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  • onitgoes commented on the blog post The Sad Case of a Teen Convicted of Terrorism

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    Good points. Why are our tax dollars utterly wasted on insane worthless stupidities like this? this young woman is clearly a mess, so how she could be viewed as a terrorist is beyond imagining. Sadly the jail time will possibly push her further in the direction of instability. And what has been accomplished? Certainly nothing that makes USians allegedly “safe from terrorism.”

    The Feebs are an expensive time-wasting joke. Agree that we need better protection against all of the looting happening with bank accounts, credit cards, etc. clearly neither the corporations or banks can be bothered to spend good money on better, stronger security systems. Guess all those fat cats need another giant raise & huge bonus so can’t afford to pay for IT security.

    Ditto for the USG which wastes US tax dollars to pay fat cats to run worthless spying organizations- this is one example of many of what our money pays for. Essentially nothing.

  • I’ll dare to invoke Godwin’s law. Isn’t this what the Nazis did? We live in a Fascist country that is barbaric. Very sorry for this person, but expecting clemency or standards of decency from the USG – by which I include state & local Govts – is foolish. We engage in horrible extremes of torture across the planet. I suppose everyone should be grateful that this person will possibly die somewhat quickly without too much pain & suffering. Our vindictive & sadistic overlords consider themselves humane & merciful in how this prisoner will be murdered.

  • Thanks for the report. Well we already knew this but good to have reconfirmation… esp when people keep telling me to take off my tinfoil hat and such. Yeah, just a conspiracy kook… and this is Exhibit 5029.12 for why.

    Color me utterly unsurprised.

  • I think when Nutty gets there, they all stand around doing circle jerks, don’t they?

  • Spot on as usual, Hugh.

    I don’t call it the District of Criminals for shits ‘n grins. I’m calling it what it is. Agree that the criminal empire reaches all the way down to who your local dog catcher is & more relevantly who’s on your local school board. They’re all crooks. Every. Single. One.

    Make Tony Soprano look like one of the good guys.

  • Very good points. In the completely hypothetical event of this tax “increase” passing (never happen), it’s still pathetic and pretty useless. And yes, many citizens will hear this proposal and get starbursts thinking about what a “masterful” plan It is. Most USians simply don’t get what’s going on.

  • O’Bomber is free to prance around prattling out whatever liberalish gibberish he desires… now that his true party is in power in the House and Senate, not to mention the SCOTUS.

  • Just HALF the world? Geez – they really really need to start working HARDER, the lazy scum slackers… (yes = /s)

  • Thanks, NCG. Wish I had been totally 100% wrong, but sadly, not so much.

    My other prediction that I called in 2012 was: 2016 = cage match Clinton v Bush. Sad to say, think that one might come true too Been warning my pals down here in Sydney and handing out advance apologies!

  • Sad to say, I have any number of friends in USA who truly are THAT stupid. Glad I’m not up there right now to listen to them waxing lyrical about what a “great guy with a lovely wife and daughters” O’Bomber is. They’ll all be THRILLED to the nth degree by this propaganda. Guaranteed. That’s why O’Bomber is wound up like a clock and sent forth to deliver this crap. Foolish fools believe it and get starbursts.

    Don’t ask me to explain why. I gave up trying to figure that out.

  • Thank the dogs that I’m presently downundah and can mostly miss out on this steaming pile of bs. My mates in Sydney took a bit longer but have finally cottoned onto what a con-job O’Bomber is.

    Update from these fair shores: used to live here three decades ago. In that time – and most esp since (surprise surprise) 9/11 – they have experienced the rapine and dismantling of the safety nets, just like we have. Now most of my friends no longer have a defined benefits pension and are stuck with the Aus version of a crappy 401K plan. Sigh.

    Conclusion: nowhwere is safe.

    Somewhat recently elected to power Liberal Party in Aus (translation: Liberal Party here = Republicans). Everyone is telling me that newish PM Tony Abbott is universally loathed, even by Liberal Party members. What else is new? They’re all scum. Of course the now in power Liberal Party has set about dismantling more of the social safety networks. Our cousins have learned quickly from their Overlords.


    Count me out on O’Bomber’s speechifying. I certainly won’t ruin my gorgeous vacay for that sheer utter bs hype nonsense.

  • onitgoes commented on the blog post Dianne Feinstein Wants David Petraeus To Be Above The Law

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    I never ever voted for that venal crook. Pains me no end to have that disgusting POS allegedly “representing” me. Ugh.

  • onitgoes commented on the blog post Dianne Feinstein Wants David Petraeus To Be Above The Law

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    Kravis must be powerful, which is of some interest. If Kravis manages to install Petraeus… wow, that’ll be “interesting.” Time will tell.

  • onitgoes commented on the blog post Dianne Feinstein Wants David Petraeus To Be Above The Law

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    Yeah, well the small fry getting “upset” means absolutely eff all, but people should definitely try to lodge protests, nonetheless.

    Color me utterly unsurprised by DiFi’s venality, criminality, disgustingly new low levels of moral turpitude.

    Glad to see Boxer removing herself from contention in 2016 (of course Kamala Harris – likely to win – will just be Babs 2.0). Wish DiFi would take a long walk off of a short pier. It won’t be soon enough to see the last of her nasty ass.

    Thanks for the report.

  • onitgoes commented on the blog post Dianne Feinstein Wants David Petraeus To Be Above The Law

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    After DiFi’s dog n pony show about holding the CIA’s feet to the fire and releasing a very tiny redacted portion of the CIA Torture Report – whereby all the fawning sycophants rush to praised (puke vomit) “brave” DiFi for her “boldness” – now we get the REAL DiFi – fucking sycophantic suck up to her real Overlords at the CIA and elsewhere.

    Clearly Gen Betrayus has the “goods” on enough people to threaten them into submission.

    Well pass the popcorn. Of course, Betrayus ain’t gonna get burned. Somehow he’s managed to protect himself.

  • onitgoes commented on the blog post Why America Keeps Losing Its Wars

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    Win a War, lose a War???

    For Team USA! USA! USA! WTF is the difference?? Really. Riddle me that one, Joker.

    War, Inc is for the MOTU to make money, stacks and pots and gobs of money. The death of citizens here, there and everywhere is just icing on the cake (useless eaters, etc).

  • Weiss still plans to come to Washington and will serve in the Obama Administration as a counselor to former Citigroup executive and current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. The position as counselor does not require Senate confirmation though it will allow Weiss to serve in government.

    So does this mean that sleazy weasel Weiss gets even more pork, aka rich guy welfare, by getting on the USG pension plan & platinum health care benefits for life??

  • This guy had friends in high places and/or patsy, as eCAHN says. One or the other…

  • Interesting points, esp re Petraeus. Something’s afoot, methinks, but don’t know what. Like reading entrails, this is.

  • Anymore, one has to step back from such events and watch and listen to how the narrative is played out. I am getting better at sitting on the fence and waiting to see how the propaganda works to make a decision about whether FF or not.

    Agree re the airline incidents. This last one was just plain bad luck, I believe. All are unfortunate. The first one will probably never be solved and is the strangest one.

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