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    is very hard for us on the ground of the foreclosure defense practice to prove obvious forgery and perjury to wilfully blind judges. I have laid two signatures purporting to be signed by the same person, acting as a senior officer of two separate financial institutions, in front of the chief judge of a federal [...]

  • Actually, misprision of multiple felonies appears to fit: 18 USC sec. 4.

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    Thank you for posting my favorite hymn from my childhood. I thought everyone believed the words, which were haunting when sung to the tune of an old Welsh hymn.

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    Thanks for the tip. I clicked on reply and was taken to log in the first time (magilla reply) and thought I was still in reply. Log in took me to a basic reply. It is the second click after the log in that works. Thank you for your fine reflection on this distressingly ironic [...]

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    This reply was intended to magilla. Sorry. I am new to this site.

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    And thank you for saying it. It is important to bear in mind who Barack Obama a/k/a Barry Soetero serves. “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependant on it’s favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863 [...]

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    David F. @5
    You are seriously mistaken about the reality of “robo-signing.” Robo-signing is forgery and perjury. Too little has been done to address the issue. Please look into the issue more deeply.

  • While I agree that is the intent of this silly plea agreement which suggests that the source of all fraud is Lorraine Brown (to try to close the door on the crimes) let us keep exposing the truth. Please do not be demoralized. The proffered finding of fact are simply not believable. The whole notion of authorizing document mills to create legal documents is legally unsupportable. It shows that those in charge of the fraudclosure scheme were trying to distance themselves from accountability. They do the same thing with their in-house forgery operations: hire low level employees without a clue as to what the law is, train them to follow illegal procedures and give them official titles such as vice president of documentation.

  • No, the National Mortgage Settlement did not grant any immunity for crimes.

  • I agree. This is another in a long series of cover ups.

  • I just googled Lorraine Brown and DOCX and found no articles in the main stream media. The coverup continues.

  • The only lawyers who are benefiting from the litigation model are the lawyers for the criminal cartel a/k/a banks. The lawyers representing the homeowners are being abused by judges and threatened by disciplinary boards for blowing the whistle on forgery and perjury by servicers’ and their attorney. Homeowners cannot afford to pay a tiny fraction of the actual attorneys’ fees or cover the costs which would optimize the litigation. The criminal cartel gets back door bailouts from the Fed discount window and the productive sector is being starved for lack of credit. We need political support from a concerned public to help us carry on. Remember, in the adversary system, there are at least 2 parties. Only the criminal cartel’s lawyers are being well-compensated. Homeowners’ lawyers work day and night to keep up with the onslaught of fraud and bad court decisions. Still, a huge amount of productive credit is being transferred to the cartel’s lawyers, accountants and business managers. That is because there is still no political will to stop the fraud. People want to believe the myth of the irresponsible homeowner rather than acknowledge the reality that their banks are nothing more than criminal enterprises.

  • The servicers are were and are still using the forgery/perjury business model. The disclaimer of knowledge is pure fiction. Furthermore, the findings of fact create another fiction, that servicers could authorize persons to sign documents pretending to be officers of corporations which are bankrupt and/or no longer exist. This is not even the tip of the iceberg that the Titanic world economy ran into while going too fast for conditions at the direction of the criminal cartels still called banks for some unknown reason.

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    There is no immunity for crimes under the National Mortgage Settlement nor were homeowners’ claims included in the settlement. The National Mortgage Settlement covered only 5 of the fraud enterprises: Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank (under which Deutsche Bank masquerades), Citi, Chase and GMAC/Ally (which put its subsidiaries into the RESCAP (GMAC) bankruptcy on [...]

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    From your mouth to God’s ears.

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    The issue of forgeries and perjuries in foreclosure defense cases has just been given a huge upgrade in credibility. The foreclosure defense bar has a lot of work to do. We have to abandon our choice of delicate language and use the right words: forgery and perjury. Many judges have tried to duck the issues [...]

  • Homeowners in trouble with their mortgages did not crash the market. Credit default swaps did. These instruments of mass destruction (per Warren Buffet) are behind the financial collapse of Europe (Greece, Italy, Ireland and more nations to come as the EU common currency comes apart at the seams) and the USA.
    I appreciate your effort to try to keep up, but don’t fall for the bank propaganda. The banks created the percentage of bad loans so that they could hypothecate more credit default swaps and bet against the loan pools. By the way, the loan pools were never lawfully funded and the MERS front failed to conceal the securitization failure. The investors are holding nothing. Google “Abigail Field” and “securitization fail.”

  • I am an old lawyer in addition to being an old soul and I agree, Peterr. See my revised post @106 which corrects some typos and one concept from my comment @103. I am glad you are thinking about the application US Constitution. Where is the case? What is the controversy? Who has standing? Article III, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution of the United States.

  • See edited comment at 107. 103 should have read “bank holding companies” not banks to be put into involuntary bankruptcy. Deleted the Federal Reserve from the involuntary bankruptcy concept. They should be sued directly in federal court. GSEs should definitely be put into involuntary bankruptcy. It would be more fun to sue the Fed than to put it in bankruptcy. No one has ever tried suing the Fed yet, except one poor soul who thought he was suing a government entity and was told that the Fed is a private corporation by a helpful 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (1982) which held:
    Federal reserve banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of a Federal Tort Claims Act, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations in light of fact that direct supervision and control of each bank is exercised by board of directors, federal reserve banks, though heavily regulated, are locally controlled by their member banks, banks are listed neither as “wholly owned” government corporations nor as “mixed ownership” corporations; federal reserve banks receive no appropriated funds from Congress and the banks are empowered to sue and be sued in their own names. . . .

  • According to the interpretation of the rumored deal (which has yet to appear in writing anywhere) only 750,000 households would get the pittance for the theft of their homes ($1800.00) and they would have to show that they were not in DEFAULT. Over 5 million homes have been illegally taken. (Press reports say 4 million but the count is from 2006, if that can be believed.)
    I will believe what this agreement says when I see it and see the signatures of 49 attorneys general on the document. Should we require that the signatures be notarized? Can the AGs use surrogate signers? Rubber stamps? How about having the signatures notarized in states other than where the document was signed? On dates which were not the same as the date when the document was actually signed.
    Do the each of the AGs actually have the authority of each of their state constitutions and statutes to sign the deal? Is legislative approval of the settlement terms required by the state legislatures? What about approval by the governors? What does each state’s law require before such an agreement can lawfully be signed?
    Where is the federal court action which is supposed to approve this “deal” going to be filed? How will that federal court get jurisdiction over all 49 states who are to be covered by this settlement? Has everyone forgotten about Article III, Section 2, clause 1 of the Constitution of the United States? How to the AGs get standing to invoke federal court jurisdiction without filing a complaint? Same question for the banks? Is this a real case or controversy as defined at Article III, Section 2, clause 1 and over two centuries of case law?
    This “deal” is as phoney as the robo-signed documents themselves.
    I suggest that the AGs join together to put the holding companies of the first five TBTF (too big to fail banks) who are negotiating this deal into involuntary bankruptcies based upon the claims of the homeowners. 11 USC 109 prevents involuntary bankruptcies being filed against banks, but not bank holding companies. Now there are some cases over which the federal court could exercise jurisdiction!! 11 USC sec. 1334. Probable venue: District of Delaware, except GMAC/Ally which would probably be venued in Utah, according to my research.
    Put Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie into involuntary bankruptcies, too. Use the bankruptcy court for federal district court for the GSEs. The GSEs are not banks and have done enough unsupervised damage to the homeowners, the national economy and the world both before and after its phoney statutory receivership.

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