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    I have a close relative who (due to mistakes by the medical care system, no less) came very close to death and had to have emergency care and then hospitalization twice over about a five week period. It was quite interesting to watch how his medical care and rehabilitation was controlled by the insurance over that period.

    The insurance has to OK everything … what medicines he gets (approved for 3 months), what shots (approved as long as his anemia is at least this severe), how much rehabilitation (6 sessions including the initial visit), .. etc.

    I have the personality of a rabid dog when it comes to someone I care about being mistreated. And my relative has both pretty good insurance and enough money to pay the remaining bills.

    Still, this system more than sucks. I agree with those who say it will never change for the better. ACA has entrenched middle-men and unnecessary costs in the delivery of care. It’s “reforms” are simply more middle-men and gatekeepers etc. The primary problem with the current health care system is not the delivery of too much care. It’s the unnecessary costs and the lack of control over costs. See the firedog article about the costs of blood tests which vary by a factor of 100 from hospital to hospital. There are no controls in the ACA where it could actually make a difference.

    The ACA changed my feelings towards Obama and the Democrats permanently. He should quit the presidency and move to New Zealand, get plastic surgery first (so he can pay that tax we put on it to pay for the ACA) and pretend he is Barry someone else rather than the guy who completed the wreckage of America’s health care, to the detriment of millions of Americans for years to come. Instead he will waltz out of the presidency a 100xs over millionaire, while Michelle, like Hillary before her, whines that she doesn’t know where the money will come from to pay for her kids education.

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    Yes, Mc is a terrible old fool … petty and shallow .. creepy .. he should be retired.

    Great minds think alike, and on this one, you and me both. I probably feel this way about approximately 35% of the US Congress. And the youngest 35% are mostly grifters.

    Here in the great NorthWest we are seeing frequent ads attacking our Senator Merkely. A female doctor Webley (ex-doctor?) of the Koch persuasion is having attack ads run for her benefit by the Kochs laundered through one of those fancy non-profits that actually shouldn’t be, because their purpose is political, not educational.

    Merkeley is actually a reasonably good Senator and this woman is all about replacing Obamacare with something that will cost more and have less care (and not even work, really). Obamacare, baaad. Oh, and she has in her past two restraining orders that were taken out, one by her ex-husband and one by an ex-boyfriend.

    Something for us to look forward to here. The millions (its up to about $7 mill I understand at this point) are having an effect and this future clown of the Senate has a real chance.

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    I do hate photos of that particular smug doofus (Paul Ryan) whose photo is now gone. And I agree with normanb that Hillary would be worse for the country than Rand Paul. I also think he has no chance of being the Republican candidate. He would have a much greater chance of being selected as [...]

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    Hypocracy is way to kind a word to describe what the people of Israel who are supporting the slaughter of Gazans are. I look at them and while recognizing their actual ethnic diversity say they are all Germans of the Nazi variety under those yarmulkes. Evil. And so are those who cheer them on in [...]

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    BTW – there is a picture of the dorkiest big eared, smug A$$wipe Republican beside this article. This guy is as ridiculous looking as Rand Paul but in a different way. Are we trying to hint that all Republicans are the same (we can’t tell one from the other, much like with minorities??). Who could [...]

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    If Rand Paul was not a Republican I would definitely vote for him over Hillary. But he is, and just as Obama dragged a slug of Clinton A$$wipes in with him (think Rahm, those guys at Treasury, whatever, his top level helpers are crummy worse, they are ALL awful Wall Street / Israel loving war [...]

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    I would love to see an analysis of just why a town that is 2/3 black has 50 of 53 white police officers. Can’t be the population of the town selecting the police chief, I would think. Is this occurring on a county-wide basis? There has got to be some reason for the racial disparity [...]

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    Whether or not they are “calculated”, Rand Paul’s comments are right on. He identifies the problem as the Libertarian catch-all favorite: Big Government. He should have/could have gone further and said it is “Big Military / Industrial / Security State government”. But everything he did say was right on. Also, it was brave. Maybe this [...]

  • Why focus on the father? Exactly how can their justifications explain the killing of his 16 year old son the following week.

    Father and son were both killed because they could become an inspirational or focus point for Muslims to rally around. The father because he was an inspirational speaker fluent in English. The son because, as the son of a prominent murdered Muslim, he could years in the future be a focus for the Muslims.

    The son was totally murdered because of who he was, even more, who he might become. It is not legal under our constitution, it was murder, it was evil, the child had not done anything that might excuse our president, our VP, Condolessa, and any other top officials that gave the go ahead.

    The act of killing the son is my proof that these people are evil monsters and should have been brought to trial and executed for war crimes, if we choose to pretend we are at war, or for murder, if we don’t. But because it is only the losers in conflicts that get convicted, they are running around slurping up money and adolation.

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    As Jon said, the US people are fine with their US government killing all sorts of (unpopular) people even if every one of them is some little kid as long as the popular people, which certainly includes our heroes, our military personnel/even contractors, don’t pay any consequence.

    But as has been pointed out in previous posts, Obama is actually sending in more and more military, hundreds and more hundreds of them. If they aren’t in harms way then exactly why is he bombing? And why isn’t he pulling out our embassy personnel and all those tons of contractors that are supposed to be guarding them or cleaning the place or whatever?

    Fact is, we are at war again in Iraq and not just with airstrikes. We are being lied to again. And the reason is because our government will tell us whatever we want to hear (no military heroes will die or be harmed) as long as it can do whatever it wants (aka do put some boots on the ground.).

    No one with any sense would think you could bring in hundreds of military advisors and they could actually do advice without some of them being stationed with the Iraqi troops who happen to be in harms way. But I suspect most of these advisors are advising no one but are focused on supporting our military operations.

    It’s lies, lies, and more lies. We won’t find out the truth unless some disaster resulting in loss of American lives occurs and the foreign press discovers it.

  • The point of this post, which is that this is the privatization dream that Republicans love, just sitting there to be expanded by them, is horrifying and horribly likely.

    It is SOOO obvious. And give how corporatized Democrats have become, if Republicans get control, enough Democrats will roll over to make this a reality. Obama could have and should have expanded Medicare. By doing nothing to expand the attractive government provided program, he set us up to have it squeezed.

    This is one good reason to fight to make a third party a reality. I think all of the relatively single purpose private parties could come together and maybe we could get one third party that progressive types could support. Rich people who are progressive have got to face the reality that the Democrats aren’t.

  • Obots claim Obamacare is great, almost as great as the magnificent way Obumbler turned around our economy. Just ask Krugman (who, BTW, has never said one word about the current Israeli Gaza-cleansing effort, although he tosses in opinions on all kinds of other political stuff).

    It would actually give me something to be happy about if we would just walk away from Afghanistan. But Obombem will never do it unless our military tell him too. He’s just a puffed up narcissist with no brains for his job.

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    It is a concentration camp. It has everything – locking people up with no charges, extreme isolation and mistreatment of prisoners, torture, killing people and pretending its suicide with no blowback. And the torturers have such an extreme sense of self-justification that of course they are enjoying themselves while on duty there.

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    In the case of Wafer, I have trouble accepting that he felt threatened. If I were on the other side of the original front door I would not pull it open if I felt threatened. Thus, I would never have just the screen door between me and the other person. Instead, I would call out [...]

    Jim is a troll.
    He has no humanity, he does not care about dead children, he does not care about proportionality, he does not care about who attacked who.
    All he cares about is Israel and Jews. People of Gaza don’t matter, even though they are being kept in a pen and bombed. Much like a target shoot where you coral the animal in an enclosed area and then come in and shoot em.
    Jim is good with that.

    But the reason Jim (notice how we usually only get one Israel troll per thread? Could their behavior be coordinated?) is so disruptive is he gets unlimited comments.

    Let’s keep all posters to 10 comments or less. This would force at least multiple Israel trolls on every thread and would make their obnoxious behavior more visible.

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    Bill Maher is totally pro-Israel and anti-Muslim. Even before Israel began the latest Gaza slaughter and destruction, Maher made comments like “You don’t see the same kind of fanatics in other religions that you see in the Muslim world” “You don’t see the same willingness to harm others in other religions ..” … hey, Bill, [...]

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    John Yoo is not even a good lawyer, by all accounts. The arguments he came up with aren’t even particularly convincing from a legal standpoint. Which brings up the question: Why did the U of Berkley gift him with a chair? This has to do with politics and money, and the absolute belief by rich [...]

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    Shillary do love the money. Hope she sticks to promoting her book and giving speeches at $250,000 a pop. Just picture all that money for your daughter and her children in a decade or so and stay away from our presidency, Hillary!!!! Unfortunately, our last “competent” president was also the one who put the killing [...]

  • So humanitarian aid becomes material support for terrorism. The people who have successfully made that jump and the citizens who convict people who are just trying to help other people in dire need should be somewhere beyond ashamed of themselves.

  • Actually, I’m sure that Edward Snowdon is not actually “In America”. If he does attempt to come home to our greatest exceptional nation, he will be thrown in prison and never allowed to present evidence as to WHY he chose to do what he did.

    Edward Snowdon is a great American hero, a real one, who hopefully will never come home to America as long as our neo-con politicians and military and quasi-military control the country. Which unfortunately is probably forevermore.

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