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  • That’s my point, as well.

    Per wendydavis: I’ve seen the link, and I like the protests with tweets, etc. These are not to be dissed and certainly have a place and, fwiw, my support.

    However, I’m not seeing protests like this being effective in a larger sense of actually making a bigger difference. I am willing to stand corrected. If I’m wrong: great! Hope I am.

    I will say that the town of Davis, Ca, which has had some bad experiences with protests (Officer Pike pepper spraying peaceful, seated student demonstrators), has made some changes. The town had gotten one of those ridiculous MRAP (or whatever their called) vehicles “for free” (eg, courtesy of you and me, the taxpayer) from the Military. The town protested to the City govt, and allegedly the MRAP was sent back. So that’s quite good.

    And I think poss some other smaller CA towns did the same thing and sent some of the larger military equipment away.

    But I’m thinking about the bigger picture, and how can we truly “take our country back” from the 1% Oligarchs, from the MIC/Spy Complex, from the Police State.

    Local protests have a place, but it seems to me, we need a bigger picture strategy. just saying… good luck to all concerned.

  • Protests can be part of an overall plan, but isolated protests result in next to no changes (poss something at local levels, which may be useful but not sufficient).

    How we can get to sustained actions is a mystery to me. Occupy tried; has done some very commendable things, including some very valuable work following Hurricane Sandy; but that’s not working for the long haul.

    I wish I had better answers, but I don’t. There were protests in various cities in CA, which got some coverage, but I think the overall effect is minimal at best, nothing at worst.

    Not trying to discourage protests, but…

  • Sadly I have to agree. There were numerous protests across the country, but from what I could glean (disclaimer: I didn’t do extensive research), most of the protests were on the smaller side of 100 to 200 people or less. In most cases that I read about, the protestors were pretty much left alone by the PDs. Some blocked some roads and highway entrances, but eventually moved on to let traffic flow again.

    What is needed are some real leaders who could pull *everyone* together, but I don’t see that happening at this point. Al Sharpton is certainly NOT that person.

    Unless or until there can be a sustained, strong effort from a growing mass of citizens, I don’t see much changing. I don’t believe that the white community believes that this affects them At. All., and too many will find loads and loads of excuses for why this happened.

    This is why the corporate-fascist propaganda Wurlitzer RACED DOUBLE TIME to get “Officer” Wilson fawned over by suck-up stenographers. Now everyone can wring their hands and go: “oh oh oh oh… poor Officer Wilson just SO threatened. Why what could he doooo?????” And so on.

    Case closed until the next murder, which will be happening in 5…4…3…

  • I started to hear an excerpt of Officer Wilson’s “starring” moment with giant sucking spooge-bag George Stephanopolis (court suck up stenographer el-supremo), but I immediately turned off the radio. I have no interest in hearing what this racist “Officer” Chicken-sh*t has to say. Go away.

  • As far as I’m concerned, this whole thing has been one giant Police State Kabuki Show from beginning to end. The sham GJ “investigation” was bogus and seems suspicious. Officer Wilson should have been brought to trial, where greater transparency would have existed. GJ investigations serve a purpose, but, imo, this was not the venue for this investigation.

    I feel that the PTB are flexing their muscles and showing citizens what we’re up against, should we not like it.

    White citizens, who somehow believe that they’re immune to such treatment due to lower melanin content, had better consider the broader ramifications of such things. The Police State may begin with those perceived to have less status, but they rarely stay there.

  • Altogether, it was only in a few isolated areas of Ferguson and other parts of the St. Louis area that problems of vandalism and looting occurred. The authorities had plenty of time to prepare so that people committing such criminal acts could be dealt with and people congregating peacefully or exercising their right to freedom of assembly could remain on sidewalks.

    Bears repeating, as some commenters last night overly focused on alleged acts of looting and violence from the protestors (over time in the past, not last night). All meant to highlight how the protestors were “in the wrong” or causing the “problems” or causing damage to other people and property.

    While no one denies that some looting and violence has occurred, reports like this highlight how the heavily militarized PD make things much worse… and usually for NO real reason.

    Yet all we’ll hear on the M$M media is about “violent looters” and the like.

    Thanks again for this report from witnesses that were there taking photos and videos.

  • Thank you so much for this very important report, Kevin. Stay safe. It is critical to get more viewpoints about this situation, as we cannot trust the M$M to come close to giving us the truth.

    Unfortunately, this played out as many thought it might. I’m glad that human rights observers, such as those from Amnesty, were there to bear witness to this tragic event, which does not need to play out this way.

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    to you & OFG:

    What is this quaint notion of the “law” of which you speak? What does this word mean? I’m afraid I have no idea what “law” is. Does it exist?

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    As a US citizen forced to “donate” boatload$ of money to this corrupt, debased government, I’d love to lodge a protest. Sadly, our corrupt, debauched US Congress is littered & riddled with corrupt, bought off citizens of Israel (holding a dual US passport, but we all know which passport holds a heckuva of a lot more sway).

    Will conservative Christians in the USA be troubled by this? Or are they only “troubled” by Muslims?

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    I’m more concerned about what if Wilson is really innocent? Is there anyone concerned about that.

    Gee. That’s, uh, “nice,” I guess.

    Speaking only for myself, I’m more concerned about such quaint notions – clearly outdated these days – that true justice is served, and that the evidence is presented fully, fairly and transparently.

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    Good post. Here’s my comment:

    Same as It Ever Was

    There’s NEVER BEEN a shortage of USA STEM workers. It’s only been ginned up to hire third world workers at lower wages: a twofer. Lower worker wages, while pushing down wages overall for US workers.

    My prediction: the calls for more and more and more H1(b) visas will never cease; we’ll continue to hear how there’s not enough trained, qualified STEM workers with the exacting skills needed.

    It’s bogus.

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    Because most of the “riots” have not really been riots. There have been articles here and elsewhere showing a small amount of peaceful protestors with photos, etc, from credible sources, like Kevin G. Yet the M$M characterizes these events as “riots.”

    I know you enjoy buying into the M$M’s narratives, but you also do tend to do your homework better than this effort, Alan.

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    I note that a lot of photos from Ferguson MO lately all have the same look. They show some human (not sure if PD or what?) with this very blurry “fire” going on in the back ground. In the print media, the headline is usually something about “in flames” or similar exaggerations. These photos and, heh, inflamed language are happening across the media – print, tv, radio, internet, etc.

    It’s not accidental. Unfortunately, most citizens seem unable to connect the dots that it’s all of piece and is sheer propaganda.

    It’s hard to even say if some of the still photos are even from Ferguson, MO or just some stage set or even stock photos. Truly.

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    Sharpton is definitely a tool of the PTB. Not to be trusted.

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    I’m not expert on GJ’s, but I don’t think the time taken was all that suspicious. I’m more suspicious about the time taken between the GJ findings being handed down, and then the announcement of about the decision not to indict Officer Wilson happening so many hours later after dark. That’s the part that’s sus to me.

    GJ investigations often take a while.

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    Why’d they wait until 9 pm to finally release the GJ findings? I believe the GJ handed down it’s response quite a bit earlier in the day.

    Yesterday I said that the PTB probably needed the time to get their employees – paid provocateurs & outside agitators – in place, ready for “Show Time!”

    This is so akin to what used to happen back in the Viet Nam War demos. Same wording and framing. The photos we see online and in the print media (and possibly on tv) all are deliberately framed to make the situation look MUCH worse than it likely is. Who can tell anymore.

    The GJ investigation is a FRAUD, but it was ordered from on high. Our Oligarch Overlords want to make it bloody well clear just who’s large and in charge. If the 1% is running Militarized PDs to engage in Eugenics programs, this is how it plays out.

    Sadly too many citizens will buy into the Kabuki Show and be pitted against the good citizens of Ferguson MO.

    Distractions, pitting 99s against one another, hype, spin, propaganda, murdering AA males: check, check, check, check, check, etc.

    Disgraceful. Welcome to our New Normal. It only gets worse from here.

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    Locals are beyond disgusting, but they are acting on orders from on high. This IS the new Normal. Makes the Stasi look tame. Only gonna get worse from here. Many citizens will be OK with this & not just racist conservatives. Good Germans go along with what Big Daddy “leader” tells them.

  • Troll disgust. Outta here for now. Shame shame shame on them.

  • Some people get their rocks off when a white cop murders a black youth in cold blood. That’s a fact, as I’m sure you know.

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