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    Patriarchy in a suit or a robe – there is no difference – it is all about ruling, punishing and death for anyone who has other ideas.

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    The USA now is no different from when I grew up in Hitler’s Germany – after all these intervening years they just improved the V 1. Are camps next?

  • ” The decisions that are made are to take action so that we prevent a future action, so we protect American lives.” Well, according to Brennan we need to kill everybody because they might get pissed off at the USA and contemplate future action.

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    I like the looks of that chair – should not be too hard to convert this to an electric chair.

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    Last year I read the book “Dirt” (I think that was the title) and it really made a clear case that since way back when, some people in different societies always learned and knew how to grow food sustainably – and tried to tell others. However, money and hierarchy and armies that needed to be [...]

  • If we actually could have a third party in this country, the democrats could be shown as the enablers of Empire that they have become. But because it is all about who has more money and not about illegal wars and torture, average people are not even aware of what a monster the empire parties have created.

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    It is scary as hell to imagine this country breaking up like we see so many do whose borders were artificially created. The tribes reassert themselves and the civil war starts. There are already many nowadays who are talking secession, who are building their bunkers to hoard their own stuff and trying to buy more [...]

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    Graeber also clearly shows that money was used by rulers to pay the soldiers to conquer more people and resources

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    Just think if we had more girls wanting to emulate Dr. Bolgar vs some of the women who think they only way they can receive attention is to appear just about naked, change would happen sooner rather than later. I read about Dr. Bolgar when reading a title by Dr. Nancy Hollandar: Uprooted minds: Surviving [...]

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    The nasty switcheroo these people like to do came through in the CA debate about labeling. So when they say: “an important technological option which can be used to benefit the environment.” this could actually be true –if the work actually involved something that helps the environment or people. For example letting plants absorb nitrogen from the air or adding a gene from some other plant to provide some vitamin to prevent blindness. However – what their work actually consists of is changing plants so that more and more chemicals can be used or have to be used because nature adapts and then you need more and bigger bombs.

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    I had two years worth of indoctrination to respect authority in the Hitler Youth – that is why I now say:
    Disrespect for authority is something all children need to learn.

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    Actually the solution is too simple for these people in DC because they get their money from obfuscating and worse. If you want to help the economy because there is no demand, give more money to the old people rather than the bankers because they will spend it before they check out. The bankers will [...]

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