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    There is one thing the Obama presidency has proved: there /is/ still such a thing as a moderate Republican.

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    People need to come to the realization that we should do everything necessary to provide equality of opportunity, and the ability to get wealthy and provide a floor through which no one falls; A range compression of wealth. We should want people to get wealthy, and for aggregate social welfare to increase, and need to provide institutions and policies that encourage and support this, while doing our utmost to prevent anyone from slipping into destitution. Universal higher education/job training (everyone should be able to get the knowledge and skills they need), universal health care (people should not fear losing their job, changing jobs, or quitting their job in order to start a business to keep their health care), and strong social safety nets (for when people fail through no fault of their own – this includes a universal government jobs program like the WPA when things get really tough – like now. This would also help with business creation. If there’s less risk to starting a business [like losing your job putting you out on the street], more will do it), and more grants for small businesses (along with a reform of onerous regulations which are appropriate for larger businesses, but have no place weighing down a small one – our one size fits all SOX404 is/was a great example.) Large, connected corporations get free passes and corporate welfare. Many individuals and small businesses are forced to deal with every hurdle and jump through every hoop to stay afloat.

    As an aside, the entire framing of social safety nets as welfare is wrong in today’s world. It should in fact be thought of as a net, something that catches you when you fall so you can build yourself back up, which we should want everyone to do.

    What we have now has distorted our ability to any of this. Both parties bay about equality of opportunity. I agree: that is what we need. Right now, we have nothing even close to it.

    Finally, no one, I mean no one should hate the wealthy. They should instead abhor a broken system that prevents more people from getting wealthy.