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  • Oh yes, let those hands (w)ring like the Liberty Bell. Well, like it would ring if it was not cracked and non-useful, like our liberties sometimes. I would love to see the scramble, though, if those badly needed estate taxes were not fixed. Congress people moving at a pace unseen for a long time and trying to preserve that Holiest of Holidays, which commercially lasts until after the new year, that other holiest of holidays when the GOP could seek their retaliation and shut down this God-forsaken government where a obedient politician can collect for his support of the financial sponsors, another of those holiest of holidays. Is there no respect for the holidays?

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    I’m reading Russ Baker’s book(Family of Secrets-The Bush Dynasty). Too many similarities with what goes on with Assange and Wikileaks. My feeling is that the focus is actually to prevent the report on the Bank and possibly the Financial system which might expose too much of what has been a network of clandestine occurrences way [...]

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