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  • I could believe the part about no complaints. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were very few complaints lodged against a lot of the officers in the area. Lodging complaints could lead to, oh I dunno, more stops and frisks, more “traffic tickets,” or perhaps more beatings. You know, until morale improves.

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    This was stupid. They should have just waited the 4 months and let Governor Wolf accept the full Medicaid expansion on his inauguration day. Now he will be saddled with the for-profit private-sector insurance corporate whores.

    I dunno, maybe not stupid at all, and maybe intentional so that a new administration under Wolf really will be forced to accept the status quo because once something is done it most certainly can’t ever be “shudder” CHANGED!!! And then a new Wolf administration (and it’s supporters) could blame Corbett forever.

    I mean a new Wolf administration will just have to accept the new reality that private insurers are going to get rich off of Medicaid. Can’t possibly change that once it’s done. Ole’ Corbett really pulled one over on us on his way out the door, that sly devil.

    Seems like I’ve seen this play before…

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    All right dammit, I admit, English was my worse subject in school, all the way through college.

    So I’m sure reading this and not understanding anything at all is most likely my fault, as it began with me doing a “WTF?” in the very first sentence and got progressively (no pun intended) worse, culminating in this last sentence:

    If you thought you could get great solutions by voting for Obama but not have to pay for it by voting for Republican everywhere else, then you bought the Reagan free lunch ideology.

    So maybe if someone could help me out with this last sentence, I could then work backwards and get a better understanding for all of it.


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    and consolidating (perhaps cutting) some services for those already covered.

    They’re going to keep on consolidating cutting some services until someone figures out a way to lessen the impact of long term care on Medicaid. Of course, this likely means when they do “figure out a way” it will be to kick as people as possible in long term care situations off of Medicaid, and to make far less of them qualified in the future.

    Long term care and dementia are more reasons why the ACA was such a failure, and why a sane health care system in this country is desperately needed.

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    Heh, “Have we got any more tote bags?” LOL.

    Maybe her next gig is going to be selling office supplies????? LOL

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    I know they’ve been manipulated, by people paid enormous sums to do just that because they’re very good at manipulating.

    I voted for Obama in 2008, and I was very much manipulated, and used to react negatively when someone would point out that the “true” Obama was there to see even then if we had only looked, and I insisted the blame rest with the con artist rather than those conned, and yes, to some extent it did, and does.

    But with the availability of alternative sources of information now, I just don’t understand how the manipulation continues so successfully, and have come to the conclusion that it does because most people don’t WANT TO KNOW the truth.

    Deep down inside they’re uneasy, the “feel” something is wrong, but when you point them at the burning house they just don’t WANT to see, and instead, WILLFULLY choose to look in another direction.

    That behavior can’t be ignored. The only way a democracy will ever work is for people to maintain, FOREVER, a vigil on their government and take part and perform their responsibility seriously.

    If most people are unable or unwilling to do that, then we’d better come up with another system, because democracy, whether direct or representative, just won’t work without the due diligence of the people.

    I know most people mean well, and most people want the same things we here at FDL want, but unless they’re willing and able to accept some responsibility for seeing those things come to fruition, then we’re all going to suffer. And if it’s the case that most people are, by and large, just unable to assume such responsibility, then the minority that is able to had better figure out a completely different system and fast, because this round of authoritarian fascism might just make any other system impossible if we wait too long.

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    Yep, but we’re a “center right” nation of “conservatives” who want as little government as possible.

    Every time a poll asks about an ISSUE, the American public shows up as not only not center right, but pretty darn firmly in the LEFT category. Single payer health care, paid vacations, free education through college, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    But any time now the “pragmatists” will come along and tell us how unrealistic we’re being for even dreaming such things could become a reality in a “democracy.”

    And, many/most believe it, hold their noses, vote LOTE, and the cycle continues on and on and on and on.

    Sorry DW (from your response in another thread), Americans are largely to blame for that.

  • We created the problem. We bear some responsibility to help make the situation better.

    Same excuse the Bush admin used for “the surge” in Iraq. And, if you get down to it, same excuse for invading in the first place. We aided and abetted Sadam for a long time, and so hey, we bear the responsibility for getting rid of him so the people of Iraq can be free from such a tyrant. But you didn’t support that???? WTF???

    And of course, this excuse works all over the world, since we’ve pretty much created every problem that exists in the world. Okay, not every one, but a majority. Betting the next time an R tries to use it though you’ll once again be calling “BULLSHIT” and will at that actively oppose it.

    And no one here is call all Ukrainians Nazis, nice strawman you got there.

    And yes Putin is likely a sociopath. So is Obama, and Merkel and probably nearly every leader in the world, or most certainly in the western one, where they really do disassociate themselves completely with the pain and suffering for the masses that their policies directly result in.

    I’m not buying what you’re selling, at all.

    And I still think you should ask for that raise. Because you are quite pesky, I would think that would be worth some extra payola.

  • I did a lot more than complain. I worked actively to bring about change,

    Of course you did, because we can’t have R’s running around attacking other countries all over the world.

    But when a D is doing it, you’re working actively to ensure it happens in Iraq (and Syria) and the Ukraine if necessary.

  • Paid propagandist.

    Nearly every post is mirror image of USG propaganda regarding Ukraine and ISIS. (And YES, those two are VERY MUCH connected, read zerohedge for those of you that don’t know why/how)

  • Oops, nm, now it’s showing up. I turned one post into four (now five).

    Geez what an idjit.

    Sorry, my bad.

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    Since Corbett insisted on using subsidized private insurers it may also end up costing tax payer more as well.

    Feature, not a bug.

  • LOL, sooooo

    I put it inside a quote in another post, and then no approval necessary????

    WTF is going on???

  • What the living hell???

    “Your comment is awaiting moderator approval”?????????

    No cursing, not directed at another commenter, not spam….

    Can a mod explain why something like “Best of luck to you. I hope you win an award so huge it forces the state of MO to triple tax rates on the wealthy in MO”????

  • Obama speak:

    But I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.

    Plain English:

    We haven’t decided how to sell our decided upon strategy to bomb the Assad government forces to the public yet. Just bombing them without a convincing sell would be putting the cart before the horse.

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    No worries, his minions will be all over the place imploring everyone to vote LOTE again, because this is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME™ and if the Republicans win then things will get even worse.

    Of course, things are going to get worse if the Democrats win too, but they’ll get worser® if the Republicans win.

  • There is a lot of poor selection of information sources by folks in this forum.

    says he who constantly links to NYT, BBC, etc.

    Have you asked for that raise yet??? It is Labor Day Weekend after all.

  • Oh, thank you, misspoke above, yeah the Parliament being disbanded was relatively recently (looks like about Aug 25 from your list) but I swear the Yatsenyuk resigning took place like a month ago or so. Or at least a couple of weeks.

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    When my father was at the height of his dementia, the gibberish that came out of his mouth made more sense than what this did.

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