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  • OldFatGuy commented on the blog post Democratic Base Feels Better Represented by Their Party

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    If “Democrats” feel well represented, then that says all I need to know about what Democrat really means, and may reconsider my view that the party could somehow be reformed/improved back to it’s roots. Because for the record, the “Democrats” in the US Congress and White House has, for past several years:

    A market based approach to “reforming” health care.
    Ending habeas corpus and allowing the military to detain American’s in America with no charges.
    Assassinating people with no due process.
    Undeclared wars in Libya and now Syria
    Ending extended unemployment benefits despite high unemployment/underemployment.
    Faux financial market “reforms” that allow TBTF and bubble to continue.
    Faux stimulus to ensure no full employment recovery.
    Privatizing public education.

    Single payer health care or even heavily regulated private insurance.
    Real financial reform.
    Real stimulus.
    Full employment.
    Unions/labor friendly laws and regulations, specifically card check.
    Climate change policies.
    NSA reform… specifically intentionally watering down the “USA Freedom Act”

    I could go on and on and on. But any party that’s happy with that type of representation is not a party I want anything whatsoever to do with.

    Fuck you Democrats. Policitians and voter enablers.

  • Are you sure about not leaving in September before??? I thought back in the day it was more or less routine to leave around Labor Day to campaign in even numbered years, but I might be misremembering that.

    I wonder if they’ll still hold the “debate” on whether to extend the war to Syria when they get back??? That was what a lot them claimed before leaving, that the vote they took before leaving was only to arm third party fighters and they would “debate” the decision to expand the war when they returned.

    That would be the height of hypocrisy wouldn’t it??? Debate having a war in Syria while we’re having a war in Syria.

    Like you said, they really don’t seem to bother hiding their contempt of the American people anymore. It’s pretty obvious.

  • So the President once again attacks a sovereign country with our military with no Declaration of War from Congress.

    And what will Congress do to hold him accountable???

    Sue him for unilaterally waiving the employer mandate portion of the ACA. After their vacation. Of course.

    Accountability. Got some?

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    If by “Will SCOTUS step in” you mean to stop it, then no. Next question.

  • You could call the wars of the last decade an expensive lesson except that – after wasting trillions of dollars and piling up hundreds of thousands of bodies – no one in DC appears to have learned anything.

    Oh, I dunno DSW, I think they’ve learned a thing or two. For example, they learned that instead of sacrificing three thousand mostly nameless souls in a big flashy attack to get the sheeple in line enough, that getting very personal and beheading two individuals instead would do the trick.

    I suppose one could argue that’s some sort of progress, instead of sacrificing three thousand dead to do what you want now you only sacrifice two individuals.

    Who knows, we may yet get to a point where no more pre-war sacrifices will be necessary to bring “popular opinion” in line and the “only” deaths and suffering will occur from the war itself. I’ll leave it others to decide whether that is indeed progress or not.

  • NBC News confirms US airstrikes have begun in Syria.

    And the champagne corks are popping as the pipeline from Qatar to Europe gets ready to roll out.

    That’s what all of this ISIS and Ukraine bullshit is all about, a fucking pipeline.

  • Why is it the LOTE enablers NEVER comment in threads like this? Every time we have specific examples like this, like the Tuesday death meetings, like the failures of Obamacare, like the spying on every American, etc. etc. NONE of the LOTE enablers say a word.

    But once a horse race thread shows up, there they are, explaining how they’ll hold their nose and vote for Hillary, or Elizabeth, or this D corporate tool or that corporate tool and how dumb those of us imploring everyone to at least TRY something different and how that would be “wasting” our vote.

    Just once I wish someone who truly intends to vote D this November (and in 2016) would engage in these threads and explain why that’s preferable to at least trying something else.


    And yes, THIS thread is applicable, because it is OBAMA’s DOJ that made this utterly indefensible decision to keep reporters from covering government relations with community leaders

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    Yeah, CIA. A bunch of idiots running around the desert in sandals have no way whatsoever of producing an edited and slick product as what’s being produced.

    It’s CIA, Mossad, or a combination of both.

  • Yes it does, as well as vision, dental, and mental IIRC.

    I honestly believe if more Americans knew of the specifics of this bill, it would win 70% majority approval in polls.

    And still would never pass.

  • I don’t know what the solution might be but hopefully things begin changing once we get a new Leader in January of 2017.

    JHFC on a cracker.


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    E.J. Dionne commentary: After the election is best time for war debate

    Oh yeah, we can’t have important decisions like war and peace be part of our election process. Why, next thing you know, important decisions like taxes and spending might have to be discussed during an election.

    Can’t have that.

    Go F. yourself E.J.

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    I’m just curious, and/or stupid at missing the joke, but was there supposed to be something to clicking on that video???

    Cause I got nothing but a red bar moving across the bottom of the screen. No movement, no sound, nothing.

  • 78-22 to pay for weapons to give to one foreign group to fight another. And yet we can’t even find 50 to pay for extended unemployment benefits or better health care or even better Veterans benefits for our own folks that fight and die. Hell, probably couldn’t even find 22 for that.

    Sick country. Sick. Sick. Sick.

  • If by “Not much chance” you mean zero chance, then I think you’re right.

  • In addition 68 percent rate their plans as at least good, which is a decent number, but significantly less than the 86 percent of Americans who rate their employer coverage positively.

    And I would bet all of my wealth that over 75% of that 68% hasn’t yet had to actually get health care. While over 75% of those that didn’t rate their plans as at least good did so because they have actually gotten health care and seen first hand what their copays and deductibles are.

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    I’m livid. And fed up. My son’s life is worse now because of Obamacare. Before he couldn’t afford health insurance, or health care. Now, he still can’t afford health insurance, or health care, AND he will be penalized by having his annual tax refund confiscated because he can’t afford health insurance that, even if he did purchase, wouldn’t be able to afford to use because of the deductible.

    I could come up with other examples of how continuing this R&D travesty has impacted my or my loved ones lives in a negative way. And those selling the idea that we must continue to vote LOTE start off by admitting Obamacare has flaws but that it was just a “first step.” Really? Can ANY OF THEM POINT TO ONE, JUST ONE, real attempt at improving upon that first step since passing four years ago???

    It was NOT a first step, it was a fake step to keep real reform from happening, and it happened with the full support of the Democratic Party. And the Republican Party will NEVER be or real reform, so that means both parties are on record as being against real reform. Yet one is supposed to be LOTE than the other.

    And the same can be said for war issues, economic issues, and civil liberties issues. The ONLY issues that LOTE even makes any sense are social issues. And I’d like to know what good it does to have a right to an abortion if you can’t ever afford to pay for it because of health care and economic conditions.

    Voting might not ever change things. But it only takes a little time, I wish we would at least try it and try doing it DIFFERENTLY to see if that would change things. But instead, everyone wants to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    As you said, Insanity. To be continued this Novemeber.

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    Air Force drops requirement to use ‘So help me God’ in oaths

    Holy shit! (Pardon the pun)

    I can only imagine, no wait, actually I may not be able to even imagine, how bad the response to this is going to be.

    I’m glad I don’t ever, EVER click on right wing sites even just to see what the “enemy” is up to. The pearl clutching going on today must be of biblical proportions (okay, I couldn’t help myself).

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    Just walked over to my CD shelves and yes, the name of the U2 CD I own is The Joshua Tree. First two cuts on that are great.

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    My son would agree with your daughter. I like some of their stuff, and in fact have one of their CD’s sitting in my very real and tangible music library. Mostly my CD’s are burnt copies of my albums from the 60′s and 70′s that I love, but I have some newer stuff in their [...]

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    Wonder how many of those poor folks you talked to Peter voted for either the R’s or D’s their whole lives???

    Hell, just read the comments here, many are already gearing up for a LOTE vote for Hillary in 2016.

    No way the continued votes for the two legacy parties has had any impact whatsoever on what you’re seeing and reporting, right??? I mean, if only more Democrats (or more Republicans) would win, things would be so vastly different right???

    So, I know this will be unpopular, but as long as 100 million Americans continue to vote and continue to vote for either of the two empowered parties, then they absolutely DESERVE this.

    No scream at me for being mean. I’m being mean, while people that should know better keep repeating the same goddamned mistake over and over and over again and I suffer for it too. But I’m the one being mean.

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