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    Sure, it has been obvious for quite a while that Obama, by not enforcing our laws and by prosecuting illegal wars of choice (leading to the deaths of a million or more people and the destruction of complete areas of the earth where millions live, like Afghanistan and Iraq) is a war criminal. But he [...]

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    Exactly. What president Obama and Eric Holder did when Obama assumed office was to enable and assist and protect the people that authorized and executed evil, cruel, heinous acts. In no way did he do anything against torture, he favored it, he made it OK as long as you were a patriot. And what Wyden [...]

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    Unfortunately, in America, you don’t have to go far to find people defending and approving torture and those who do it – they’re everywhere.

    Our daily paper had only one op-ed which uncategorically said torture was bad – Eugene Robinson. Same paper, an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal in favor of torture. Plus a big front-page for the section spread which spent most of its time quoting ex-CIA chiefs etc.

    Next day, two big articles. Cheney on front page of paper said We didn’t torture blah blah plus big article in opinion section from C. Krauthammer – it worked!!

    Even the Al Jazerra News on the TV spent its time interviewing ex-CIA chiefs, as did Fox.

    I blame Obama and Holder for this. When they can’t even come out clearly against something as evil and wrong as what we have been doing since 2002 to various helpless people, how can you expect the money-grubbing crowd pleasing types in the media to get it right?

    Obama and Holder have hurt us badly on this one. Sure, it would have been politically unpopular to punish even a few of the worst cases for the torturing. There was no political payoff. But without the guy at the top showing some good direction, making excuses, etc., how can you expect the dumbos of the American populace to get it right?

    Our culture is dumpster diving and it smells worse every day.

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    That 70″ of air in the my last sentence on post 20 is actually 70″ of water. That is what the Oregon Coast gets on average every year, although most years are nowhere near average.

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    Nope. Oregon Coast. I can see the ocean from my home. I sometimes think there is nothing between my home and Siberia except air and water. Unfortunately, we still get dust and pollution in the air. Supposedly, it is coming from China. Also, in Oregon everyone burns wood in stoves or fireplaces, even when they [...]

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    Obama is the most powerful man on earth. He has chosen to delegate much of his authority to his NSA chief, Secretary of Defense, political advisors etc. These people are all by background and position extremely hierarchial in their thinking and behavior. They believe in the 1% theory (if there is a 1% chance some [...]

  • Bravo to the black players who are protesting the murder of completely innocent blacks, including children at play. Murder is not a “oopsies”.

    And with the new Supreme Court ruling once again asserting more privilege for the police, they get two oopsies for every encounter with a citizen. Now, they can stop you and whatever based on a supposedly mistaken belief you have committed a crime … and of course then choke you, shoot you, whatever, that’s the second oopsie.

    I’d like to see a constitutional amendment that says that people in “protect and serve” jobs be they cops or the military (or contractors working for the military or state dept.) will be held to the same standards as the rest of the population even when doing their jobs. So if they blow away some female sheepherders in Afghanistan with a drone (“oopsie, they looked like militants to me”) they get charged with some kind of murder, same as I would. No special “Naughty, naughty, here’s a promotion and raise”(wink-wink).

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    Sounds like she has every reason to hate you. Did you shake those soda containers before opening them?

    Plus, some women just don’t like a laugh at their expense. Take note before you marry.

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    Here is an example, right from my home state, of how the gigantic misuse of resources in the name of “security” is making US citizens unsecure. The Dept. of Homeland Security has a budget of $60 – $100 million. It’s hard to determine the actual magnitude because lots of the money it gets is deliberately [...]

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    By some measures at least the Chinese economy is now larger than that of the USA. So what, you say? I’m not sure. But I am sure that they are going to continue to grow faster and faster than us, as we are wasting lots of our economic energy on a huge security complex here [...]

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    I absolutely also want felons to vote. Felons are still Americans. Felons still have a stake in what happens in their neighborhoods and country, as well as what happens to them. There is no reason except meanness to not let felons vote. The whole concept of letting the worthy and competent vote or do some [...]

  • How many think whoever called up about how there was a dangerous person sitting on the library lawn (the non-existent gun surmise again, do people just make this up so that the cops will pay attention to their call?) would have called up if the teenager sitting on the lawn was white? How about if it were a white girl sitting on the lawn?

    Of course, maybe the initial call was a prank to watch the cops show up and get excited. Either a prank or another racist nut, scared because there is a young black male existing in a certain spot.

    All the prosecutions of this young man are tainted by the lack of reason for the initial confrontation. It’s a fruit of the poisoned tree thing. They had absolutely no reason to confront him to begin with, he was doing absolutely nothing that would justify a policeman confronting him or getting close enough to him to have a fight.

    It’s more than time for the police and other bullies in America to be held to some bright lines. So if you have no good reason to confront someone (not in your own mind, some actual good reason) and then something bad happens to that person you confronted aka George Zimmerman you are responsible. Period. No excuses. No focusing on what happened after you confronted them etc.

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    Does anyone on this thread really believe that just because the torture tapes were destroyed (by someone, right? they didn’t just have a party and destroy themselves) there is no way to prosecute either the individuals directly torturing or the people up the chain of command. No way to prosecute Cheney and those who were calling the shots with him?

    This is all B.S. And president Obama’s comments show he is even bigger scum (scum from a sewage holding pond) than I thought. “Heroes”. I’m going to go all patriotic here and say American heroes don’t torture. This was about getting back. And since Cheney and all the CIA torturers and enablers knew not one person being tortured was directly responsible for 9/11, this was about torturing innocents. In many cases true innocents, in other cases people who were innocent at least of the acts that so enraged us.

  • As a chokehold is illegal and as the officer failed to provide assistance to a man crying that he could not breathe it would seem there are two points on which that officer should be charged with a crime … regardless of what is in his thoughts at that moment.

    I also accept that what an officer is thinking can be a basis for charging him, but we should only accept what he was thinking as it is expressed by his actions. So if a person is clearly having trouble breathing and you don’t help him, what you we thinking is implied … like I don’t care about this worthless sh*ts life, glad he’s suffering etc. That doesn’t sound like protect and serve to me.

    Also, if you are afraid of a person, a big black person, how do YOU wind up with your arm around his neck and in back of him and him on the ground? This sounds like aggression on your part, not his. Pre-emptive aggression must be looked at much more dubiously than it is currently in our society. For example, G. Zimmerman showed quite a bit of pre-emptive aggression in his stalking of the black teen then getting out of his safe vehicle carrying a weapon and confronting the teen. To me, pre-emptive aggression is a strong indicator of bad intention. And bad intention is of course what’s going through your mind.

    I hope that someday our legal system catches up with the hearts and minds of well-intentioned people. Right now it just sucks.

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    There are going to be billions more people than the earth can support alive on the earth within decades. Climate change is going to make that situation worse and add greatly to the numbers of people who can’t be supported. There is going to be water where currently many millions of people are living right [...]

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    Okay, you’ve got a point. I don’t want 110 million angry Mexicans running around armed either (although if we do go to invade Mexico, it would be a good opportunity to buy gun company stocks …. hmmm). OK, OK, let’s let them have 2 states. But the boundaries of the states have to be drawn [...]

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    If, in the South, a stalker creep like Zimmerman can get away with killing a child who is both unarmed and has committed no crime … obviously a “policeman”, a “young hero” can get away with killing a teenager who has just committed the terrible crime of robbing a convenience store. Regardless of whether the [...]

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    Forget that dual citizenship baloney. Let’s take over Mexico!! (Notice I avoided that prejudical word “invade”). Let us just secure the SOUTHERN BORDER OF MEXICO, which is way small compared to the norther border with us. We take over the country, using a few of our 1 million plus active duty troops and reservists, secure [...]

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    D.S. Wright is saying there is no “stem shortage” right now. Employers want cheap young employees. They are ignoring older qualified individuals, they are ignoring currently available women, minorities, and men.

    Your argument that currently women and minorities who could do these stem jobs are not being hired just makes D.S.Wrights point for him.

    And yes, it would be nice if there were more women and minorities qualified to do stem work. And it would be especially nice if that were true and the US companies were actually hiring them.

    Right now, we need better behaving employers. And, of course, a better educational system at the K12 and college level.

    But the D.S.Wright we’ve already got is one good writer!

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    Speaking as a former STEM worker: Companies want to hire YOUNG people. When I worked at Intel, I was sometimes involved in interviewing people for hiring. Almost everyone doing the interviewing on any particular job was young (in their twenties or early thirties). We were all told: Choose whoever you like best EVEN IF they will be on an H1-B visa, even if they must be trained and there are current employees who would like to move to this job (and would therefore, as its a job move, need some training). Frequently, the young employees would choose someone else who was young, the H1-B candidate, over the older current employee, who they were unable to relate to as comfortably. And I swear to you those H1-B candidates were NOT better qualified in any way.

    Notice in this story I am not even talking about hiring some other American who had a similar technical background but would need some training because the software we used was different, they had worked on chips of a different size, or whatever. Need for training is constant with tech jobs because the technology constantly evolves. And the hired H1-B’s would also need training. Course this was just one area of a big company and I have no knowledge of how typical this was within the company.

    I do say that, overall, tech companies want young people. And older tech employees are routinely thrown to the curb while these companies go grab foreigners. And Congress either doesn’t know better (Are politicians really idiots?) who goes along with it for the money they get from corporations directly and indirectly.

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