that company is being degraded in an attempt to save money, required by the congress. This need is caused by the 2006 law passed requiring the USPS to pay 5.5 billion dollars (better known as $5,500,000,000) annually for ten years to ensure they pay into a pool that covers health care costs for future retired employees. Without this crippling unusual requirement that they pre-pay, the Post Office would post a large profit.

    However, I have a question. As an American living in a republic where our communications privacy has been declared supposedly protected by the Constitution, should our emails be inspected? Should we, the parties affected, not demand that our elected representatives show the cognizance that the citizens expect and demand that our electronic communications be held secure? Email, until recently, was expected by the us, the citizens, to be private. When I fist joined the email set, back in 1983, email was expected to be secure. It was mail, only done electronically. Everyone knew mail was private! Email was just much faster, and free of postage. Then, something funny happened. Cell phone calls were not like our home phone calls. Cell phone calls were not carried over a telephone cord but were instead carried over the air in an encrypted signal. Somehow, that fact was used to determine that you had to inform the cell phone company where you were so that they could use their tower to pick up your electronic signal and send the call. Therefore, since you informed a third party of your location, you could certainly expect that someone other than the person you were calling to be informed of your locations where ever you carried that piece of electronics. After all, if you did not want to be tracked you could simply just turn off your cell phone.

    We are having our Constitution interpreted by a Supreme Court now much more conservative (i.e. RIGHT-WING!!!). Those of us who are Liberal – Oh Wait! I can not say that any more! Those of us who are Progressive find that much of this loss of our protected rights by interpretations of the Court turns what used to be constitutional into criminal activity. Remember Daniel Ellsberg? He was a military analyst employed by the Rand Corporation? Think about Bradley Manning today. What kind of decision do you expect this Supreme Court to hold?

    Am I the only one concerned by where our liberties (which I call rights) are going? Is anyone else concerned by the lax standards held by many of the Supreme Court? Are there any Liberals still left in America and discussing any of these things? I have a small page for Liberals (with the large L) , and there are great discussions, but so far only four (4) people have showed up. Is the subject of our rights and the elected now so boring that it has no place in our busy daily lives?

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