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    No American troops on the ground … what about those 1,500 or so troops that Obama has sent over as “advisors”? Are they tied to hot air balloons? And how good are they as advisors if they are all hiding in a shelter somewhere and not “embedded” with the Iraqis? (Assuming they are not actually going out all by themselvsies and doing things, which I am sure they are.).

    We don’t have 1500 good Arabic speaking troops, period. So these guys are not all providing active advice, some are doing other stuff. Stuff we would call war making if we were honest. Does it really matter if they are like the girly girls used to be in our armed services and not in combat? And if they aren’t in combat and they aren’t in danger why are they getting combat pay?

    Obama is a liar. Obama is a liar. He proved it already. He was unfit for the presidency (just like the Republicans said) and he is a liar (just like the Republicans said). Not the first time we’ve been had by this guy with no integrity but it still rankles.

    And good Christians, if you are slavering for the slaughter of ISIS and people in Iran you AREN’T a good Christian. Stop pretending, use the new testament to start a fire on a cool night, and join the reborn KKK in demanding the death or removal of all Arabs from America.

  • Yes, Big Al. I noticed this too. Americans are absolutely totally solidly for bombing every last member of ISIS to oblivion before they come over here and destroy us. … Yep, I’m hearing it again and again. We are in danger. Our government must act NOW. Destroy every last one of them. Turn the desert into glass. And do Iran at the same time before they destroy Israel which they will soon.

    Not making it up. The intelligence of the average American makes me want to puke. Where is their sense of being had? And meanwhile … the Russians keep stealing our financial information followed by our money. NSA too busy butting into English business, tracking our every move and purchase (except for gun / related sales, can’t step on that 2nd ammendment) to go squash those Russian and African con artists that are stealing billions from Americans. (An actual REAL threat isn’t stealing millions terrorism?) Or is it the too busy setting up American teens with made up (by the FBI) terrorist plots to catch the crooks?

    Government is inept when we need them and agressive when they should butt out or leave us alone. You’d find it hard to layer on so many bad choices if YOU were making the decisions.

    Obumblerbot boooo … hisss … ftttt …. barf barf. Hopey and changey, Hill the Pill or Kerry the liar steps in. Our future is bright!

  • “She Who Feels Entitled” … would be a good name for a book or a move. Once was a movie just named “SHE”. Captures my perception of Hill the Pill entirely, except I always add “for no good reason”.

  • OldFatGuy, have you noticed how both you and I try to extract meaning from erik’s posts? Last week I even understood a post of his completely and thought (altho it was pretty incoherent) that he was actually gaining brain cells strung out in rows that could occasionally sustain thoughts.

    But no, he’s back to worrying that the Democrats may be weakening themselves in the November elections. And amazingly so, given how enthusiastic Americans are about killing more Muslims en masse. When you start a war 2 months before an election you give a big boost to the ruling party. Start a war a year before and reality may have started to seep in (unless it has been declared a big victory, of course).

    This is going to help Democrats so go back to whereever you came from erik. Too bad it’s more immoral slaughter. And totally UnChristian, all you Christian Moslem-hating Israel-loving whatevers.

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    I think we should all go pick up ammo. When I moved to this small town there was one store in 10 miles selling guns and ammo. Now I have a choice of 4 places that I know of, not to mention that when I go to garage sales they are sometimes guns for sale … one was an AK-16 two weeks ago or some such. But even it wasn’t the guys best gun for us, according to him. He had something really big time there … probably good for deer and elk shooting or the occasional bear or cougar if they “threaten” me like get in the trash or exist when I spot them.

    Or, as our sheriff said, “If you are going to take a walk be sure to have a loaded gun on you as someone spotted a cougar last week” .. at which point I stopped taking walks because it’s those guys with the loaded guns and eager fingers that will shoot at any noise that I’m afraid of.

    Buy guns! This is how we can stop terrorism at home. And as another acquaintance said, “If we would deport every Arab and every Muslim maybe we would be safe in America”. (Not too many of them walking around with loaded guns in the woods here.).

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    Forgot the part about how John Kerry is a flat out lie to your face liar. Counterterrorism? Exactly WHOM is ISIS terrorizing? Exactly how are they threatening us?

    BTW – thanks to Obama and Fox News et all (who said great minds don’t think alike?) most of the people I know, say 90%, DO THINK THAT IF WE DON’T DESTROY EVERY LAST MEMBER OF ISIS THEY WILL COME HERE. Believe it or not. So we should go to any lengths to stop them because by doing absolutely nothing to justify that point of view it is totally true and even if we must kill every Arab in hundreds of miles (and bomb Iran, too) it will save us! Every last one.

    As Michele once sort of said, I am ashamed of America. She stopped being ashamed when she grabbed the gold but I have now started.

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    I personally don’t care very much for John Kerry either. But if Hill the Pill (who accomplished nothing as Secretary of State that I know of, even if things did go “smoothly” compared to the total messes we are stepping in now) does not run for prez in 2016, John Kerry will. Eeewwww! That creep or this creep. Feminista or sociopath? Which is which?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some actual Democrat of stature that could come forward and save us? But wait …. your Obamabot has done nothing to nuture any true Democratic leaders, they are all scummy retreads of the Clinton days … and his other buds are crummy retreads from the Bush days. So all we got are creepy (your word) hasbeens.

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    Sure ObamaLLP has made Iran the devil. But give credit to Fox News. The current Fox mime is that O is focused on Iraq and Syria but is giving Iran a pass. And as Lou Dobbs put it last night “We can’t wait any longer to save Israel from the threat of Iran. The threat is now. O must act now.” That’s a paraphrase but his actual words were more compelling about how there was an immediate need to do something extreme about “the Iran threat to Israel”.

    Oh sure, what threat? Picky. Picky.

    All those neighbors of yours are probably watching Fox News so they know better than you about how O is misdirected.

    It appears, weirdly enough, that Fox wants us attacking Muslims all over the Middle East. They are either big into the defense industry, big into AIPAC, or just flat out evil.

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    erik, your comment has the word “sincerely” in it. I will take you at that word and assume you are sincere and this is not snark.

    Yes, president Obama is just doing what he is told. But NOT because he is being blackmailed. He is just doing as he is told because that is how he sees the job, #1. And #2, he is completely incompetent to have opinions on just about everything he is required to be a leader on.

    It really doesn’t mean he is not a smart man. How many are competent to have opinions on how national security should be run, on our foreign policy, on the shape of healthcare delivery, etc.? He saw the office as one of compromise. Think about that carefully. That can mean the Democrats and the Republicans get together and come up with the best solution which he then buys into. In other words, they put the answer into his head.

    So that didn’t work out. But luckily he has political advisors plus nutsos like our NSA director who will tell him the answer to every question, based on political realities and their ideological bent. You can’t do this, we’ll lose the Jewish vote … you have to do that, or someone might criticize us for looking back … and so it has gone.

    Sure, few are happy with the results. But Democratic advisors would be quick to say this is the best of the possible. Because maybe politically for Democratic incumbents and donations to same it is the best. They should know.

    So don’t be so sure to give the president a pass because he’s being blackmailed. He’s got exactly what he wanted … many millions, his children at the top of the status heap, the real top of the pinnacle, fame, adulation, the most powerful man in the world and his beautiful first lady.

    The only losers here are us. And as Michelle O would indicate, who actually cares about us? Certainly not her. She wasn’t even proud of her country until they made O a candidate.

  • Why hasn’t our “transparent administration”, our bright hope and change nexsus, our first black president who is going to right the injustices wreeked on illegal undocumented immigrants, charged this border patrol agent with murder? Isn’t there enough testimony and evidence to at least charge him?

    Justice for immigrants — isn’t that why Obumbler is going to break aka ignore our immigration laws and give millions more Hispanics the right to live and work in our country even though they are all lawbreakers who snuck in illegally, worked illegally, used our education system and our medical system and grabbed various federal benefits (Section 8 housing for example)? Isn’t because he loves Hispanics as our great first black president?

    Or maybe he just loves ‘em when it’s politically a smart position for Democrats. And prosecuting border control agents who kill teens would anger all those gun nuts who believe the police/border control/our soldiers are heroes, every one, all the time. This administration has no integrity at all.

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    I am willing to bet that Governor Jerry Brown will not veto this bill, because obviously such a veto would be overridden and as a savvy politician he knows he would only lose by performing such an act. The point I made about totally “free” health care may seem harsh. But there has to be [...]

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    Medi-Cal is California’s version of Medicaid. People using Medicaid pay absolutely nothing for their health care, it is paid for entirely by taxpayers. When you talk of “stealing” your home or other assets, you are talking about the government getting back what is typically a small fraction of what it has put out for your [...]

  • I am very pro-union and pro-worker but I think that telling an employer that they are responsible for the behavior of someone else (not one of their employees) is a dubious law.

    Ultimately, it would work better to aggressively prosecute those who actually perform the wage theft to the extent of going after their personal assets. In other words, I would strip them of the protection given by forming a corporation and also the protection of bankruptcy. Plus make it a felony, which it should be. Better if you are serious about wage theft to make the perpetrators pay big time, punish the evildoer. Otherwise, WalMart’s lawyers will find that by getting an affidavit or some other such they can duck liability and the wage theft continues.

  • The particular trick of making say, non-supervisory (non-exempt) workers into exempt “management” without, of course, any management or decision making responsibility, is at least 35 yrs. old. Because that was the first time I encountered it while working for a fortune 50 company. Can’t claim that’s a new one.

    I have heard of lawsuits where workers claimed they had been designated as exempt (without fitting the description of exempt) solely to get unpaid overtime out of them. Duhhh! Why else? The only thing new there is the bravery to initiate a lawsuit.

  • “The workers victimized are also more likely to be illegal immigrants which also puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with a crafty and cynical employer who knows how to work the system.” Fixed it for you. The legal immigrants I know are very aware of and very demanding about their rights, their pay, etc. No one is ripping them off. Lots of activists trotting around making sure that the Hispanics aren’t being exploited.

    And the immigrants from Asia that I know have established businesses, mostly restaurants. They are taking the tip income from the waitresses, who happen to be native born Americans. But then, this is just one city on the West Coast. Doesn’t make such a neat story, tho, does it?

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    Actually mulp, I understood your comment. We love our low gas prices here in the US so why not be consistent and love our chaos in the Middle East which supports the dictators and regimes that keep the gas coming. Arrrggghh — I didn’t want to understand but I did.

    Consistency is the virtue of little minds. Don’t forget that. Great minds like Americans CAN complain about us slaughtering all kinds of people (brown only, tho) abroad while zipping around in our biggg SUVs.

  • Fixing your post: the real treachery, if there is any, is knifing a long-time American ally, Turkey, in the back over the Kurd issue. The real treachery is the serial knifing of allies, first the Kurds, then the Turks, and always the American people.

    Now with respect to NSA intelligence, is this agency out of control or what? Aren’t their some limitations to their charter? Didn’t someone say if they started to sweep up all that data it would get used for all kinds of things not involving our national security? Is any banking information generated when we use our banks private? Geeez.

  • Jim thinks that if the Arabs cared about the Palestinians, they would have let them flee the land that Israel was stealing and absorbed them into their own areas.

    In other words, if the Arabs don’t care why then it is appropriate for the Israeli to steal Palestinian land, to control and corral Palestinians, to starve them including the children and deny them medical care, etc., and to periodically slaughter them.

    In other words, it is appropriate to act with total evil much as the Nazi did in the Warsaw ghetto because the Arabs are not generous enough to help the Palestinians when the Israeli torture them in all those myriad ways.

    It is your sense of solidarity with the evil Israeli that blinds you to the rottenness of your own attitude, Jim and Kohn. And here’s something for you to be tired of: Nazi, Nazi, genocide, Israel, Jim. Let it ring in your ears, troll. (You haven’t acted like a troll here, sorry, you don’t deserve that one).

  • The people of Israel only care about their own. NO they didn’t forget the plight of Jews in Warsaw but they just don’t care that they have created a similar ghetto and inacted policies causing a similar level of misery including starvation and stunting of children and lack of medical care, etc. Stealing land and water is important to them, others aren’t.

    Hard not to say that these Israelis are in fact the genetic and cultural children of Nazis. OK, Israeli / loving trolls, jump on me. But if it acts like one and lived for generations among them, picking up much of the same genetic material and cultural attitudes, well then ….

    Especially if they act like one. Of course, in America we did the same to the American Indians. And that was various white European derived people, particularly so those originating from England. And all by themselves the people of England terminated the Tasmanians.

    Not a very proud cultural derivation for me, anyway. But at least I abhor disproportionate response against other humans and ghettos. Guess I’m alittle better than the Israelis morally in this respect, at least.

  • 3 Israeli children killed. Logical response – punish the killers.

    Actual response – slaughter over 3,000 people of Palestine. Hurt many more, while destroying hospitals, schools, apartments, etc. Continue blockade not allowing even building materials in so that people may rebuild.

    Then, announce land grab which has been in planning, including allocating contracts to build apartments etc. for several years. Excuse – this is to teach Palestinians they may never ever harm or even threaten to harm (or even look at or step on Israeli land, etc.) without being punished collectively.

    Since the killing of the children occurred way after, by years, the settlement planning, it is clearly just the excuse.

    I knew that it was not REALLY the deaths of the Israeli children that caused the attack on Gaza. Been wondering all along what was the real hang. The deaths of the children just gave Israel an excuse they could use to make the attack supportable by their population and others and it supposedly showed just how tough they are if any of theirs is threatened. That was necessary so those who count (other Israeli, American politicians) would buy into the land grab.

    Bet Bibbi and the other evil leaders of Israel cheered their heads off when they learned those children had been kidnapped. And that isn’t snark. There isn’t an ounce of humanity in those men. People of such towering evil are incapable of true caring even for their “own”. Children – the ultimate excuse.

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