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  • I bet it won’t be long before toy guns become banned. When that happens, I wonder if anyone will even notice the irony?

  • NBC is reporting that it was a pellet gun, not a bb gun. Small difference, but those little air pellet guns are less dangerous than even a BB gun. So in my mind, it makes the story even worse.

    The handgun turned out to be an “airsoft” replica toy gun, which shoots pellets in a similar way that a BB gun does.

    The police have watched for years as officers who kill don’t get indicted, and even on the rare occasion they do they get not guilty verdicts, and this is the result. This is what happens when there is no accountability.

    And if the cops were smart, they’d start demanding accountability themselves, because if they think their job is dangerous now, just wait until people get fed up with this shit and start taking the law into their own hands. Because that’ just as inevitable as the cops acting this way after years of no accountability.

    And just curious, but who, or what, is “Oxdown Diaries?” Is this a new gig for Ohio Barbarian (saw this same post with his name on it)??

  • should have stipulated universal for CITIZENS above 18. Not universal to all people.

  • You could have kept quiet and let folks wonder if you were an idiot, or make a comment a remove all doubt. I see you chose the latter. First of all, NO, NO STATE can require a driver’s license in order to vote. The right to vote is universal, even for non-drivers, above the age [...]

  • Jeebus, it almost looks as if the “authorities” are trying to spark a race war.

    KKK threatens violence, Anon pwns them, FBI shouts “BIG BROWN PEOPLE WITH EXPLOSIVES” I swear it looks like it’s intentional.

  • Wow, a little birdie just told me manslaughter…

    I have no idea how reliable the birdie is though.

  • My wife told me to hold back on this post.

    You done good. She should be proud of you. You showed an unbelievable amount of restraint there. I couldn’t have done it.

  • OldFatGuy commented on the blog post House Republicans Finally File Suit Against President Obama

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    Then it’s their duty to impeach him, not file a lawsuit.

    If a President willfully ignores and refuses to follow the laws passed by Congress, that certainly rises to “high crimes and misdemeanors” in my book.

    It’s all bullshit.

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    Biden said it was unacceptable in the 21st century for countries to redraw maps or “intervene military because they don’t like a decision their neighbor has made.”

    You know, sometimes you just have to sit back and look with awe at the sheer balls it takes to say that with a straight face. I couldn’t do it. No way I could do it.

    Hypocritical bastards.

  • Jeebus I can’t believe that Ashton Kutcher tweet. I’m reading it over and over again and can’t believe anyone is that stupid.

    If he’s not a Randian right winger, I’ll eat my hat.

  • In other words, a nurse should have the right to refuse an order of this kind, even in the military.

    They do, as everyone in the military has the right (I would argue DUTY) to not follow unlawful orders. The problem is this right, like many others, have been taken from us.

    And before anyone responds with the typical bullshit of “but we can’t let the individual decide whether an order is unlawful or not” because that is EXACTLY who should decide. If we don’t give the individual the right to determine whether an order is illegal, then we can’t give the individual accountability for following unlawful orders. And if that’s how we are going to operate, then imagine how many Nazis would have been free of any guilt at the Nuremberg trials.

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    Ahm, when has Obama ever cared what the people thing? Maybe the summer/fall of 2008 is my only recollection.

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    Maybe, but be careful with those Doritos since you obviously have internet access. Porn plus Doritos has been known to cause the terrifying “orange dick” syndrome…

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    First of all, we don’t know with certainty that it was Brown at the convenience store. Either way, that has nothing to do with happened.

    Secondly, if you want to talk about not making sense, consider Wilson’s account of Brown, after running away from him, rather than turning around and putting his hands up, instead turned around and “bum-rushed” him.

    Yeah, an unarmed teenager, having already been shot and continued being shot at, would bum-rush the person shooting him.

    And finally, you can discount it all you want, but eyewitnesses have said it was Wilson that grabbed Brown and pulled him to the car. If you would rather go with what you “feel” makes sense rather than the available evidence, be my guest.

    Take your bullshit to redstate or some other fantasy universe.

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    You should be sorry since your “meaning” isn’t the only possible explanation and even if true would STILL BE IN LINE WITH EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS.

    RECAP: Eyewitness accounts have Wilson grabbing Brown and pulling him to the window with his arm inside. Eyewitness accounts also say the gun discharged once while his arm was inside the vehicle. This explains why his hand/arm would have residue.

    Then eyewitness accounts say Brown broke away from Wilson and started running away. And Wilson continued to fire. Then eyewitness accounts have Brown stopping, turning around and putting his hands up, and then Wilson firing the last, fatal shot in the head.

    The gun powder on his hand is evidence that the story occurred precisely as eyewitness accounts stated. And thus if more than enough to pass the laughable easy threshold of a preponderance of the evidence suggests a crime may have been committed. He should be indicted, and a trial should take place for the actual facts to be brought forth.

    So your conclusion is completely wrong.


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    I don’t know how reliable the rumors are or the source from which they initially originate. But all available evidence, with this executive order dated today, sure seems to validate those rumors.

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    No, that’s right. it wasn’t and we now know why. It was just blather to try to get votes when in reality he had no intention of getting there. But it was blather, and that’s what guiltybystander was asking, whether or not Obama had come out in favor of single payer. Technically he did, but as we now know, it was in his typical fashion of phrasing it in a way that got folks wanting to hear “I support single payer” to believe that’s what he said.

    This was how his whole 2008 campaign was done. Appearing to stand for very progressive, liberal policies while in reality he was to the right of Nixon. And his impressive 2008 victory should have put to rest the myth that this is a center-right country because he ran such a “liberal sounding” campaign and won big. But that myth remains the perception even today.

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    And by inference a possibility it will not go anywhere, except no insurance at all.

    Yes, and that would be preferable to a fake system such as this because the people would once again start demanding real health care reform.

    The sole purpose of Obamacare was to delay real health care reform when the people demanded it so forcefully before. It’s been a big issue for decades, with Clinton even running on the issue in 1992.

    But unlike 1992, the demand for change was even louder, and they knew they would not get away with doing nothing this time, so they came up with a plan that they wanted to look like real health care reform while actually still maintaining the status quo.

    So yeah, go ahead and go back to exactly the way it was before Obamacare, and watch the public start demanding health care reform again. They’re going to eventually anyway, as this very post shows with Obamacare getting less and less popular the more people learn about it. But it’s purpose was to get another generation, or maybe two, of profits out of the system before the demand from the public became too great to continue and real reform became unavoidable.

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    He said something to the effect of “I support single payer but it’s not politically feasible at the moment” or some such bullshit.

    I’ll try an find a link, but man finding links from 2008 Obama seems hard no for some reason.

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