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    Losses of honey bees due to colony collapse disorder are largely associated with commercial beekeeping practices involving exposure of the bees to mono-culture farming environments, modern pesticides and the stress of extended travel, although no single specific causes have been identified. Concerned citizens can help ensure honey bee genetic diversity and species survival by keeping bees in areas where wild flowers and native plants still bloom and the pesticides are not used. A well pollinated garden will produce better, and the honey can taste great. Some of us keep bees in Top Bar Hives we build ourselves. Top bar hives provide a home much closer to how the wild and feral bees live, than do the industry-standard Langstroth hives. If you are curious, do a Google search for Carr-Bradford top bar hive, which should take you to the websites of MistressBeek or the New Mexico Beekeepers Association. The hive drawings posted there for top bar hives are free for all to use. Also, please read the accompanying Notes or Narrative.

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    I, an old dog, am usually too intimidated by TBogg and his snark masters to comment here. But, in an earlier century I was a Junior Naval Officer, partial owner of a snake ranch in Ocean Beach, sailed destroyers to the Western Pacific looking for Soviet Subs, and have loved San Diego ever since. San Diego with a real and permanent Pikes Place-like market? A place to die for, or better yet, to live and die in.

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    Well, I dunno how many offspring, but some of those couples look like brother and sister to me.

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    Well, actually, Mark did not say anything about looking all over white town.