• They’re all incompetents imho. Firing squads would be fine by me, also wouldn’t mind a few hangin’s on the national mall. Maybe send some over to ISIS. I nominate Rep. Steve King from Iowa to go first. He’s too damn stupid to live anyway. Louie Gohmert and Virginia Foxx to follow.

  • This makes me want to blow a fucking artery. Who the hell signs off on this stupid shit. If we had a government worth two shits, the defense dept. as well as the federal reserve would face an audit.

    Feeling a little bitter today. Got the price increase for my medications yesterday in the mail. With the increase in my medicare payments I’ll be eating lots of beans and taters this year. Then I read this. Damn it all to hell.

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    This is not a “decent nation”. never has been. never will be. Don’t know why you assumed it is. Decent nations don’t bomb the hell out of civilians in other countries. Decent nations don’t allow cops to murder unarmed black men without any sort of punishment. Decent nations don’t arrest 90 year old veterans for [...]

  • That needed to be said. Thanks. I disagree that I can make a change on a local level. I live in an area that is probably 75% right wing, the tea party is really big around here. My vote was just wasted, so I quit voting. Jonathon Gruber was right when he spoke of the [...]

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    He must be really good at it. Someone gave him this assignment and I’m pretty sure this person was aware of his record.
    (don’t know why I referred to this person as male, women are equally vicious)

    DiFi will be aghast at this revelation. Falsely aghast.

  • I fell for pretty words once. I don’t intend to make the same mistake twice. Sen. Warren needs to filibuster her ass off during the next two years to get any love from this old woman. And I mean really filibuster, not just threaten it.

    Is there any way of finding out who was the piece of filth that gave the banks back their casino rights? Also has anonimity of amendments always been part of procedure or is this something new?

  • “I believe president obama will really do what is right now and fight against the teabaggers.”

    He’s caved every fucking time. Why change now. He and the GOP are the among the backers of the trillion dollar spending bill. A democratic president siding with the GOP while throwing the people that elected him under the bus. Is there anything in this goddamn bill for ordinary people?
    Not that I’ve heard. Seems Wall Street and politicians and the wealthy who buy them come out pretty good. There are people that have been waiting a year on an unemployment extension. They just got a big fat “fuck you”.

  • While this rectal hydration is indeed heinous, the thought of standing hours with arms chained above head, or forced standing on broken feet or legs doesn’t sound like child’s play. Was this to build strong healthy bones? Most people go to prison for sexual depravity (well, except cops), yet this piece of human garbage is on TV.

    Just asking, can these men that were victims of torture sue the u.s. of a. in international court?

  • Thanks.’Murika is nowhere near the top in categories that benefit people or attempting to eliminate suffering. But by Gawd we’re “awesome” at blowing shit up and redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich. I see little hope for the future with everybody on capitol hill and white house being corporate…..well, I was gonna say whores, but dislike disparaging working girls. (I saw the bit on the Faux news piece of female slime using “awesome” about ten times in one sentence while decribing ‘Murika.) She can’t possibly possess a soul.

  • Will do, thanks for the tip, loved the Wobblies.

  • “We can ignore murder and we can ignore torture.” It seems most have been doing so for damn near 13 years. We’ve ignored shit in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and the overseas torture sites. Now we’re ignoring the war on blacks, (killed by cops that get off scot-free), the poor, the elderly, even attempting to starve the homeless, right in front of our noses. The streets should be full of thousands of people instead of a couple hundred here and there. America is no better than a “Good Germany”. And with the new budget, it appears that things aren’t going to get any better. If I were younger, I’d get the hell out of here.

  • “History is going to run over this motherfucker….”
    I really wish I could believe such will be the case. Americans have notoriously short memories. Children have always been indoctrinated to believe ‘Murika is the greatest country ever while the history books gloss over the genocide of Native Americans and the shameful history of slavery. This indoctrination will continue since the majority of schools use history books written in Texas by a cabal of right wing nuts. So Cheney will be hailed as a hero and there will be no mention of torture, er I mean enhanced interrogation techniques.

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    I’ve always heard that preacher’s kids are among the most vile of human beings. Maybe not all of them but the ones I remember from school were pure rottten, now comes li’l David Huckabee with this ugly damn story. As a card carrying member of PETA I’d like to hang the little bastard. Someone that does something this cruel has no value on this earth. Will rely on daddy’s name his entire miserable, pathetic, goddamn life. What a pos.

  • Along with the Bush girls having a taste for booze as mentioned above, I read Patti Davis’ autobiography,(Ronnie Raygun’s daughter). She rather enjoyed her drugs.

    Not being judgemental as I’ve done a bit of both over the course of the years.

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    When I read FDL going on Hiatus, I thought ‘oh hell no’,the damn gummint went too far. After reading this I thoroughly understand. Hope you have the best sawbones money can buy and have a speedy recovery. You have my best thoughts, along with my deep admiration for all you’ve done.


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    Oops, lost my mind there for a bit. Guess I wanted to believe there is still a shred of decency somewhere in a billion$$ organization. My bad.

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    I’m not convinced there has been a helluva lot of progress. As the Post article points out the black vote has been rendered meaningless, along with other SCOTUS decisions that have blasted any progress back 150 years. The only difference I can see is the KKK and racist whites used to do the killing, now it’s the cops.

    Two thumbs up to the 5 Rams football players.

  • I feel your pain NR. One of my good friends shops there regularly, I’ve tried and tried to explain to her the evils of Walmart, falls on deaf ears.

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    See answer above.
    If Walmart truly wanted to help their employees, they could pay them more.
    What the hell risks did they take? Their inherited wealth is just a matter of bloodlines. They took a company that was founded on “Buy American”, bought cheap shit from China, ran off all competitors, caused small mom and pop business to close so that all we’re left with is a ruined community and no choices of places to shop that have any type of ethics.

    Peter, my soul is clear, I haven’t stepped foot in a walmart in many, many years and I see no chance of that occuring – ever. Unless they go back to “Buy American” and treating their employees like human beings.

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    Leonard. I live in Indiana which has a high income tax on residents because the state legislature has given so many tax breaks to businesses so they can supply “good” jobs to IN citizens. Well, Leonard they don’t. I live on $950/month social security, yet every tax season I have to cough up about $350. in state income taxes. This then goes to Walmart workers whose employers, the Walton family that have more wealth than 40% or 150 million people. In this free enterprise system you love so much, someone like me and millions more like me that live on poverty wages should not have to subsidize a corporation as wealthy as Walmart and the Waltons. Could you live on Walmart wages with a couple kids, perhaps one a special needs child. Hell no you couldn’t, nor can they.

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