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    “demanding our government follow the rules”.
    It’s too late, they’ve gotten away with too damn much already. Both parties want war – lots of money in war. By Obama going it alone, every one is off the hook by not having to vote for a war that China will have to finance. Obama can’t run again so he doesn’t give a rat’s ass. I’m concerned about the social programs that will bite the dust or cut drastically, which I imagine will be put off until after the election.

  • “take them all out with one blast”

    How’s about we stop meddling in other people’s shit. The US started this damn mess with the weapons of mass destruction lie. I’d say we’ve killed enough people.

  • A couple of months ago we didn’t hear much about ISIS or ISIL. Now we’re being beat to death with it. I gotta wonder what they’re planning while everyone’s attention is being diverted. Scares me. Also seems to me O might want names of people on record that support this for the upcoming election. He’s as much as handed the GOP the Senate, almost seems like that is what he wants.

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    This sort of tragedy seems to be happening more and more frequently and seems to me that no fucks are given. Sure there is a little hell raising but when that dies down – life goes on and no one is accountable. I, too, have been cuffed and placed in the back seat. My cuffs [...]

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    PW my comment doesn’t really pertain to anything you wrote, except that animals are mentioned and my comment is about animals. This bothers me so much that I had to get it out and wanted to do it anonamously, lest some people think I’m crazy.
    I’ve had a pair of cardinals for a couple years that came to my feeder daily. I admired their beauty often, especially in the winter when the contrast of white snow and their beautiful colors were very prominent. This morning as I was coming back from my morning walk, the male lay along side the road dead. After awhile I went out and buried him under two trees, and I cried like a baby as I buried him. I thought he deserved that much after all the beauty he gave me. Does anyone else bury wild birds, or am I just crazy?
    Thanks PW for allowing me to unburden myself of nature’s loss.

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    Completely agree, only I would not stop with GM, There are many more companies that have killed people, as well as Wall Street criminals that have destroyed lives that ended in suicide. But these people have lots of money and influence that keeps them off death row. When the death penalty is administered more fairly [...]

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    Damn, this pisses me off. Where the hell is my damn lobbyist, my briber, my influence peddler. Corporations are not only people too, they own Washington. Corrruption to the max – the corruption trickles down to the state and local levels as well. What a shitty country we have, and no hope in sight.

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    One can’t expect much from someone that sinks low enough to advocate for dog fighting. The man is crazy.

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    Haves to have nots – “Fuck you.”

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    I completely understand your sentiments and can’t believe that I feel this disenfranchised. My parents were faithful voters, and I taught my children the importance of voting. But I live in the reddest damn part of already red Indiana. Richard Mourdock won this district handily, only the pockets of hugely Democratic areas saved us from this abomination. To make matters worse gerrymandering has made this area even redder. Most local Republicans run unopposed. So to refer to an old Jerry Jeff Walker song, voting in this area is like “Pissin’ in the Wind”.

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    If the GOP takes the senate and a bill ends up on O’s desk that affects Soc. Sec. (COLA) or Medicare he will sign it. He has put them on the table before and I have no reason to think he will change. norecovery said it very well.

    Sunday I read a quote by one of my favorite historical figures Emma Goldman, right here at FDL. “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” That is exactly how I feel. I’ve voted in every damn election since ’72 and the only change that has happened has been for the worse. I’m tired of this game and taking my toys and going home, I’m done voting.

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    This just defies any rational comment. How much more damn “dysfunctional and ineffective” can ‘Murica get.

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    I probably missed it, but how much is all this “humanitarian bombing” costing? Since everybody is on vacation funding can’t be discussed. What social programs are going to be cut to finance this. And why aren’t the Gaza casualties considered genocide if the media is going to refer to the situation of the Yazidis as genocide.

    Meanwhile, I read in an earlier post that Hagle and Pritzker are in India working on TPP. There goes the rest of our manufacturing jobs and much needed revenue. Really would be nice to have a president and congress that gave 2 shits about Americans.

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    Yes, yes, and yes again. I expect Prez. Paul to be sitting in the Oval Office despite his fuck up this week. Still lots of old, white, haters, along with a disenfranchised Dem. base. Thanks to the media no one can give an explanation for a “progressive”. MSNBC says Obama is one, along with Pelosi, [...]

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    Yeah, Nixon was an asshole, I hated him and proudly cast my first vote ever for McGovern. Since then I’ve learned that all politicians are dirty and crooked and our country is really a pretty shitty place, from the very beginning until now. Is what Nixon did really any worse than what has gone on [...]

  • Oh my Dog, Jane, this must never happen. These innocent creatures will be abused, denied veterinary care, un or underfed, and perhaps worst of all be sold to research labs.
    A few months back PETA did a story about a kitty named “double trouble” that ended up in a research lab. I won’t go into detail because it still haunts me to this day. As a mom to 3 beautiful kitties that I love dearly, this affected me deeply.
    If you have the stomach for it, google “double trouble” and be prepared to spend the rest of the day balling your eyes out. People that can do that sort of thing deserve to die. It’s shit like this that keeps me from owning a gun, I would use it. And I know the last couple sentiments are wrong, but I can’t help it.

  • Hating Walmart is one of my hobbies. I haven’t stepped foot in one for at least a decade also, nor will I ever.
    Like you, I’ve tried telling people about the evils of Malwart and have convinced exactly one.
    They could have a 50″ tv on sale for $100. and I still won’t go in there. I don’t do a lot of shopping anymore since all the free trade started and American made products can’t be found. Goodwill and garage sales are my major shopping spots, with exceptions for socks, underwear, and bed linens. I don’t get it either.

  • After listening to some of the dumb assed comments Steve King has made over the years, I have to wonder if Steve King speaks (or understands) English.

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    I think you may be underestimating the venality of democratic politics. One reform that could be implemented is privatization of the juvenile facilities. There’s a ton of money to be made in privatizing the prison system. That’s about the only reform, if any, that will be made and it sure as hell won’t be for the better.

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    My local newspaper carried a “cartoon” of a Hamas caricature with a RPG and 5 toddlers belted to his chest. The caption read “Hamas Body Armor”. That’s real fucking funny. To paraphrase Jon Stewart, what the hell is the point of a cease fire as long as the US continues to shovel weapons at Israel [...]

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