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    You cannot pin this prosecution on the GOP. The Obama administration could have let it die on the vine if they cared to. By contrast, prosecuting the banksters is and always has been “off the table.” And the one person who has every actually succeeded in bringing Wall Street fraudsters to justice was, himself, famously [...]

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    President Obama just can’t get a break from you DFH’s, even when he pulls off the nearly impossible feat of helping the far left and far right to find common ground.

  • notice how he “reaches out” to progressives only after the deals are done.

  • if done right, it would have helped the from the day it was passed. if for example they had passed medicare for all, even if implementation were months away, the knowledge that help is soon on the way would have liberated americans from their dependence on their jobs for health insurance; and consequently for some degree of financial predictability, if not security or solvency. the dems would have been heroes for standing up to the corporations, but mostly for making people’s daily lives better.

  • Democrats could have used health care reform to focus on current economic problems instead focusing on “bending the cost curve.”

    even better, they could have seized on the current high unemployment to make the progressive case* for single payer. the fact that people who lose their jobs lose their coverage (if they can afford it) would help to bring into focus the stronghold that the insurance industry has on our lives and livelihoods.

    but of course, they’re not progressive, or even left of center.

    *not that it was really needed: you don’t need a phd in economics to figure out that the profit in for-profit insurance means that there’s less incentive to approve needed care, and less money to pay for it. even the tv-numbed masses understand this.