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    You denied anything but football until you could deny it no more. Be lost, your earthly presence has been drained from you.

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    Good bye lake, I came when you were the sweet flow of the springs and the rivers that fed you from the moutains. When only Jane and Christie spoke of a humanity that cared much for each other, and sought protection in a world gone mad. It is nearer to the desert now, and I [...]

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    Piss on the constitution? Do you prefer your religion to be called treason or sedition?
    Well off eh? Making money renting a slum to the subhuman?
    This lake appears to have gone dry. It is Laguna Seca, so polluted that you can’t race any longer. The inhabitants of the asylum are in charge.

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    And Bmaz, should you not stick to your roman drivel? Your writing has shown you dream of being in the coliseum. I was so sickened by your outrage that the football god could be torn down by the needs of sexually abused children. I puked when reading your drivel about Emperor Joe and his centurion [...]

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    Pretending only this piece of platinum is worth a trillion and that other piece is worth 1550 an ounce, USD, that will solve everything. No taxes can ever be collected again, because we don’t need them. We have fantasy in charge. Pretending we can solve debt that is climbing so fast that only the very [...]

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    I must quote Frank Zappa. “Politics is the entertainment branch of the military industrial complex.”
    Help us Zappadamus, you’re our only hope.

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    Hear Hear. The figures used to create the old CPI, and the figures used to make a final presentation, do not represent the same real values or costs. Now they want to make them more opaque and less relevant.
    When will pi equal 3?

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    We owe 16T right now. The shadow banking synidicate is 3 times this, and pulls all the strings on who gets paid. This means interest rates can’t rise anywhere in the world or no one will be able to pay back the banks. The lesser than wealthy people are having hard times that are not being mitigated by printing money that makes every week’s paycheck buy less and less. CPI is eating up any possible cost of living increase which are more and more rare. In Greece, the people don’t get any of the benefit of the Euro printing, only the banks do. How is it different here except by degree? The government is now the buying the bonds printed by the government. Every government is doing so. That means prosperity and growth?
    We are begging for a Weimar style collapse for the people of the world. We are begging for charismatic truthies to rescue us. If the theory can’t be sustained by mathematics and the testing of the hypothesis, it is a failed theory. It has never worked before in the history of monetary systems on our planet, but it will now? This has all the identifying factors of quicksand.
    We, the people, are being deleveraged, devalued, depressed, demoted to part time, decommissioned, and decomposing like the infrastructure that can’t be repaired. The home next to mine is sinking in………

  • We have enemies of our republic, Mr. Salmon is one of those persons. He certainly isn’t alone, and he appears to represent the government of our republic. Must we divide into LaFarge’s and Evremonde’s until the national barber is brought forth to sterilize/fertilize a future?

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    That cliff now in the vernacular; Is the bottom a repeat of Weimar or John Law’s France? If this is possible, what advantage do we gain on the precipice? Debasement of every currency and subsequent inflation, declining jobs/wages, faster wealth transfer, household credit at all time high? Foreclosure fraud as an industry practice? The only [...]

  • Your dollar is evaporating. Your rent, food, energy and everything else is going up. Your money is worth less if you can even get a part time job. What follows extreme poverty for more millions?
    entropy does not rest.

  • On a scale so far beyond Sandy that it would be considered quaint. What did our country do for the victims of Katrina? Why did anyone care about Sandy? Because it was the status quo that was affected along with the poorest of us.
    It isn’t going to be the status quo that will demand action on climate change, they haven’t bothered yet. They ignore it just like the financial crisis. No, they exacerbate it. That would interfere with their profits.
    Talk is cheap.

  • Think the people are mad about wall street? Taking away what little is left will push them way over the edge. It will bite each person where Wall Street is a little too far away to be real. A famous French king once said; “The people are revolting” Since it was Mel Brooks, we have [...]

  • This is a fine argument except for ignoring one major fact. Now I could be wrong, but are all the pups rich? In the top 10%? Because if not, the devaluation of our money is going to destroy the 90% in this nation while making the rest wealthy beyond their perverse dreams of avarice.
    Our dollar is being destroyed by money printing. Your prices go up every week now, as the portions get smaller. People use payday loans for food knowing they can’t pay them back. Why should they care if their family is starving?You can’t blame anyone for feeding their family first and foremost.
    But to embrace Dean Banker is to ignore the reality that is fast overtaking our economy. The debts can not be repaid, and we are getting close to borrowing half of our spending in advance. This is not sustainable without the ruin of every system in our nation.
    So what you are glorifying and begging for is extreme poverty that will show up and destroy our nations long before the seawater rises to take out our coastal cities, leaving us with the inability to rebuild our infrastructure.
    Your 1964 dime had gone up in value and has more purchasing power today, and more tomorrow. Every time more money is printed. It is worth more than 20x face value. Your dollar is down 20x and heading toward the basement.
    Do we support debt jubilee or make serfs of everyone below the upper class? Dean won’t answer that question, nor will he address it. If you don’t play with the entire deck of cards, you don’t know what the odds are.

    This dichotomy is unfathomable to anyone that can count and use basic arithmetic.

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    The last time we had a budget issue it was front page everpresent drama. This time, not so much. There was no screaming and crying from either side in a quietly executed can kick. There was no fury, there was only money printing again. Large money printing. It will buy treasurys because no one else will, and it will be MBS securites because there is a several trillion dollar hole in the economy regarding worthless mortgages void or voidable as a result of faulty loan origination and perhaps every other legal requirement. In other words, more to the bank, none to the people.
    The government knows it can’t fund itself any longer, so it continues to do so as if nothing were wrong. Prepare accordingly.

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    I am sure Mr. Baker is very smart and well connected. Devaluing the dollar destroys those of us that don’t make as much money as Mr. Baker does. This means 90% of the nation. It causes all the prices we pay to rise without the corresponding raise in pay. That would cause inflation then hyperinflation [...]

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    Why does giving money only the top 1% help anyone else down the ladder? This destroys anyone working for a wage. Their dollars become worth less, and they go down toward poverty at a time they can least afford it.
    The bailouts were for covering gambling losses, and is never spread out to benefit the population. If the gamble goes bad, a bailout with newly printed money is assured. The dollar is worth less.
    Each working person and family that doesn’t have a 5% or more increase in their pay each year is going to go under. The inflationary effect on food is now visible month on month. We don’t need a year to see that another million or 20 will be forced below the poverty line. The poverty line will rise anyway, because that is the only outcome possible.
    No, spending money when it must be created out of thin air causes pain. This is of paramount importance to grifters, sociopaths and gamblers. With each print we come closer to the end of our way of life. Consider the possibility that this will enslave more of the people of the world than anything before it. Be very concerned for what you wish for.

  • Voting machines control the parties now. What if more money and effort is going into controlling precinct results? Diebold can be bought, we have seen it before and we still believe we have a vote?
    We have no representation now, for we are only people. Our parties have disenfranchised their voters because they can, and were well paid for their treason. They are paid by the machine.
    Isn’t it time to put sand in the gears to stop the engine of destruction? Sugar the gas tank so no one will waste fuel on something that no longer runs. Take the road forward away from those that destroy it as they go.

  • Draghi must no longer be welcome in his own nation. Italy has one of the largest caches of gold in the world, and could easily back their new Lira with substance instead of raping eveyone in their nation by following along with the eurodeath spiral. All the money they take from the people goes to finance broken banks. None comes back for the populace. Greece is worse off. They spent all their money on arms for their less than enlightened military.
    This is not sustainable. Berlusconi will be back shortly and tell Europe to screw off. Italy doesn’t need them and can be a major success going their own way.
    cogitate this; Club Med provides the food for the nordic nations that have need for vitamin C and fresh food that grows in dirt. All northern dirt is frozen and you can’t grow the things modern nations consider breakfast. If food suddenly goes up another 50% like it has in the last couple years, the Club Med is going to make northern Europe pay through their nose in retribution for the humiliation and destruction of entire nation states that were supposed to be allies.
    War is going to be hard to avoid with the bad blood of having an american financial organization controlling most of the countries with technocratic/oligarchic appointed rulers. Goldman did not ride to the rescue. They rode in with Gucci carpetbags.
    We need only wait to see what elements make up the fuse and which the spark.

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