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  • I don’t get your point.

    I certainly do not condone the excesses of ObamaCo and how they’ve permitted the rich to get away with not paying their fair share.

    It’s just that the whiners here constantly vetch and moan and complain about the horrid lucky duckies in the 47% who don’t pay Fed Income Tax… because they make such paltry wages that they don’t have to pay. They’re not scofflaws, as you so charmingly mis-represent & lie about it.

    I rarely, if ever, see the same commenters here complaining about the true scofflaws in the 1% who don’t even pay the full paltry amounts on their capital gains taxes. Mitt RMoney refused to show his tax reports except for ONE year, and in that year, he paid a paltry 17%. When was the last time YOU only paid 17% in Fed taxes. I can tell the last time I did: NEVER. I’ve always paid more than that in Fed Inc and other taxes.

    Get real. YOur complaints don’t hold water. Send me a link to where you took direct political action to get the Obama Admin to hold the wealthy accountable for their tax liabilities.

    I’ll be waiting…

  • Please link to where you’ve complained in the same fashion about the super rich not paying their fair share of Fed Inc taxation.

    I’ll be waiting….

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    snort! Ain’t that the truth? Gob-smacking even though one comes to (sadly) expect it.

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    Don’t hold your breath. If an R-Branch wins in 2016, then all bets are off, and the R-Branch will be cheering for the exact, same stuff that Obama & the D-Branch did, as long as they get the “credit.”

    It’s all kabuki show all the time. They are all vandals, liars, thieves and parasites, no matter which Team Jacket they pretend to wear.

    Distraction. Pitting the 99s against other 99s. Distraction.

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    Pass the lube, please!

  • Undocumented workers: we always get the trolls out whining and crying about how they never ever pay any taxes. But same trolls are completely happy with the rentiers in the 1% fleecing them. Go figure.

  • And perhaps you can repeat sloooooowly that nearly 100% of the upper 1-2% pay NO Fed Inc taxes because they don’t earn income. They pay waaaay less in taxes than you and I do bc they are mostly taxed at Capital Gains rates which is around 15%.

    Yeah, the fact that some undocumented workers do not pay fed income tax – because they earn waaaaaay below the poverty level (just for one thing) – is REALLLY a HUGE DEAL to you.

    Why are you not concerned about the mega-super-rich paying NO Fed Inc taxes???

  • Bingo. Well said.

    The whole charade of “Immigration Reform” has had the waters so muddied by the propaganda wurlitzer’s lies, obfuscations, bullshit, hype and spin that it’s next to impossible to have a reasonable, intelligent discussion about it… much less come up with practical solutions that might be beneficial for all concerned.

    That said, whatever happens with this latest round of “Immigration Reform” is more likely to benefit the 1% than it is to benefit either the Middle/Working class in the USA, much less the undocumented workers.

    Color me, per usual, skeptical.

  • I know it’s hard to believe, but there are *other* taxes beyond just Fed taxes. I know! How ’bout that?

    Many undocumented workers pay plenty of taxes, but these are mostly regressive taxes for gas and other commodities. But it’s not that unusual for undocumented workers to be paying other taxes, as well, such as state and local taxes (which apparently “don’t count” to you or Mitt RMoney). Some do even pay fed taxes and for Soc Sec & Medicare, which they then cannot collect from.

    It’s amazing how many taxes there are, but duly noted that neither you or Mitt RMoney ever want to acknowledge anything other those incredibly unfair Fed taxes (that most of the 1% never ever pay anyway, so you can stop feeling so very very sorry for them).

  • Kutcher is an ignoramus asshole

  • It appears that if some MOTU decides to threaten one of the 99s, then we’re all supposed to roll over & STFU. Emil Michael made a serious threat against this journalist who was reporting the factual but un complimentary aspects of Uber. Apparently Michael is allowed to threaten people. If you complain about it, you’re silly. Pretty amazing. What’s next? Some 1% asshole can beat you up & rob you just because they feel like it? And if a prime complains they should STFU? Great.

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    Yes, there is intermingling of Oligarchs and Deep State spooks. Hard to tell, sometimes, who holds more sway. Deep State types typically have been inducted, trained and involved longer.

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    And if that 2 year supply runs out, why, hey presto! There’s MORE where that came from!! Courtesy of the US taxpayer….

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    I thought the U.S./NATO were over there bombing ISIS, are we supposed to believe they can’t find this shit?

    heh… thanks for that reminder about the bombing. Yeah, what about that? OR are all of these “recruits” who are simply “streaming” into wherever the heck “they” are “streaming to” so all powerful now – you know, with these teenage girls (no diss on young women) who are just jonesing to fight with ISIS??? that our bombs are rendered ineffective???

    What happened to drones? I thought O’Bomber had such a hard-on for droning ME people on their way to weddings and funerals. What? Has O’Bomber gotten a-skeeert of bombing ISIS jihadi’s??

    Totally fishy. Totally ridiculous. Totally bullshit.

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    Color me ever so surprised… NOT.

    Riddle me again why I’m supposed to vote for the D-Branch of the UniParty.

    Riddle me again why the D-Branch of the UniParty is ever so much better than the R-Branch.

    Riddle me again why the D-Branch allegedly gives a f*ck about me, you and anyone else in the 99s.

    Pull my leg again about what a GREAT GUY O’Bomber is… and why I was so horrid and stupid and ridiculous and IMMATURE (quotes) for not voting for O’Bomber in 2012.

    Buehler? Buehler???????

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    Well well. Samantha Powers is just a special kind of … something something… ain’t she?

    Funny how her propaganda comes just at this time. LIAR. SHILL. Whore. Hack. Bought off sh*thead.

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    And that is assuming they do not capture more weapons, including heavy weapons, from the Iraqi Army, their accidental planned & intended primary supplier to date.

    No offense, but there was nothing accidental about ISIS getting all of these weapons - if, in fact, “they” have as much as is told to us. I don’t believe this lying crap anymore, but any weapons “seized” by ISIS was by design – a feature, not a bug.

    Saying anything else is going along with the propaganda spewed by our corporate fascist Oligarchs and Deep State.

  • And please don’t forget how we were all yelled at to vote for Obama bc LOTE and he’d close Gitmo. Never forget that.

  • Well said and couldn’t agree more. Saying it’s a travesty is way too mild. That USians continue blithely accept Guantanamo and agree with how it’s run is beyond horrifying. Yet the same USians will go on & on about ISIS and the beheadings they are alleged to do.

    I think I’d much prefer to be beheaded than to be tortured endlessly in Guantanamo.

    ISIS is way more humane than the USA, which is not all that surprising. No one else has really sunk to our level of depravity at this time.

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    You can start here to research Deep State. There’s more. Just use the googler.

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