• Erik, STOP THE SARCASM. To be effective, sarcasm must, for one moment, be believable.

    President Obama leading us forward? President Obama leading? If only! LOL! In every single state of the union address he has given, including tonights’, he comes up with some baloney that he then puts no political capital into making happen, and it doesn’t. The nonsense tonight was even less believable than usual.

    I know you don’t actually think any of it is going to occur. Obama is spouting this stuff to position the Democrats. Not to position them for their actions, to position them for the next elections.

    So cut it out and just talk real stuff. No one, no one, not Republicans, not Democrats, believes Obama does any leading. He jerks around like a puppet as his political advisors pull the strings.

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    Since the post talked about H1B visas, it was not “assuming or really talking about “illegal immigrants” from the south”. And putting “illegal immigrants” in quotes kind of says it all about where you are coming from. How about criminals? Crooks? Thieves who come to this country and stick American citizens first with the costs [...]

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    In the 1990s I worked for a giant bank that eliminated several hundreds of American IT workers by outsourcing its jobs to a giant Indian IT firm (Infosys) which then used H1B visas to fill those jobs. Not one single job fit the catagory of “CAN’T FIND AN AMERICAN” every single job consisted of previous [...]

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    This is not the first/second third? time I have had to log in to FDL in order to sort of defend mulp. I’m not defending mulp’s comment here, which is unbelievably stupid if taken as straight sarcasm. Key word: unbelievably.

    The only way mulp could actually be that stupid would be if he is a “proud conservative” as I know them. More likely, a child of about age 19. My reasoning is that sometimes he actually (by mistake) says something that makes sense and shows some intelligence. I think childish mulp just likes yanking people.

    Mulp, I know you don’t have to tell us your age, but what is it? Are you in college (were you able to get in?)? Do you have a mental aliment of some kind that might explain your annoying behavior? And take note: you can make discerning comments occasionally. So why not start doing so? Think of how much fun you will have shocking everyone by making good sense. Heads will blow up … Go for it. No more baby mulp, only sharp mulp.

    And everyone else, yes, he could do it if he wanted to.

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    Although it cannot actually be considered a “flash crash”, I consider the current situation WRT oil to be sort of a oil flash crash. I don’t believe that those running Saudi Arabia, no matter how decrepit they are, want the price of oil to be under $50. And BTW, “social spending” would not raise the [...]

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    Christie is a real contender for the Republican VP spot, if not the top spot. For some reason sleazy Republicans do not turn people off as thoroughly as sleazy Democrats. Like, do I really care if some Democrat takes an adult woman across a state line for paid sex even tho he’s married? If a Republican, no. A Democrat, out, out!

    And this seems to be both the Democrat and Republican voter take, as these guys get re-elected. Jeez, how about a Jeb / Christie ticket? And on the “left” (just kidding) a Hillary / Liberman ticket?

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    You are all missing the point!!

    The CEOs and top dogs in corporations are stealing all the profits (almost)!

    It’s not just the Waltons. The corporate leaders as well as the Gods of Finance are stuffing their pockets as fast as they can, while government shouts “RIGHT ON.”

    And don’t forget the destruction of unions and any other force that might push back against continuously shrinking welfare for those in the lower tiers.

    When I worked as a computer programmer, other programmers said (several of them) “I don’t need a union because I’m a good worker”. Well, no you didn’t until some Indians (from India) grabbed your jobs as a part of outsourcing. They came for the … and then when they came for me their was no one left to protest.

    It still amazes me that the dumb sh$ts that make up the white middle/lower class vote, on average, Republican. Their stupidity has emboldened Democrats to become Republicans… there are no Democrats any more as I once knew them. And how come no third parties??

    When I worked on Wall Street, I saw that the best way to make lots of money was to tilt the playing field in your own favor. And everyone else there sees that and does that too. The CEOs tilt the money stream in their favor (gotta keep up with those other CEOs, etc., up and up and up), doctors rake in the big bucks, and hospital administrators, insurance companies grab 30% off the top, etc. Everyone tilts the playing field till its ends are propped up on the chests and backs of those at the bottom.

    The only way to fix this in America is to yell so loud we wind up with a real third party.

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    Lately I find myself in more frequent encounters as described above with people in professions where they must assist others as a big part of their jobs. Nursing assistants, office workers, waitresses… you need something which they must assist you in getting, they don’t do whatever, they act totally indifferent when reminded etc. What is [...]

  • It’s the lower income people who are deciding not to marry. Marriage is as popular as ever with people of solid middle incomes and above.

    And I do think it is the economy, or rather,the economics of their situation. Even now, with food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance, heating assistance, it is better to have one really low income associated with the parent domiciling the children rather than a lame combined lower middle class income. It’s not a matter of committing yourself and then getting shafted in a divorce. It’s a matter of giving up all those government benefits.

    Yeah, yeah, sounds like I’m saying the poor(ish) are selfish or whatever. Well, of course, they can add and subtract, sortof. Enough to know that they will lose out big time if they turn into one household legally.

    So instead,the kids lose.

    But as I said above, the marriage rates for those of true middle and above income are as high as ever. Which blows away the whole premise of this article. Sorry, Crane-Station.

  • Here on the Oregon Coast we had a policeman kill a motorist yesterday. The man had pulled over on 101, his car was on fire, and he was holding a handgun. (Could have been nuts, or maybe he took the gun out of the car cause it would have burned up otherwise, hummm?). Anyway, police showed up en masse and one of them (Reedsport policeman) shot the man, he died today.

    It may be your second amendment right to own a gun but for sure it is the polices’ right to kill you without consequence if you have one anywhere near you. And we will never know the truth of this story. I hate to see this come home to us here because once one of them blows away a civilian, more of them get more aggressive.

    Seems our society is going into the swamp quickly. More and more killing, less and less civil rights, no privacy. It’s all to stop those terrorists at ISIL, right?

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    Previous post, Russia appears to be the KING of cyber-smashups.

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    Russia appears to be the kind of cyber-smashups. It would be quite logical for there to be hacker groups for hire, tho. Kind of like management consultants but with a different expertise. And the statements that the N.K.s are not sophisticated enuf to cyber-hack, awhh, come on, that’s racist! Just because they follow a funny [...]

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    Sure, it has been obvious for quite a while that Obama, by not enforcing our laws and by prosecuting illegal wars of choice (leading to the deaths of a million or more people and the destruction of complete areas of the earth where millions live, like Afghanistan and Iraq) is a war criminal. But he [...]

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    Exactly. What president Obama and Eric Holder did when Obama assumed office was to enable and assist and protect the people that authorized and executed evil, cruel, heinous acts. In no way did he do anything against torture, he favored it, he made it OK as long as you were a patriot. And what Wyden [...]

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    Unfortunately, in America, you don’t have to go far to find people defending and approving torture and those who do it – they’re everywhere.

    Our daily paper had only one op-ed which uncategorically said torture was bad – Eugene Robinson. Same paper, an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal in favor of torture. Plus a big front-page for the section spread which spent most of its time quoting ex-CIA chiefs etc.

    Next day, two big articles. Cheney on front page of paper said We didn’t torture blah blah plus big article in opinion section from C. Krauthammer – it worked!!

    Even the Al Jazerra News on the TV spent its time interviewing ex-CIA chiefs, as did Fox.

    I blame Obama and Holder for this. When they can’t even come out clearly against something as evil and wrong as what we have been doing since 2002 to various helpless people, how can you expect the money-grubbing crowd pleasing types in the media to get it right?

    Obama and Holder have hurt us badly on this one. Sure, it would have been politically unpopular to punish even a few of the worst cases for the torturing. There was no political payoff. But without the guy at the top showing some good direction, making excuses, etc., how can you expect the dumbos of the American populace to get it right?

    Our culture is dumpster diving and it smells worse every day.

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    That 70″ of air in the my last sentence on post 20 is actually 70″ of water. That is what the Oregon Coast gets on average every year, although most years are nowhere near average.

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    Nope. Oregon Coast. I can see the ocean from my home. I sometimes think there is nothing between my home and Siberia except air and water. Unfortunately, we still get dust and pollution in the air. Supposedly, it is coming from China. Also, in Oregon everyone burns wood in stoves or fireplaces, even when they [...]

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    Obama is the most powerful man on earth. He has chosen to delegate much of his authority to his NSA chief, Secretary of Defense, political advisors etc. These people are all by background and position extremely hierarchial in their thinking and behavior. They believe in the 1% theory (if there is a 1% chance some [...]

  • Bravo to the black players who are protesting the murder of completely innocent blacks, including children at play. Murder is not a “oopsies”.

    And with the new Supreme Court ruling once again asserting more privilege for the police, they get two oopsies for every encounter with a citizen. Now, they can stop you and whatever based on a supposedly mistaken belief you have committed a crime … and of course then choke you, shoot you, whatever, that’s the second oopsie.

    I’d like to see a constitutional amendment that says that people in “protect and serve” jobs be they cops or the military (or contractors working for the military or state dept.) will be held to the same standards as the rest of the population even when doing their jobs. So if they blow away some female sheepherders in Afghanistan with a drone (“oopsie, they looked like militants to me”) they get charged with some kind of murder, same as I would. No special “Naughty, naughty, here’s a promotion and raise”(wink-wink).

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    Sounds like she has every reason to hate you. Did you shake those soda containers before opening them?

    Plus, some women just don’t like a laugh at their expense. Take note before you marry.

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