Jim is a troll.
    He has no humanity, he does not care about dead children, he does not care about proportionality, he does not care about who attacked who.
    All he cares about is Israel and Jews. People of Gaza don’t matter, even though they are being kept in a pen and bombed. Much like a target shoot where you coral the animal in an enclosed area and then come in and shoot em.
    Jim is good with that.

    But the reason Jim (notice how we usually only get one Israel troll per thread? Could their behavior be coordinated?) is so disruptive is he gets unlimited comments.

    Let’s keep all posters to 10 comments or less. This would force at least multiple Israel trolls on every thread and would make their obnoxious behavior more visible.

  • ocoastperson commented on the diary post VIDEO: An Open Letter To Bill Maher on Gaza & Hamas by Dennis Trainor Jr.

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    Bill Maher is totally pro-Israel and anti-Muslim. Even before Israel began the latest Gaza slaughter and destruction, Maher made comments like “You don’t see the same kind of fanatics in other religions that you see in the Muslim world” “You don’t see the same willingness to harm others in other religions ..” … hey, Bill, [...]

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    John Yoo is not even a good lawyer, by all accounts. The arguments he came up with aren’t even particularly convincing from a legal standpoint. Which brings up the question: Why did the U of Berkley gift him with a chair? This has to do with politics and money, and the absolute belief by rich [...]

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    Shillary do love the money. Hope she sticks to promoting her book and giving speeches at $250,000 a pop. Just picture all that money for your daughter and her children in a decade or so and stay away from our presidency, Hillary!!!! Unfortunately, our last “competent” president was also the one who put the killing [...]

  • So humanitarian aid becomes material support for terrorism. The people who have successfully made that jump and the citizens who convict people who are just trying to help other people in dire need should be somewhere beyond ashamed of themselves.

  • Actually, I’m sure that Edward Snowdon is not actually “In America”. If he does attempt to come home to our greatest exceptional nation, he will be thrown in prison and never allowed to present evidence as to WHY he chose to do what he did.

    Edward Snowdon is a great American hero, a real one, who hopefully will never come home to America as long as our neo-con politicians and military and quasi-military control the country. Which unfortunately is probably forevermore.

  • I realize I’m overdoing it with this comment. Kevin G has done much to keep us informed about what is going on in Israel. I just happened to think what he said in response to one poster was wrong and it struck me as more letting them off for things we would otherwise nail. Actually, [...]

  • As I stated to Kevin G earlier, Israel is moving towards outright genocide against the Palestinians. They are starving them, denying them health care, denying them housing, denying them freedom of movement, stealing their land and their water, and penning them in. Let’s not use any bad words against these murderers, though. If you use [...]

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    The post does not actually provide any evidence that this man ordered the hit on the Malaysian airliner to even that it was his army of thugs that did it. Given where it happened, it is quite possible it was those thugs. Accept that even if that were proven true, it is also likely that [...]

  • Sure, the post may be over the top about Obumbler or is it Obombem being the worst president in history, or even anywhere. Times change so much between presidents that it’s really hard to compare Obumbler even with Reagan much less guys a 100 yrs. before. But the main point stays. The guy is both [...]

  • ocoastperson commented on the blog post The 2016 Republican Frontrunner Is Rand Paul

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    Hard to read your posts because they tend to be full of sweeping statements. So even when I agree with your general drift, my mind usually reacts to each actual sentence with NO WAY!

    Shockingly, I totally agree with, about Rand Paul, “Not a chance in hell he will be elected president”. Couldn’t agree more.

    Rand Paul is going to be offensive to the Republican base, most of whom think of Muslims as “ragheads” and want them all to be “bugsplat”, think our president is taking this country to socialism, etc. They are all nuts (no, I don’t exaggerate, unlike you) but not nuts in the same way as Rand Paul.

    What is shocking to me is how many still like Chris Christy. You’d think even real dumb-asses would have some standards.

  • Wow do I hope you are right about at least the Democratic candidates on that chart. Of course everyone knows about Hillary. The only amazing thing is that she apparently, if you believe the chart, has a high number of people who approve of her vrs. those who disapprove. Why?

    I think she’s definitely smart, she’s definitely been around in the sense of knowing lots about national politics, she’s probably interesting to talk to …
    but she has done absolutely nothing that would indicate she’s up for the job of president. She’s taken no principled positions. She’s accomplished nothing as Senator or as Secretary of State. She either never was in a position to take decisive action about anything or she always chose not too.
    And she’s a warmonger.

    So who wants her? Biden I know little about as a Senator but he’s certainly accomplished nothing since then nor stood out in any positive way.

    Warren. 92% talk. She has done little to make her mark and needs more experience in national politics. O’Malley? huh? Who’s that? Cuomo … too New Yawkish, too little national presence, does he have a record?

    The Democrats bring to mind a song “Where have all the good (girls or boys) gone? Long time passing …” In other words, a lament. WE NEED A NEW PARTY. ON THE LEFT. What’s left of the Democratic party is a waste and Bill Clinton is largely responsible for it. So if Hillary is going to run on HIS record, BBBBuBuBuhbye.

  • I would also point out that very prominent people in Israel are calling for genocide – the mass killings of civilians.

    When that man in Iran said about Israel “This too will pass in the passing of time” or “This too will pass” which is a common saying there, he and the entire nation of Iran was demonized as calling for and having the official position of wiping Israel from the earth.

    If such a mild, meaningless platitude can be so interpreted, the continuous calling for the wiping out of large numbers of Palestinians by prominent Israelis certainly merits calling those people and the state that supports their views and implements them “Nazis”.

    I see use of the word Nazi distracting even when it is being used against some really awful government or group of people who are doing really awful things like mass-killings in Africa or Asia. I think you are actually taking an extreme position in equating use of the word with the behavior of the nation of Israel to anti-Semitism.

  • The actions of Israel are starting to look more and more like they go beyond apartheid and nudge closer and closer to genocide.

    The number one way they are killing people, disproportionately children and the old, is starvation. The number two way is non-access to medical care. Plus they continue to steal water and land, to control and limit people’s movements, to deny people even common building materials, to control access to Gaza from other nations …

    These actions continue to be implemented in more and more extreme fashions. I do not believe we have to wait until the actual day that Israel starts gassing people en masse to use the word “Nazi” in describing their behavior. It has certainly gone way way beyond apartheid and is now skirting way more awful behaviors.

    Nor is it anti-Semitic to point out the actual bad behavior of a state or of state actors. A clue for you, Kevin, would be sentences starting with words like “All Jews ..”. Giving a strong name to the behavior of a government is not the same as saying that everyone who is associated with that government by virtue of that religion is bad.

    I do regularly see comments by people on TV, for example, Bill Maher and the various Fox-crumbbums that begin “Muslims .. ” – have many more fanatics, are more fanatic than those of other religions, etc. I am a Christian but I believe those comments say more about the people saying them than they do about Muslims.

    In any case, the word “Jewish” is not synonymous with “Israel”. And when the behavior of Israel is called out, even in very harsh terms, it is not the same as calling out wrongly all Jewish people — which is what “anti-Semitic” implies.

  • “Yes, and Iraq soldiers bayoneted babies in their cribs ..” Is this now the standard we are to judge Israel’s military efforts by?

    There is a man currently in prison in Oregon having a death sentence who killed his wife and two children for some unknown reason, the children being ages 5 and a baby (which he put into a suitcase and threw into the bay here). Are all child abusers in Oregon to get off if they manage to not go quite that far?

    I am always amazed by those who point to some other person and said “But what he does / did was worse.” In this case I also wonder: Are you so confused that you believe that Iraq soldier = any Palestinian because both happen to be some kind of Muslim? Please answer the last question as maybe the answer might explain your otherwise strange post.

  • ocoastperson commented on the diary post Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses … Unless They’re Hispanic! by ThingsComeUndone.

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    Your points are all valid but they do not lead to the conclusion that the USA has some unique moral imperative to take these children in. For example, the chaos that we have caused in Honduras is way trumped by the amount of destruction we have caused in Iraq. By honest counts, over 1 million [...]

  • ocoastperson commented on the diary post If Iraq Were in Central America by David Swanson.

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    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The government of the United States and its military and state department leaders are proof of this. Our goals are always venal but the “unintended consequences” frequently pure evil. So, to give one example a safe period of time in the past: Vietnam. Our goal was to stop [...]

  • ocoastperson commented on the diary post “Labor Reform”: Proposals to Maximize Workplace Bullying by GREYDOG.

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    “Leading management consultants, top government officials and prominent financial journalists are proposing …” NAME NAMES. GIVE EXAMPLES. I am more than willing to take your word for the pernicious effects of “labor reforms” as an euphemism for squashing labor or further imbalancing the power between those who work and their bosses aka masters. Mostly I [...]

  • ocoastperson commented on the diary post Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses … Unless They’re Hispanic! by ThingsComeUndone.

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    These children from South America who are showing up on our borders are not making journeys of 1,000 or more miles unattended. Someone is bringing them to us and that someone in most cases has been paid to do so. Now the parents of these children are the ones making the payments. Yes, they are [...]

  • I challenge GentleUnicorn: Say one BAD thing about the behavior of the Israeli. I’ll give you an example: They should put some effort into avoiding collateral damage. Or, they should stop this destruction with the killing of say, 1000 children. Or, they should rebuild for the Palestinians, not Jewish use, the areas they have destroyed (since they have all the money THEY have to do it).

    Come on, GentleUnicorn. It’ll be like going to the bathroom. You’ll feel so much better after you do it.

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