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    Do you remember who the hell was one of Pinochet’s big admirers? That would be your boy Ronnie Raygun. If you’re not old enough to remember, look it up. He was a pretty damn brutal dictator.

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    Will you run for president? I’d vote for you in a heartbeat. Trouble is I’m guessing you don’t have an assload of family money nor would take great pleasure in kissing Wall Street’s ass or any of the other special interests required to be elected president, like big oil, big pharma, the insurance industry, defense industry, on and on.
    There is no difference between the parties, I’m done voting. Term limits would make no difference because they are corrupted as soon as they are elected due to absolutely no campaign finance laws. I would like to see a different requirement for the presidency as well as congressional candidates. They should work a minimum wage job for a year, with absolutely no benefits and with no other income whatsoever. If they make it a year, then they have the right to run.

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    I don’t know which is more repulsive, the pictures above or the fact that it received 14,000 “likes”. Gotta wonder if any of these idjits have seen the dead babies in Gaza killed by the Israelis. (looking for tunnels of course)

    Americans have to be some of the saddest, sickest, dumbest damn people on earth.

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    Given the glaring difference in body count numbers, it seems that Israel is defending itself just fine, with American weapons. Seems to me Palestine should have a right to defend itself against genocide.

    zachary, as an animal lover, this hell hole is not fit for either 2 or 4 legged living things.

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    In a bit of news a little off topic, I read last night that an Idaho casino owned by a Native American tribe, cancelled a Ted Nugent show because of his “rascist and hate filled” remarks. Ted is probably planning his First Amendment lawsuit.


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    Please read nomolos #1. Those comments could have been my comments. I’ve done all those things as well, including voting green and exercising my write in option, in essence wasting my vote as well as my time. I’ve voted my last time. We have one party as nomolos said and the deck is stacked against any third party threat.
    “If voters used their votes as actual bludgeons against politicians, those puppets would do as they’re told.” They would do exactly as they do now, vote the way thier donors tell them. Any replacement is corrupted by money by the minute they get to Washington and thus starts the damn circle of ass kissing for money.

  • As a faithful viewer of both programs I’ve wondered if there would be any hope of a halfway talented replacement for Colbert. I must admit your idea bears some consideration. I would suggest that Jon Stewart be harder on Democrats than he currently is and stop the damn softball interviews. I realize he has to [...]

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    Bombing, threatening, throwing arms around, in that order, it’s the ‘Murican way.

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    There are about 25 different definitions making the rounds out there, a hell of a lot of people have no idea what a progressive is. Progressivism needs to have a definition.

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    Class war or fighting back? We must do this, we have to do the other. What I haven’t heard is How we’re supposed to do this.

    All great empires fail, I use the word great in the context of big, not good. This empire will be no different. It may not be in my lifetime, but it will fail. Frankly it deserves to.

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    Easy. Howard Zinn, Eugene Debs.

  • I gave up on Joe Donnelly quite some time ago, back when he was a Representative. My new Rep. is none other than Jackie Walorski, an even bigger waste of time, but I thought with this being an election year for her, she might tend to say something laughably fence-straddling. But since the district was gerrymandered especially for her I guess the best I can expect is a hearty “fuck You” – or nothing at all.

    This state is such a miserable shithole populated mostly by miserable assholes.

  • “Do the Israelis realize how loathsome and criminal this looks to the whole rest of the world?”

    The countries of the world seem to have collectively turned their heads and don’t really give a rat’s ass. Palestinan genocide is apparently more palatable than Jewish genocide.

    I emailed my Rep. immediately after the 4 children were murdered Wednesday.
    I have yet to receive a reply, not even so much as an insulting dumb assed form letter that is supposed to mollify me. Out busy fund raising I guess.

  • Have you shopped for a pair of glasses lately? Someone is making an assload of money. Medicare and Medicaid don’t cover vision, nor can the poor afford glasses. Even the gift of sight has become a commodity rapidly becoming available only to the well off.
    On the subject of animal welfare, my next door neighbors decided to start a veal farm 3 weeks ago. These babies are taken from their mother at birth and spend their entire life in these tiny huts, where they are never allowed to eat grass or enjoy the sunshine. I have no north-facing window I can look out of without seeing this torture. I can longer open my windows for fresh air without hearing them bawling in misery. These babies are fed a liquid diet loaded with antibiotics (the words of the owner). Liquid diet creates liquid waste resulting in possible ground water contamination. Indiana regulates nothing. Even animal composting is allowed. so if my neighbor wanted to stack up dead calves against my fence and allow them to decompose there’s no law against it. My “pursuit of happiness” as well as quality of life has been destroyed. I’d prefer they make meth in the privacy of their own home. Did I mention my property values have also taken a helluva hit?

  • Yesterday a mother asked “where is the world”? I wonder the same thing.

    I posted this news on my facebook page yesterday. No one bothered to reply, either positively or negatively. I guess I answered my own question, no one gives a shit.

  • My state, Indiana, is no.1 in meth production, infant mortality, and just two weeks ago became no. 1 in water pollution. But by God we’re business friendly. Mitch Daniels raised the sales tax to lower business taxes, my county just enacted a wheel tax to help with road repair. Gov. Pence wants to just get the hell rid of business income tax.

    I would be interested to see the break down on age demographics of those that think they can win a rigged system. I wonder when they finally figure out it’s all bullshit.

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    AR-15′s to frighten children? Really? Rush must be so proud.
    Would not be afraid to bet my Soc. Sec. check these wonderful people will be sitting in the pews of their chosen churches come Sunday.

  • Pres. Bush stated that when he sent the CAFTA accord to Congress that “If you’re concerned about immigration to this country, then you must understand that CAFTA and the benefits of CAFTA will help create new opportunity in Central American countries, which will mean someone will be able to find good work at home, someody will be able to provide for their family at home, as opposed to having to make the long trip to the US, CAFTA is good immigration policy, as well as good trade policy.”
    Free trade is good for no one except big business. The US needs to mind it’s own damn business.
    I recently took my granddaughter shopping for her birthday. One of the stores she chose to enter was American Eagle. As she did some browsing, so did I. I’m a notorious lable reader. Guatemala and Honduras seemed to be the country of origin of most of their junk. Any store that stocks goods from Central America should be handed the $3.7 billion tab to take care of this crisis. And American Eagle should change their name to Central American Eagle.

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    How horrid! What sort of “justice” could possibly fit this crime.

    Your letter has been signed.

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    Raju isn’t the only one that cried – I did too. When my granddaughter was about 2 I took her to the circus. I still remember the look of sadness and hopelessness in the eyes of the elephants. It broke my heart. We never went to the circus again. Animal abusers and child molesters are [...]

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