• The Coho? If there is a drydock that will accommodate the rig, then that’s a logical place to start the repairs. What you are describing is a low budget operation, using outdated equipment. The tow vessels are DP but the rig is not… The bottom line is that as long as the US and other [...]

  • Thanks ET. If the hull is damaged the repair will entail a period in dry dock. Last time I was in Bellingham, there was nothing that would accommodate a semi-submersible drilling rig, even one as small as the Kulluck. I’m guessing repair and inspection will require a heavy lift trip South or West…

  • “I’m going to light one up, something I haven’t done in a while.

    Will you join me?”

    With “pleasure”!

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    Actually, I think Tuesday was “Guest Star” Day for the original Mousekeeters…anyone?

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    I for one am sorry that the one man with a voice man who recognized that the poor in this country need and deserve medical care, and then had the “gumption to do something about it”,* is gone. He will be missed!
    *Quoting my Mother (Keith would understand and approve)

    Let’s hope that some progressive somewhere will pick up the torch that has fallen (temporarily I hope)
    Via Con Dios Keith!

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    Well said Allison! Thank you!

  • Thanks Tbogg for hosting. I enjoy the Tebloodletting.

    Mr Wolcott,
    I enjoy your prose!
    Were you ever in the same room with Greenspan and his Mom, Ayn? How could your New York have been so different from theirs? Was it just the number of floors above Central Park?

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    Thank you. Electronic $ streaming through the intertubes toward the occupation! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • I joined at the $1,000.00 level and didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt. I lurked this site for a long time before commenting. It is my favorite site, still and the first one I check wherever in the world I wake up. You and Jane can make it up to me by sending a Firebagger T-shirt, which I would very much like to have and would wear proudly in front of my hard core Republican knuckle dragging Neanderthal colleagues.

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    Goldman Sachs makes a bundle on the commission twice…

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    Maybe someone knows someone who knows something about the US government stepping in to protect California, prop up commercial real estate market to stop the bottom from falling out…presto…guaranteed profit when the government buys it for 125 cents on a dollar

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    You go Jane! As much as I hate to admit it, President Obama and I may have something in common. I have put a lot of footprints on this blue orb and I’m only afraid of two things…women…and the police. They’ll both kill you if you’re not careful, and in either case it’s generally classified as “justifiable homicide”.
    The President of the United States is afraid of you Jane!
    It is an honor to peripherally bask in your Firebagger glory!
    Keep speaking truth to power!

  • Thanks Jane, as usual a concise and cogent analysis of a situation that has everyone else running around screaming that the sky is falling. $ sent to back you up. Where is anyone in the government on this blatant and bogus attempt to ride roughshod over the democratic authority of the US government by private enterprise? Oh, right…the checks have been cashed.
    Keep speaking truth to corrupt power Jane!

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    Hope and Change is going to cave on the old and weak…no one could have predicted that? Also too, I hope I win the lottery!

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    Jane, Marcy,bmaz!
    Say it ain’t so! Oh well, the good news is that now there will be at least two sites to check daily for intelligent, relevant and concise discourse.
    Good luck Marcy,bmaz, Jeff and Kevin. Guess I’ll be supporting two sites now. Nothing more deserving in my opinion.
    Thanks Jane!

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    Jane! Smart, concise and as ever to the (breaking) point. Please run for office! I’ll relocate so I can vote for you.

  • Okay, I waited long enough for this to get off the front page. And I hope you go back and read the comments to see this… I love you Jane. If I wasn’t happily married I would probably be stalking you, (figure of speech-gentlemen, and I include myself, do not stalk women) because intelligent, articulate, committed women who can think are rare and worth everything. I know because I found one of the rare few. So it bothers me when you are snookered by sensationalist manipulation. You inspire not only me but thousands of other concerned people who turn to your website for unvarnished information. You are the voice of reason and your credibility is priceless. As you know the right wing media would enjoy nothing more that to point out factual errors in your reporting, over and over and over…Howard Dean’s scream…Don’t let anyone play you! There was no one aiming water cannons at the Greenpeace people who climbed the ladder on the Leiv Eiriksson. They were as curious as I am as to why Greenpeace decided to climb the ladder under the salt water service line overflow when it was zero degrees Fahrenheit with the wind blowing.
    I agree that the Arctic drilling issue is important. It’s so important the facts must be separated from stagecraft. Even when the stagecraft is used for good, propaganda is still propaganda. The Greenpeace video is sensationalist, deliberately skewed to make the activists look like they are risking their lives for the common good, when they are not. Riding around in a Zodiac in the Arctic is hazardous enough. Why stage the video to make it look like bad oil men on the rig were trying to wash brave petition bearing Kumi off the ladder causing him to fall to his death? Why didn’t Kumi climb one of the other ladders? Why didn’t he deliver the petition to the Cairn office in Edinburgh? Why didn’t he help Greenland’s native environmentalists petition their own government agency, the Greenland Bureau of Mining and Petroleum, for a copy of the Spill Response Plan that the BMP had to approve before Cairn received permission to drill offshore in Greenland waters? My guess is that it isn’t sensationalist and it would show that the people he is opposing are humans, just like him.
    The Greenpeace Environmental Super Heroes aren’t the only ones who wear bright orange survival suits in the Arctic. Everyone on the Leiv Eiriksson wears the same bright orange winter gear when they are outside the accommodation block, for the same reason. It is easy to spot, enhancing the visibility of everyone out on the deck of an oil rig, a supply boat or in a Greenpeace Zodiac. It is used for protection purposes, making a man easy to spot whether he inadvertently walks under a moving crane load, or God forbid, falls into the sea.
    Look at the video footage closely. Even in the distance shots, the men climbing the ladder are easy to see. Where are the men on the deck aiming “water cannons” at the environmental activists? Why is no one outside pointing at the intruders? Why is there no PA announcement warning the rig personnel of a security breach(Standard Operating Procedure on oil rigs since the 911 attacks). Greenpeace cameramen have audio recorders on their cameras, or we couldn’t hear Kumi speaking. The activist daredevils are staging the shoot, risking their lives climbing emergency escape ladders that are spaced with horizontal comfort areas for resting to make the strenuous eighty foot climb easy, even for people accustomed to collecting checks at cocktail parties. Did Greenpeace scout the rig and plan to board the rig on the only escape ladder that happened to be under a box girder tank overflow at the time? It sure looks to me like there is no one at the top of the water cascade directing the flow, and the spray conveniently does not follow the lead man on the ladder when he reaches a horizontal walkway.
    It’s probably just an oil company conspiracy and the world really doesn’t need more gasoline. The Arctic will be saved when 750,000 people in LA stop commuting 50 miles twice daily, all by themselves in bumper to bumper traffic in their individual combustion engine driven motor conveyances, listening to talk radio.
    We’re not all assholes!

  • Jane,

    Thanks for the post. Discourse is needed. Keep the media focus on the situation and the causation.

    Full disclosure: I have insider information related to this situation.

    Stereotyping and slanting news coverage is not the exclusive province of the right wing media. Not unlike all environmentalists and all fire pups, all members of the deepwater oil exploration community are not assholes.

    Unfortunately, in all heretofore mentioned categories, some are.

  • “the Republican efforts to both block any appointment for the Directorship of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and to now block recess appointments so a Director cannot be installed”

    I knew Harry Reid was a Republican. Thank you for confirming it Mr Frank!

  • “And let’s not forget how William Randolph Hearst got us into the Spanish-American War.”
    Was it my imagination or didn’t the media work hard to get us into Afghanistan and Iraq?

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