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  • I think it no exaggeration to argue that this coming presidential election may be one of, if not the most important of my lifetime. My main reason for this belief is the Supreme Court. It is hardly an original idea — that, from a Progressive point of view (the actual issues-determined view of the majority [...]

  • Fox news’ far right (of course) host introduces Ann Coulter, about to compare Occupy Wall Street protesters to Nazis (again, of course), by saying “Hundreds of lefty Wall Street protesters were rounded up and arrested….” Annie went on to say that this (the protests) was how totalitarianism always starts out. Now, Ann, let me set [...]

  • oldionus wrote a new diary post: A sad day for America

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    The state murder last night in Georgia, after an agonizing final review, of a man who in all likelihood was innocent, is a truly terrible stain on the judicial system of our nation. As an American, it fills me with shame. I can only pray that this act of violence, so clearly wrong, will function [...]

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    I don’t disagree at all, just making an observation about what seems to be going on. I do disagree with OhioGringo though, that it doesn’t make ANY difference. Turn it around: LESS evil, is, after all, LESS evil. I would draw a line at voting for Franco over Hitler (to chose an absurd example), but [...]

  • So already Eric Cantor has pretty much told the President to jump in a lake with his jobs bill, or most of it anyway. (The good parts, mainly). (No surprise here). I’m not a fan of the Jobs Bill, as I’ve said; it’s not big enough and not properly weighted to emphasize direct job creation, [...]

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    Matt Stoller in Salon makes the case that 1) Obama has ruined the Democratic Party, and 2) Democrats should seriously consider dumping him before it’s too late. What Democrats Can Do About Obama , Here. I have to agree with many of the points he makes, except that I’m pretty well convinced it’s already too late, and that we are already reduced to hoping [...]

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    My comment about Texas was not intended to be taken seriously, but with Bush and then Perry coming from Texas, I think it’s inevitable that there will be a certain amount of snarkiness. Still, one cannot deny that a prevalence of Rightist politicians seems to dominate not just Texas but other Southern States. A certain [...]

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    I mince not my words. If the odious Rick Perry succeeds in his attempt to mislead the public that he would somehow save Social Security by calling it a “Ponzi Scheme” and a “monstrous lie,” when in fact what he would like to do, and will do if he ever gets a chance, is to [...]

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    I have to say I don’t find any of these replies particularly constructive. Look, we have a bipolar system in America… yep, dysfunctional just like bipolar personality disorder in individuals, but we’re stuck with it. And I just don’t see that hyperbole and drawing equivalence between extreme Right Wingers and somebody like Obama, however beholden [...]

  • Is is just me, or should Democrats not be welcoming news that the Republicans seem determined, in recent polling, to dump Mitt and go with the Certifiable Nutcase and Megalomaniac, Rick Perry? Surely, if they go off the cliff and nominate this guy, regardless of the economy, regardless of disenchantment with his style and even [...]

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    I find it hard to keep emotion out of politics these days. To me, the mere appearance of Rick Perry makes it glaringly obvious that he is a Grade-A a-hole who cares for nothing but his own plutocratic interests. Now ( here), he’s made it clear he really does, with no hyperbole, endorse reversing over 100 years [...]

  • I have (less and less frequently since 2009) been accused by some fellow Democrats of my acquaintance of giving up on President Obama. People who think like me retort: oh, no, he’s given up on us . But I do see a few signs that in small ways, at least, the White House is beginning to realize [...]

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    Drew Westen’s piece in the NYT is an absolute must-read. It is a chronicle of failure, of good intentions and missed opportunities. But, primarily, it is a tale of bitter tragedy, because we had a brief moment of real opportunity, but it turned out the man we elected just didn’t have the ability to bend the arc [...]

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    Is Obama even a Democrat? I thought about writing a post with that title… listing all the policy positions Obama has staked out since the 2010 mid-terms, and how almost all of them are the positions of a conservative Republican, not a Democrat. But I am thinking better of it. After last night’s disappointing showing [...]

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    I didn’t refer only to myself, but to everyone willing to commit. Gene Sharp, the ultimate guru of nonviolent struggle, explains HOW.

  • Exactly. Our Tarir Square. We all need to read Gene Sharp on the hows and wherefores of nonviolent struggle, and be prepared to commit our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

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    OK, this extortion catastrophe is probably going to pass and we have to go on from here. What Progressives now need to do is regroup and declare a manifesto. We must DEMAND from Democrats and President Obama that they commit NOW to fighting what the Minoritarian Rightists have extorted from our broken system, and reversing [...]

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    PLEASE read Paul Krugman today.

    The standard dismissal of Krugman is that he’s “shrill,” which is nothing but a schoolyard taunt. The fact is that everything he says here is sound, and the news is pretty much all bad.

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    No, I do believe you. If Obama is not re-elected, it will be because EVEN WITH WALL ST support, not enough Democrats and Independents will even bother to show up. President Romney or Huntsman or whoever? Don’t be so sure it won’t happen. And I have to say the chance that Romney will “go FDR” [...]

  • Sure, but one thing at a time. That’s how the Right is better at this than us, focus, focus, focus.

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