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    Not following a police officers order precisely and without a delay is NOT a capital offense though.

    That’s the issue. It doesn’t matter if “this young man failed to do that” because even if he failed to do that, that, in and of itself, is not cause to be shot and killed.

    It’s disappointing to see you buying into the distractions.

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    You know, I read some last night, some more today, and some more just now, and there are witnesses backing up Wilson’s side (that Brown charged him). I can’t tell from the transcripts their race though.

    And because I can’t trust our government at all anymore, I can’t help but wonder if they were really witnesses or just “witnesses.”

    I do find it funny how the interviews with those saying Brown was trying to surrender are several pages long with the interviewer(s) trying desperately to catch them in a lie and/or confuse them while the interviews with those that say they saw Brown charge Wilson being about a page and a half, and boom, over.

    Almost like they were “witnesses” invented by the police.

    It’s a shame to live in a country where you can’t trust the authorities at all.

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    I’ve got another question from Ferguson.

    How long before people start to take the law into their own hands??? Because it’s not a question of if, only when. If I were Wilson, I’d try to grow eyes in the back of my head. If not Wilson, then maybe the next one, or the one after that. Eventually it’s going to happen. It’s as inevitable as getting wet when you jump in water.

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    I guess they want to validate those who call critics of the Israeli government Anti-Semitic.

    Fine with me, if criticizing the actions of a fascist, corrupt government made up entirely of Jews makes me Anti-Semitic, then I’ll wear that badge proudly.

    Fascist to the core. One race (religion) above all others. Just like the Nazis.

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    The Grand Jury represents the entire county, not just Ferguson. I don’t know what the racial divide is county wide but I doubt it’s 75% white.

    But I also doubt the racial makeup of the GJ made any difference. This just was played like a violin by the defense counsel for Wilson prosecutors.

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    I see the Wilson apologists are still focusing on the completely irrelevant.

    You’re right eCAHN, not getting your point would come as no surprise.

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    There is ONLY ONE ISSUE. It doesn’t matter if Brown robbed 10 stores. It doesn’t matter if Brown grabbed Wilson’s gun and it doesn’t matter if Brown broke Wilson’s jaw and nose. NONE OF THAT MATTERS and is only a distraction.

    No one, not Wilson, the police, eyewitnesses, no one is arguing these facts.

    Wilson stopped his car and confronted Brown. Brown and Wilson got into some sort of altercation in or near the car and shots were fired. Then Brown broke free and ran away down the street. At some point Brown stopped and turned around.

    It was what happened next that determines whether it was a justifiable shooting or not, anything before this is IRRELEVANT.

    Eyewitnesses say Brown at this point put his hands up to surrender. This is what Officer Wilson says:

    He kept running and then eventually he stopped in this area somewhere. When he stopped, he turned, looked at me, made like a gmnting noise and had the most intense aggressive face I?ve ever seen on a person. When he looked at me, he then did like the hop. . .you know like people do to start running. And, he started running at me.

    If Brown turned and had his hands up to surrender, then it doesn’t matter if he broke every bone in Wilson’s body back at the altercation, it is an unjustifiable shooting. If Brown charged Wilson and Wilson feared for his life, then it was a justifiable shooting.

    That’s it, that’s the whole thing. All the other shit is distraction, and the fact they bring up that distraction tells plenty. Because first of all, read that statement by Wilson and tell me that doesn’t sound like someone dramatizing the situation to make it appear in his best light. If the facts were on his side, why the need for the drama or embellishment???

    And to believe Wilson’s story one is to believe that an 18 year old boy who has already been shot at least once and is unarmed and is running away from the shooter, would turn around and charge the well armed man doing the shooting.

    If anyone wants to claim that makes sense then I ask you, seriously, if it were you, already shot and unarmed, is that what you would do????

  • I think it was the next day, Aug 10. But I can’t swear to it, and now I can’t seem to get the site to respond. It must be getting hit hard.

  • Link not working. Could be I did something wrong or the site is overwhelmed. Here is the link to the main page of evidence. That quote was Wilson’s version of events as related in his interview with detectives.

  • I get the feeling that there could be video of the incident showing that it was exactly as described by Brown’s friend, and some people would still want to protect Wilson.

  • Crime is up Jon, and anyone paying attention knows it. Police commit murder about once a week, but those murders don’t go into your data set. Politicians and corporations laugh at the “laws” on the book regarding bribery, regulations, and influence peddling.

    Wall Street has become the biggest organized crime syndicate in the history of the world. Mortgage companies perpetrated fraud in every county of every state of this country for years. Labor and consumer laws are violated at will by corporations daily.

    I don’t understand how anyone paying attention could possibly say crime is down considering the era of lawlessness we’re living in.

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    Oh shit, now my birdie is insisting she’s got “good info” that it’s no bill. I wish they would just announce it and get it over with. Too many rumors floating around at this point.

  • Fact is, no matter how savvy you are, some of the vital information you need before choosing a health plan is hard to find–and by design.

    Don’t forget that even if you are a savvy consumer, you can still face bankruptcy due to medical bills..

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    Heh, timing the announcement for “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

    What a country.

  • Thank you.

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    Yeah, this is all theater.

    Funny how the warrantless wiretapping first came to light during the Bush administration in 2006. But I’d bet dollars to donut holes that these same Republicans never made a peep about our lost “civil liberties” until it was a Democrat in the White House.

    Likewise, if a Republican (GASP!) returns in 2017, I’d bet more dollars these same Republican lawmakers become eerily silent…

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  • And this will be the last time I ask, and if I don’t get an answer then I guess I’m done here.

    WHY DOES JIM get to have his past posts hidden??? Can any of us have that luxury too? Why is FDL granting this to Jim and apparently Jim only?

  • You’ve spent this entire thread talking about how because Mooslums do it, we shouldn’t criticize Israel. And talking about how they had there chance for their own state, etc. etc.etc. Same old shit. What you still don’t get is that these are CHILDREN, who never had any “chance” and who are not responsible for any [...]

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    Announcement soon, within next three to four hours. My little birdie is still saying manslaughter. I wish I knew where she was getting info from but I suspect it’s just rumors. (the part about manslaughter, the announcement really is coming today).

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