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    Did anyone besides me notice that the first thing we attacked when we bombed ISIL was the two oil fields or terminals or whatever that they had? All that hype about how they were stone-cold evil killers, worse even than the killers in our US military and the contractors who have mowed down scores of [...]

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    OK, you are approximately 100% right on this one. I especially appreciate your pointing out that projecting anything economic out 75 years is mind blowing ridiculous, nonsensical, baloney, .. there just isn’t a word strong enough. Even projections of things like “Social Security running out of money in 2033″ are ridiculous, because it depends on [...]

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    Speaking of Naderite’s who are responsible for the demise of the Republic: a few weeks ago a lady of advanced years that I know told me “It’s liberals like you who are going to be responsible for the destruction of America” and I thought “WOW! Finally someone has called me a liberal after so many [...]

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    What is NOT analyzed in much detail in this post are the advantage vrs. disadvantages of eliminating the payroll tax. As Mitt R so famously put it, 47% of the population is already not paying income tax (I think he called them moochers or teet-suckers or takers or something). So, if you take away the [...]

  • Now there is a big ad on my webpage saying “OREGON FARMERS URGE NO VOTE ON MEASURE 92″ “its bad for them and bad for consumers” with an attractive looking man around age 30-35 big shoulders, could be a logger, a little bit of 5 o’clock shadow on his chin.. wow these farmers they’ve got in their ads are sure more attractive than any I’ve ever met.

    Would you vote NO on Measure 92 if it was some crabby old guy or worse yet haggy mean looking woman in the ad? Lucky they got men and women who are farmers who could be male or female models but attractive like the Marlboro man was before he died of lung cancer.

    Well, I know one old guy (age 84) who is going to vote YES. He says the drug war is too expensive and ruins too many lives of dumb-as$es who otherwise would go on to be just fine as regular citizens. I GUESS HE MUST HATE FARMERS!!!!

  • Right now on this very browser page I see an ad with an attractive woman in it saying “MEASURE 92 WOULD HURT FARMERS” “and increase costs for consumers” … and of course these ads are all over the TV, too.

    So you want to hurt farmers!!!! Farmers are good … why, my friends have told me they are going to vote against Measure 92 because it will hurt farmers (they saw a farmer on the TV say so).

    Funny how Monsanto and DuPont and Dow and all those big corporations who profit immensely from GMO are invisible. Could they possibly not be quite as popular as farmers, who we all know are hard working, day and night, good religious Americans from the real America who embody the very best of American family values and work hard so we have food to eat at little profit to themselves?

    By the time you get to the ? on that last sentence you’ve forgotten the point!! Ha ha! Getting old.

    I very much think that measure 92 is going down. Measure 91 is iffy.

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    As Big Al put it, within a few days of BO assuming the presidency, it was clear he was going to continue Bush’s agenda, or rather the agenda of the sleezy corporate/professional politician grifters who surrounded prez. Clinton. Apparently those two distinct prez.s had very similar goals, privatize Social Security, expand our control of the [...]

  • Identity theft isn’t identify theft if it is done by the government? Plus violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

    Whoever came up with this idea in the DEA should be prosecuted for identity theft. And they owe this woman lots of money. I don’t want anyone stealing my identity and that should include the government. The punishment for the woman was the time she spent in jail, it should not include government destruction of her life.

    Even when the government gets a warrant to search a cellphone it should not come with the right to do whatever it wants with whatever it finds. Whether or not this post is well written, it is pointing out a very large problem.

    Police will ask: May I come in (to your house)? May I look at what is in your car? And innocent people assume they should say Yes. The correct answer is frequently NO, sorry, I am just not comfortable with that. Come into your house, notice your password taped to your computer, steal your identity. Unlikely? Yeah, until it happens. Today, they aren’t there to protect and serve YOU. It’s THEM they are protecting and serving. Of course, you should always be polite to law enforcement and not just cause it’s in your best interests. But polite still has to mean wary, even for the totally innocent.

    Our society is confusing enough without dealing with fake people. That goes with government trolls planting stories or disrupting threads as well as those paid by large corporations. And also with law enforcement assuming other (real) peoples’ identities.

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    I saw Sam Harris on the Bill Maher show recently. He and Bill are total racists when it comes to people who are Muslims. He (and Bill) claim that extremists in the Muslim religion are more so. Harris states that 20% of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world are extremists, another 20% are conservative [...]

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    “Trust fund babies who never worked a day in their lives” but post at Firedoglake?? Really. Can you identify even one? It would take a lot of money in the ol’ trust fund to fund a whole lifetime of not working. I doubt if Paris Hilton is posting here. Rather than focusing on others who [...]

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    Bravo. Don’t forget “ObamaCare” with its narrow networks and sneaking out-of-networks anything goes costs. Turns out when you go to the emergency room their physicians may be “out of network”. Like you are having a heart attack but you have to make sure no one who helps you is in a positions to charge $100,000 [...]

  • I have no idea what Jon Walker will do as the 2014 or 2016 elections draw near. However, at FDL each poster presents his/her own views.

    I have never done more than respond to any posts, but you won’t catch me complimenting the lame AS$wipes who call themselves Democrats. I vote third party and AGAINST current Congresscritters. This is because I view them as war (think slaughter) and $$$$ loving worthless trash that once slid into office, sticks like dried up scum in place and is hard to dislodge. And that goes for the liberal fakes like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as well as the more obvious disappointments.

    I appreciate the information the various posters make available to me. This article, for example, did a reasonable job of nailing why ObamaCare sucks.

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    I say Holder is lots worse than Alberto Gonzalez .. more balls for doing what’s wrong in a big way and completely ignoring what’s right.

    He should be in jail for making sure that when the law is broke it stays that way if the breaker is some important rich guy, whereas when good moral people stand up to the government at great sacrifice to themselves he made sure they lost it all. Rotten man and the next AG will be at least as bad.

  • Point: In NYC lots of people who make very good money ride the subway system.

    Point: This was actually THURSDAY’s scare.

    When I heard this on FOX yesterday, I actually did start to laugh, thinking they had made up the most ridiculous thing I could imagine and were going to pretend to take it seriously for about 5 minutes, then yell “GOT YA!!”. Nope. They bought it big time. “Americans are scared tonight …” Blah blah “we have to destroy every one of these killers” (What, destroy our very own American military? NO, they meant ISIS. How dumb can I be???) “They’ve upped the ante” ..

    Taking this puppet, this cardboard fake head of government put there expressly by the USA who does not actually want any semblance of democracy in Iraq .. GOD forbid (did he/she?) seriously..

    Sure, then our government, which has stirred up fear already about ISIS coming over here by having various generals spouting about that “threat” waits until the news is well out and then pretends to walk it back.

    Obombem is a true Obumbler. I cannot imagine what state he thinks he is going to be leaving the Middle East in nor how he will ever be able to consider himself as anything other than the liar and slaughterer of innocents in chief. This fool could have rebuilt Iraq after our military destroyed it .. could have worked to get their electricity restored, their health care system working again, food for children, etc. He did nothing and now he is at the top of more murder.

    Oblabber could have actually been an agent for change, not by being “black” – he’s just as white and boy is that heritage showing – but by having decent instincts and by insisting our behavior mirror such decency. He is truly a failed president.

    This last scare is a real joke but nevertheless, Americans are taking it seriously. Bunch of chickensh$t unexceptional wimps.

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    Yesterday, the Iraqi prime minister supposedly said that ISIS was going to target Paris or New York City subway system!

    When I stopped laughing after I realized the TV commentator was serious (does the Iraqi prime minister actually have a channel into ISIS planning? Who did he say it to that happened to convey it to us? Is he giving TV interviews now? Is this third hand or fourth hand info or what?) I thought WOW, the CIA or State Dept. (same thing now?) must really be worried to start this new rumor. Maybe they are afraid someone will notice WE are the stone cold killers in the Middle East, not those militants.

  • “the next time Congress goes on vacation ..” GUESS WHAT?

    They ARE on a two month vacation right now. Did you actually think our murdering (lots, we claim, of bad) people right now would keep these sleezes from their biannual campaigning? While we examine our lousy leader’s lies let us not forget the quality of our other politicians.

  • Arab countries taking part in Syrian airstrikes look like our bought and paid for allies list.

  • The count of “advisors” and other troops sent to Iraq adds up to more than 1500. Now in spite of being in the military and getting combat pay, I don’t know that the president and others are counting all of these people, as some of them are supposedly protecting embassy personnel in Iraq (who we should just evacuate, really) or protecting the contractors who work there, etc. So maybe they don’t all count. But first it was 300, then another 175, then another 250, etc., latest one in Obumbler’s speech on ISIS and Syria another 500.

    The whole goal in announcing this in dribs and drabs seems to be to fool the American people … IT’s WORKING!!!

    None of these people in Syria or Iraq is a “threat” to us nor even our “interests” other than for oil and Israel. Too bad the darn president is such a flat out liar. Even if I disagreed, it would sit much better with me if he wasn’t continuing Bush II’s lies about our reasons for trashing the Middle East and slaughtering all those people.

  • In Oregon at the state level our Democrats are also bought. But the price is much less, a few thousand dollars in contributions will do it. And when they proceed to the national level, they stay bought but their price goes way up.

    I am totally sick of Democrats who promise to help the people as a whole by helping small business, making sure there are good paying jobs, etc. In other words, Democrats who are Republicans.

    I admire your optimism and faith in human nature, erik. I wish I could believe that Democrats are basically good people who inexplicably take a wrong turn … but they are mostly ambitious opportunists who are very good at finding value .. for themselves .. in any situation and in convincing people that their way (best for them) is the way to go.

    Politicians make me want to barf. And I am not sure most of our third party pols are better.

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    No American troops on the ground … what about those 1,500 or so troops that Obama has sent over as “advisors”? Are they tied to hot air balloons? And how good are they as advisors if they are all hiding in a shelter somewhere and not “embedded” with the Iraqis? (Assuming they are not actually going out all by themselvsies and doing things, which I am sure they are.).

    We don’t have 1500 good Arabic speaking troops, period. So these guys are not all providing active advice, some are doing other stuff. Stuff we would call war making if we were honest. Does it really matter if they are like the girly girls used to be in our armed services and not in combat? And if they aren’t in combat and they aren’t in danger why are they getting combat pay?

    Obama is a liar. Obama is a liar. He proved it already. He was unfit for the presidency (just like the Republicans said) and he is a liar (just like the Republicans said). Not the first time we’ve been had by this guy with no integrity but it still rankles.

    And good Christians, if you are slavering for the slaughter of ISIS and people in Iran you AREN’T a good Christian. Stop pretending, use the new testament to start a fire on a cool night, and join the reborn KKK in demanding the death or removal of all Arabs from America.

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