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    After the Haganate of Nuland spent upwards of a cool $5billion & change in engineering to this present situation, what’s a few more million of the sh*tty, worthless, lazy, scumdog 99s tax dollar$ to toss into this clusterf*ck?? C’mon people! Git yer groove on! This is just so KEWL to talk smack to Putin, who [...]

  • This is all about kicking out prisoners who’ve (most likely unfairly) spent at least 10 years in jail for low-level drug “crimes.”

    It’s all about the money, honey.

    The rightwing/”R” crowd was all punitive as all get out and wanted (mostly minorities) all “offenders” to feel the “full penalty of the law” for quite a few years now. Hence, high sentencing for tiny amounts of crack but low sentencing for large amounts of blow. yadda yadda

    Now that it’s costing a pretty penny to warehouse these “offenders,” let’s kick ‘em back out onto the streets where they can be all libertarian-y and fend for themselves and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. And don’t expect any help in doing so, you lazy lousy scum bastards.

    Yeah, can’t wait to see the recidivism rates.

    This is all blowing smoke. Will make the 1% sort of happy but do nothing to really address the absolute injustice of the whole sorry nasty scruvy situation.

    Per usual, O is the “nice looking” talking head for the 1%… ramming their shitty policies down the necks of the hapless 99s.

    Thanks for nothing, O.

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    The press in CA, esp in Southern CA, discusses the cost at the pump regularly. Gas prices are rising, but quite honestly – and I may be wrong here – I don’t see how the costs at the pump are even remotely & truly related to the situation with Russia. Gas prices rise and fall based on speculation and other artificies involved in our rent-seeking economy.

    The cost at the pump can be artifically made to seem like it’s somehow related to Putin & Ukraine, and perhaps some USians will believe it. Anymore, though, I think that – while most USians are probably ignoring what’s happening in Ukraine/Russia/Eastern EU – most citizens don’t drink that Kool Aid anymore & think somehow gas prices are rising bc of Putin, who is bad, very very bad. But citizens are flumoxed and don’t know what to do about it.

    I don’t either, other than bleating here at FDL (and other blogs).

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    Like we can afford this… how?

    Why the eff is this happening?

    Yes: rhetorical Q.

    Insanity on parade.

  • It’s frickin’ hard to tell, ain’t it?

    I think O’s just going thru the motions until he can skedaddle from office and get his new-found 1% pals to REALLY give him the compensation he deserves.

    Not much has made sense in this conflagration from the beginning. At least someone seems to have put a muzzle on MadDog McCain, but now they’ve sent forth Gaffy Joe Biden to do… something or other… oooof. what a buncha losers.

  • Yeah: who’s “they” and why do “they” want a ground war with Russia?

    Well we can list some reasons for what is happening, mostly having to do with money, power & resource grabs.

    But this truly has to be one of the bigger fumbling bureaucratic idiocies that I’ve seen in my lifetime, and that’s saying something.

    I surely hope it doesn’t come down to a shooting war bc I think that would be disasterous. I hope our cousins in the EU can exert some pressure to the contrary to this nutty insanity.

  • Thanks. I’d like to see Nuland’s balance sheet that irrefutably explains exactly where every single US tax dollar went in “…supporting the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to have a strong, democratic government that represents their interests.”

    IOW: what a buncha b.s. hot air signifying nothing.

    I’m sure that Nuland & her pals had plenty of sticky fingers & OUR tax dollars are now enjoying a holiday on the Grand Cayman or some such.

    If OUR tax dollars was so righteously spent on Ukrainian people’s “aspirations,” then why is the bloody country so deeply in debt.

    Yeah, last Q is strictly rhetorical.

    Talk about sucking at the government tit, my friend! Victoria Nuland is the poster child for that!

  • Yeah. We’re running out of money. So much of that alleged $5billion that Nuland said went into to setting up this ridiculous Nazi coup was probably skimmed by Nuland & her pals to go into their off-shore accounts.

    Now the US/EU Oligarchs want to annex Ukraine for no money.

    Biden is today’s Mayor of Crazytown.

  • If you hate the Saker, maybe you should just avoid his/her blog. Just a thought.

  • Thanks for that report. I haven’t read the article, but it appears to conform with propaganda from other people/media.

    Poli Sci Prof, Kimberly Marten, was on Fresh Air (Terri Gross/NPR) in March rabbiting on about how Putin is bad, very very bad, and one Marten’s main arguments was that Putin was “answerable” to Oligarchs, who were “running the show.” I am heavily paraphrasing. But you get the drift. My thought was: well, maybe so, but so what? Like what’s the difference between Russian Oligarchs and USA/EU Oligarchs, who are certainly calling the shots & engineering this coup, etc?

    Insane stuff. A lot of the propaganda I read and listen to (when I the stomach to deal with it) runs along these lines. It’s actually VERY heavy-handed, clumsy & pretty much doesn’t hang together very well.

    The PTB are *counting on* citizens to NOT pay attention & just ignore this crap.

  • You echo a Q I had this morning, when I read about this in the nooz paper. I was like you: WTF is Russia supposed to do??

    Frankly, when I read the propaganda coming out of the District of Criminals, anymore it’s like reading Alice through the Looking Glass or something. For anyone who has paid some attention (which excludes the vast majority of the populace, whom I’m sure the PTB are counting on NOT to pay any attention)to this situation, there are “ultimatums” like today’s that Make. No. Sense.

    It’s just some saber rattling & heavy handed bullying threats that *appear* to be painting (bad, very very bad) Putin into some corner in order to justify further nefarious deeds on the part of the 1% who are somehow “running” this INSANE project.

    I’ve seen the USA do some dumb stuff in my day, but this one is rapidly shaping up to be the worst example of terminal stupidity combined with absolutely NO finesse, diplomacy, etc.

    weird, frankly (but weird in a very bad & rather scary way). like: out of control. Is anyone behind the wheel?

  • Hang around & you’ll see a fair share of trolls here, as well. They come & go, but you’ll recognize them pretty quickly.

    Thanks for your insights. Interesting.

  • Also back in ’71, there was next to no rightwing hate radio funded by the 1% to sew discord (albeit Joe Pyne had died in 1970 and was something of a “leader” of that style of shock jock hate radio). There were something like 4 tv chanels, and I think in ’71, the tv mostly went off the air around 1 or 2 am until about 6 am.

    IOW, citizens weren’t quite so brainwashed by the insanity of the 24/7/365 nooz media. And although the news was pretty much propaganda back then (as it is now), there were pundits who strove after some truth.

    The USA had much more sense of community, and we witnessed the Viet Nam war on tv – something the MIC made sure never happened again – which caused citizens to wake up and realize how senseless it was, what a waste of lives and money it was, and start to protest.

    Mad Men made sure that USians were dumbed down and made compliant by constant brainwashing with media, gadgets, etc.

    That was then, this is now, and boy have times changed and often not for the better.

    This film sounds interesting, and I hope it can provide a learning experience for many.

  • O darn well knows what’s going on. He’s lying bc he’s highly compensated to be the “face” & PR front guy for Deep State. O is not being fooled or misled by anyone, much less the Tea Party or even the NSA. O is doing his job. Live & learn.

  • Agree. Most USians could give a sh*t about Ukraine & are frankly sick of or bored by this constant banging of war drums & saber rattling. Other than the most brainwashed Dittoheads, many are sick of paying for these follies of the 1%. None of this makes any sense.

  • Nitpicking Mr. Snowden’s question is just a means to distract the hapless US populace from how badly we’ve been robbed, ripped off & spied upon.

    The current propaganda disinformation campaign against Mr. Snowden is obvious. It doesn’t matter what he says or does, the corporate-fascist propaganda media will find some way to spin it and say he’s Putin’s pawn.

    The only surprising thing is that Mr. Snowden is apparently surprised by this. It’s ok if he’s trying to prove to the US populace that he is not a pawn of Russia; that’s up to Snowden. But the US media – a tool now of the Oligarchs – will never ever paint an honest picture of Snowden. Their goal is clear: smear Snowden at every opportunity.

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    Thanks for your hypothetical. I have been thinking along similar lines. I am aware that there is a segment of the AA community who buy into the Sovereign Nation hype. And I idly wondered if all those clearly brainwashed by Roger Ailes & Rush Limbaugh would be shouting out their “moral” outrage if some similar [...]

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    Bundy had over 20 years to follow the law. The reports of Fed agents pointing guns at Bundy were wildly exaggerated, but if most of us schlubs break the law, that tends to be what happens. Why is this such an outrageous surprise to you? Because Bundy is a white Rightwinger? And not a brown-skinned moochers? It’s ok to be a taker if you’re a gun nut?

    If some woman was handled or tased by the Feds – which is questionable – then why was it ok for Bundy to put his wives & kids in harm’s way? Your ‘moral’ outrage is aimed at the wrong perp. Buy a clue.

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    What ‘few’ ideas are good?

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    Southern Poverty Law Center has been saying the same thing for much longer than that. But remember when DHS came out with that study, they were excoriated for telling the truth. Weren’t they forced to retract some of their findings? Fox & Rush went nuts. How dare the DHS tell the truth about their rabid audience?

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