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  • Obey commented on the diary post ‘The Nine Billion Dollar Witness’ from Matt Taibbi by wendydavis.

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    Heya Wendy! Interesting poll. But have to be careful about how to read it, no? Basically imagine that the underlying reality is the following: the problem with government surveillance is that there is a minority with serious reasons to *really* fear it, whereas with Google there is a majority with mild reasons to be annoyed [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post Vaya con Dios, Miguelitoh2O by wendydavis.

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    Every day I got to chat with Miguel was a good day. Today has been just awful. Thanks Wendy

  • Obey commented on the diary post Somebody else’s problem … by cmaukonen.

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    Hey Kgb, there’s a line in the new Sherlock series where he tells the story of a long speech he gave in an emotionally charged situation. And at the end he realizes that in the heat of the moment he forgot to say any of it out loud. The fact that you include me in [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post FDL Movie Night Preview: Obey by Lisa Derrick.

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    Excellent subject for a film! ;)

  • Obey commented on the blog post Financial Darwinism

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    On an unrelated note, the Swiss federal railways only managed 87% on-time performance (within 3 minutes of scheduled departure/arrival).

    Time to privatize, methinks!!

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    Interesting observations, C. One part of the same trend is the gradual fading of the notion of America as a society, rather than an economy. I checked Google news just now: 80’000 articles about American/US economy, 300 about American/US society. An Ngram search gives me something along the same lines, on a longer time line, [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post Mah Promise Zones to You, Mah Fellow Amerikans by wendydavis.

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    Wow, 750 million in new spending?! This guy means business. Finally we have a real stark political choice this election. One party wanting a trillion in spending cuts and the other wanting 999 billion in spending cuts. Go dems!

  • Obey commented on the diary post Can Ya Spare a Few Pennies for the PayPal 14? by wendydavis.

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    As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Wendy’s driveway on the other hand…

  • Obey commented on the diary post Can Ya Spare a Few Pennies for the PayPal 14? by wendydavis.

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    Honolulu Civil Beat! LOL. Yeah, I know. Doesn’t paint a nice picture. Part of me wants to say that he was in a tough spot, the DOJ could have made his life difficult if they felt like it (for a lot of reasons, some more publicly obvious than others). He’s trying to work within the [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post Can Ya Spare a Few Pennies for the PayPal 14? by wendydavis.

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    okay, so from the O’Brien piece:

    A former vice president at PayPal, Osama Bedier, said on December 8, 2010 that PayPal’s decision to suspend service to WikiLeaks was the result a November 27, 2010 letter from the State Department’s former legal adviser Harold Koh to WikiLeaks editor and chief, Julian Assange. Beider described the letter as [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post Can Ya Spare a Few Pennies for the PayPal 14? by wendydavis.

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    Cool, now I can tell everyone that my rich as fuck friends back in the States literally pave their driveways with money! All those hedge fund boys are going to feel so inadequate ;0P I’ve got my own personal reasons for thinking that Omidyar isn’t a total dick. So I don’t know quite what to [...]

  • Yes, that’s an interesting direction to take the debate!

    It would obviously take a very different institutional framework. It would require something like a government for of and by the people. Seems like a long way away, and this tool in the hands of the current powers that be puts it that much further away…

  • Obey commented on the diary post Who Do You Love? Democrats: The 2014 Musical Campaign Launch! by wendydavis.

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    A world cup is when the two hundred best ball kickers get together and kick Obama in the balls for four weeks straight. Everyone wins. I think. ;o) Not so much a federal public bank. That’s dead in the water. But 20 states are looking at State-governed banks like North Dakota’s. Maybe get put on [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post Who Do You Love? Democrats: The 2014 Musical Campaign Launch! by wendydavis.

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    Oh good God, I can’t face another election year. Thank God there’s the World Cup this summer. Then again, maybe there’ll be some liberal primary challenges, pushing for public banks, ending surveillance, pushing for real social policy, fighting the TPP. Or maybe Democrats will rally around Obama and tell everyone on the left to shut [...]

  • The Federal Family in general doesn’t care that much about what the average citizen is doing, even if it might be illegal, they don’t have the time and resources to just deal with every person who is doing something they might not approve of.

    This seems too ingenuous given what we know.
    1. we know they can
    2. we know they distribute intel from their surveillance database to local and federal law inforcement when teh latter request info that can give them probable cause, and then hide the evidence trail leading back to NSA
    3. we know local and federal law enforcement aggressively surveil and seek to incriminate peaceful activists, whether environmental or labor or just innocuously left-leaning
    4. We know they use the database to actively “recruit” informants, and that their recruitment involves measures amounting to harassment (i.e. threatening to put you on no-fly list, etc)
    5. We know they have little to no internal controls on who accesses what in their database. They don’t know what Snowden took because they intentionally keep no track of who accesses what for – presumably – plausible deniability, and in order to prevent their use of it to be adequately audited, thereby avoiding intrusive oversight.
    6. We know 70% of the people are private contractors, working for defense contractors, tech contractors, ultimately answerable to the profit-maximizing goals of their superiors. If a low-level Carlyle Group foot soldier like Snowden could walk out with a million highly classified documents, if Snowden could access anyone’s communications and activity in real time like he claims, there is no limit to what the private contractor corporations could do with the database if some citizen began to annoy them. Think reporters, activists, politicians agaiin.

    Yes, if you’re an ordinary citizen who doesn’t raise a fuss, who doesn’t get involved actively in improving his community, his country, and thereby rub private and state interests the wrong way, sure, you won’t be bothered and you won’t be surveilled.


    That’s the problem.

  • I’m generally in support of Judge Rakoff’s pronouncements in and, here, out of court. But one thing he says sticks in my craw:

    For example, before 2001, the FBI had more than one thousand agents assigned to investigating financial frauds, but after September 11 many of these agents were shifted to antiterrorism work. Who can argue with that?

    Well, I will argue with that.

    One problem is the definition of ‘antiterrorism work’. Included in the category of ‘terrorism’ we have animal rights activists and eco-terrorists, who have “revealed a pattern of vandalism, arsons, animal releases, harassing telephone calls, threats and attempts to disrupt business activities of not only HLS, but of all companies doing business with HLS.” 84 joint terrorism task forces across the country deal with this threat of harrassing phone calls, vandalism, and obstruction of interstate commerce.

    How many task-forces are dedicated to the crimes leading up to the financial crisis? One. And a bogus Potemkin task force at that.

    So, the FBI’s priorities: 84 to 1. Eco-terrorism is 84 x more important.

    What was the respective damage caused by these two criminal organisations?

    By the FBI’s own estimate:

    The FBI estimates that the ALF/ELF and related groups have committed more than 1,100 criminal acts in the United States since 1976, resulting in damages conservatively estimated at approximately $110 million.

    110 million dollars *since 1976*

    What about the massive orchestrated financial fraud up to 2008?
    Between 5.7 and 12.8 trillion dollars in lost US economic output.

    That means the Wall Street financial crimes caused 52’000 x more damage than the eco-”terrorists”, yet among the Justice Department’s priorities it ranks down below rescuing cats out of trees.

    I could understand if we were talking about domestic terrorists who target and/or inadvertently harm human beings. But the worst the FBI’s own account comes up with is blustery emails, blogs, or pamphlets.

    There is no excuse for the lack of manpower thrown at Wall Street’s crimes. The government simply has other priorities.

  • Obey commented on the diary post Reflections on 1914 in 2014 by Ohio Barbarian.

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    One big difference is that in 1914, everyone went into the war rather gleefully thinking it would be brief and relatively painless, economically and otherwise. That’s no longer true of any prospective war between major powers. I don’t think anyone wants a head-on war between China and the US. More likely an escalation of proxy-wars [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post And they lived happily ever after to the end of their days by cmaukonen.

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    As a very wise lady once told me and others, what is needed is a large dose of reality. We may get it sooner that some would think

    I have my doubts. We’re more likely to get yet another large dose of reality-tv, superhero movies, first-person shooter games, etc. The big difference between the Soviet Union [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post 2014… and welcome to it by David Seaton.

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    Outside of the Islamist related instability in the Mideast and the horn of Africa, I don’t see this *rise* of instability you’re talking about.

    Israel and Japan are not alone, Greece, Holland, Britain and France are also witnessing a rise of the racist, xenophobic, ultra-right.

    Britain: According to the BNP’s statement of accounts in December 2012, [...]

  • Obey commented on the diary post Catch 2013 – Yossarian is upset with Jim Clapper by Obey.

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    thanks msmolly! pleased you liked it. :)

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