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  • Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Funny “coincidence” that within a day of Hollande saying it’s time to end the sanctions and that Russia wasn’t trying to grab eastern Ukraine, a big terror attack in Paris.

    Funny coincidence that.

  • Wonder how long it will be before links between the Paris “terrorists” and the USA deep state will be found.

    I’m betting it won’t be long…

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    Thank you very much for not allowing yourself to be deluded by the constant propaganda that all of us are bombarded with.

    If you’re really interested in more, I can’t recommend the 8 part interview that Chris Hedges did with Sheldon Wolin. It’s long, as IIRC each segment is about half-hour long, but they do a good job of pointing out all the signs that so many seem determined to ignore. Wolin is up in years now, and his voice is frail, but his mind appears to still be as sharp as always.

    Here is a link to part one if anyone is interested. From there, if you look over to the right side, you should be able to find links to 3 through 8.

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    If you want some more warnings about what’s going on, then read this from a couple of days ago. But if you’re going to dismiss it’s premise out of hand because nothing like that could ever happen in exceptional America, then don’t waste your time

    Instead I suggest going to your local Wal-Mart, pick up a hoodie and put it on, and then pick up a BB gun and walk around the store with it. Because if you’re too fucking delusional to see what’s going on then you’re just as much as part of the problem as the ones in power.

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    Drive by of a 12 year old, left to die unattended. Killing of an 18 year old with his hands up, left to lie in the street for four and half hours. Killing of mentally ill man, then handcuffing the corpse as it lay on the ground. “Suicide” of a man while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser after TWO searches revealed nothing AND the autopsy showing he was shot in the front right chest though he was left handed and handcuffed. Murder of man shopping at a Wal-Mart who was considering buying a BB gun and made the fatal mistake of picking it up and looking at it.

    I could go on just from memory, and then I could do some research to refresh my memory and list two pages of wrongful deaths at the hands of the police.

    You’d better wake the fuck up America, because this fascist police state is going to make all the ones in the past look like Caribbean vacations.

    You’ve been warned, you continue to be warned, and yet still…. when are you going to wake the fuck up?

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    Can someone (not directing this at you CS, just responding to the quote) please explain to me how this:

    Under Florida’s Contraband Forfeiture Act, law enforcement can seize property as their own from anyone accused of committing a felony – even if charges were never filed.

    And this can co-exist???

    No person shall be… deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.[71]

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    JHFC I seriously didn’t think any human being could post something this stupid.

    You should do yourself a favor and refrain from posting anything regarding liberty, because you obviously don’t have a fucking clue at all what liberty means.

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    Oh, and not for nothing, but on the subject of matching words to deeds….

    Elizabeth Warren SAID (rightly) that the provision in the crominbus just passed repealing the regulations against banksters gambling with federally insured depositor money would likely result in another financial crisis with the taxpayers on the hook.

    Now I don’t know about you, but IMO that’s a really big deal. So if one believes that, one should use all available options to try and prevent that happening, yes??? I mean, a short term government shutdown would be preferable to another financial crisis with the ensuing bailouts.

    Yet Warren CHOSE not to filibuster the crominbus.

    watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

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    You guys do know that Senator Elizabeth Warren is was a Republican, right???

    Yeah, I’m sure she’s real progressive.

    Obama talks perty and everyone supports him and then…..

    And now many of you want to support someone again who simply talks perty???

    I’ll say again, Elizabeth Warren IS WAS A REPUBLICAN. How fucking progressive do you really think she is???? Or was she so delusional she didn’t realize the Republican Party was conservative???

    American insanity…. I guess it will never end….

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    And even more “oh it’s not as bad as you think” complete bullshit.

    You wanna guess the average age of the one-percenters??? That 3/4 of the 1% aren’t in the 1% 30 years later reflects aging and dying, not some grand market magic that is constantly changing who is ultra rich.

    Those who get ultra rich tend to stay there for life, and then they pass off as much as they can to their families.

    Want to guess how many of the current Walton billionaires weren’t in the 1% 20 years ago? They didn’t get to be ultra rich until the old man died and left his fortune to them.

    Always trying to explain away abuse of power whether it be police or the ultra rich that run things. Your agenda is clear, and it shouldn’t be tolerated in the same way that discussing the virtues of pedophilia shouldn’t be tolerated.

    Sell your bullshit somewhere else.

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    Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, during those 38 years, one party controlled all three lawmaking branches:

    D – 8 years (1977-1981, 1993-1995, 2009-2011
    R – 5 years* (2002-2007)

    * – Again, I assigned one year of the 2001-2003 Senate to the Republicans and one year to the Democrats because the Senate changed hands several times within that one Congress.

    So, again, divided government, united government, united with Democrats almost twice as long as united by Republicans, and still, the trend has continued.

    And still continues, on and on and on……..

    And in 2016 millions of Americans NOT from the .01% will take the trouble of going to vote for one of these two parties whose real agenda is pretty clear by now, or should be.

    American insanity…. when will it end?

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    BTW, some “fun facts” regarding that chart.

    Look at the lowest point on there, it was roughly 1976. So from 1977 to 2015 is 38 years. Political breakdown over those years result in these “fun facts.”

    D-President 18 (1977-1981, 1993-2001, 2009-2015)
    R-President 20 (1981-1993, 2001-2009)

    D-Senate 21* (1977-1981, 1987-1995, 2001-2002*, 2007-2015)
    R-Senate 17* (1981-1987, 1995-2001, 2002*-2007)

    D-House 22 (1977-1995, 2007-2011)
    R-House 16 (1995-2007, 2011-2015)

    Same trend, no matter which party controls which part of the government.

    Any questions???

    How about some excuses comments from you D apologists?

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    Maybe you’re asking wrong.

    And maybe you’re full of shit.

    Oops, sorry, my bad.

    Strike the maybe part.

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    It is not too surprising a result, given that in the past few years we have seen almost no laws of any significance approved,

    Hmmmmm, wonder what all those “pops” were I heard from Wall Street in just the past few weeks…. Silly me, I thought those were champagne bottles being opened celebrating a pretty significant law that allowed them to once again gamble with taxpayer insured depositor money.

    But if no law of significance was passed perhaps those pops I heard were just the NYPD shooting a few citizens for sport over the holidays.

    BTW, among other things, IIRC, the cromnibus also made our public highways more dangerous for everybody by suspending regulations on truck drivers requiring sleep. I guess that’s not too significant either.

    Effectively almost all of these big problems have been caused by having a divided government and the Republican party realizing that it’s to their political benefit to NOT work with President Obama.


    Please Jon, for Dog’s (and everybody else’s) PLEASE EXPLAIN to me how it’s the Republicans’ fault for the two examples I cited above becoming law when they only control ONE of the THREE the three lawmaking branches of the federal government???? Or are you saying the Republicans’ can block everything the Democrats want to do by controlling one third of the lawmaking branches but the Democrats can’t block anything the Republicans want to do and were forced to accept things like ending the regulations cited above and overriding DC citizens’ right to self governance?

    WTF is going on with you????

  • Wow, a Republican with connections to a racist organization…. I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

    (Are there any that DON’T have such a connection?)

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    I do apologize to all as it seems I’ve personally hijacked this thread.

    I’ll leave now, but will let you know how it goes when I make the request. I’ll call tomorrow and see how it goes)

    Thank you very much to all, both for the advice and for caring about my well being. Of course, that FDL was populated with decent and caring commenters comes as no surprise to me, but I thank you nonetheless.

    And again, sorry for the hijacking. Enjoy the day! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    As I said, I understand your concern and thank you.

    No, eye and dental care are not part of my VA care. (And boy do I need dental care, it won’t be long before i’ll be back on baby food. lol)

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    Thank you very much, I do here you. I am old, and I have been wearing glasses since I was about 12.

    But I have other problems, problems that are too embarrassing to share here, that make it very difficult for me to go see an eye doctor. A new pair of glasses based on the old prescription would at least be better than no new glasses at all. And IMO I should have that right, but IMO I’m pretty I don’t in this “free” country.

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    I don’t really think I know more than you, I just have experience with trying to replace old glasses.

    I’m hoping if I can find out my old prescription, I can find a place on the intertoobz that will be willing to fill it, technically illegally, the way you can find prescription meds online without scripts. I’ve purchased my gout medicine on-line without a prescription several times when I’ve suffered an attack. After asking (and being refused) by my VA primary care Doc to prescribe them to me. (He refused unless I came in to see him, which is inconvenient, especially when suffering an attack of gout, because the VA is over an hour’s drive away and the walk from the parking lot to the building is very lone. And he refused despite my clear history of gout attacks and blood tests confirm high levels of uric acid)

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    She is traveling today from TX to DC. She is somewhere between Pittsburgh and DC at the moment.

    Heh, the “magic” of free market efficiency, where Pennsylvania is on the way between Texas and DC….

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