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    Nice piece on the absurdity of the ostensible purposes of the surveillance state.

    But isn’t the larger purpose of “record-it-all” surveillance that all of Congress, the President, the members of the Supreme Court, heads of foreign governments, political dissenters, etc., are subject to blackmail and character assassination?

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    It took me a year of job-hunting before I was desperate enough to take a $12/hr job in an abusive, exploitative manufacturing operation. I get one day off every two weeks. My money was nearly gone and I took this job out of grim necessity. And yea, I’ve been on quite a few interviews and [...]

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    I sincerely hope that letsgetitdone will continue to post on this site. One of the failings of the left has been a lack of a positive set of programs that address the current political failings and especially the failings of the political economy. Mr. Firestone (letsgetitdone) has done that here and has been doing that [...]

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    This clip is a perfect example of why I find it hard to watch even a short segment of The Newshour.

    It’s good that Sensenbrenner got a chance to speak, but what is the point of the questioner spouting NSA talking points? Haven’t the nefarious implications of metadata collection been pointed out in great detail? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, let’s hover over every pronouncement from Clapper and Alexander; it’s not like they’ve been caught lying repeatedly to Congress or anything.

    PBS news used to be a relatively independent voice, but those days are long gone.

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