• Excellent! I didn’t know about this song, very glad it’s out there. I hope plenty more with a similar theme follow, in all kinds of different musical genres. I don’t have much, but will definitely chip in a little.

  • Simply chiming in to echo what others have said – thank you so much for all you’ve done, and please take good care of yourself.

  • What about the West Coast? Football starts here at 10am, that’s prime church time! (Only one of the many reasons you don’t find me at church).

  • Completely agree. Anything that helps puncture the bubble Congress lives in, even if just a little bit, is a good thing.

    As someone who hasn’t had insurance since 2008, I do feel for the staffers who’d be cut off. But at least that would force congress people to have at least *some* personal contact with uninsured people (assuming not all staffers are independently wealthy or have families that will pick up the tab).

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    This is beautiful. Thank you.

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    Well it’s never entirely hidden, because out-of-the-way places like this and that radio station you mentioned will bring it up every year. But it’s as good as entirely hidden from the masses of Americans who never seek those out-of-the-way places, but will only turn on their corporate network TV and open their corporate newspapers to [...]

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    Excellent. Will definitely be getting that book. Yes, I believe the Occupy movement (that is, any progressive movement outside the electoral system) is our only hope. For the longest time I held on to the firm belief that the best way to enact change was by working both inside and outside of political system. But [...]

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    Hi Sheila – with regard to the liberal-bashing dialog I spoke of, there have been frequent “throwaway” lines said in a matter-of-fact and highly derrogatory manner. Off the top of my head I can remember things like how you’d almost never find a Democrat in church or owning a gun. It’s like the liberals they [...]

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    Truth: I started watching “Scandal” only because I wanted to support a show with a Black female lead, normally I wouldn’t have had any interest because I do not agree that Ms. Rhimes is a “genius”. Fortuneately, the show was actually entertaining, so I’m happy to keep supporting it. Here’s some specific comments: The good: [...]

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    Well that’s cool.
    Love this tweet:

  • Yes, “Katrinafication” – that’s the word! The people pushed out permanently from Katrina and the people who will inevitably be pushed out permanently from this and future disasters deserve the Right of Return. The oil companies and vulture capitalists are just lovin’ the global climate change. What with the newly accessible Arctic passages and the [...]

  • Love the way you put this:

    They know only one kind of activism — the kind of faux left grassroots activism that jumps out in front of the parade and leads us down the same dead end street every time,

    It would drive me crazy whenever I would hear the professional political pundits commenting on the influence OWS was having. They always came to the same conclusion: that for OWS to move to the “next level”, they’d have to get involved in the political process and work toward getting “their” politicians elected.

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    Thank you so much for posting this, hotflashcarol. Sadly, like many African Americans who had been in Oakland for generations, I got forced out economically a few years back. These kinds of updates on what’s going on there are greatly appreciated.

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    God, I love that picture so very, very much.
    “Jump You Fuckers”, indeed.

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    Rope Wars – The Tuggening. I don’t know what’s cuter – those dogs or the video title! Anyway, it sure takes the edge off knowing our country is driving off a cliff.

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    Tea Partiers won’t be happy until they grind us into a feudal society. They might not have it so good under such system, but they won’t care as longs as the Blacks and the illegals won’t be getting free health care and free school lunches with their tax dollars.

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    There’s a big problem with that quote Atrios has. It’s this part:

    intense debate over what must be done,

    We aren’t having any sort of intense debate over what must be done, at least our elected leaders aren’t. They are virtually all in agreement that the answer is austerity measures for the masses and tax cuts for the rich. The very few who don’t agree with that are ready and willing to sell out their non-austerity ideas in the name of a “Grand Bargain” with the austerity hardliners.

    The even fewer who aren’t pushing austerity and who won’t sell out in a “Grand Bargain” are completely marginalized and written off as “not serious”, so their views aren’t even in the discussion.

    To summarize: in the recipe for disaster quoted above, “intense debate over what must be done” is, sadly, not one of the current ingredients. Unless your definition of “intense debate” is what degree of austerity we should be moving toward.

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    The corporate media’s fetishization (is that a word?) of “bipartisanship” has led the way in making our elected official believe “bipartisanship” is what “the people” really want. It’s utter bullshit, and typical egomania by the Beltway insiders: they think we don’t care what policies they put forward as long as our so-called leaders are working together in a civil fashion to get it done. Because it’s not about policy, it’s all about them.

    Gawd, I can think of the last time a bipartisan “comprimise” effort did anything but hand over more power to corporations and screw everybody else.

    (OK, the preview window is showing my apostrophes coming out as forward slash lines. Apologies if that doesn’t go away after I hit the “aubmit” button.

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    Patriarchy is inimical to the idea of Equality

    Good piece. Thanks for posting.

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