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    In other words: even in death, Bin Laden won. He achieved his goals, as he had stated them.

    And we all have to live in the Hell our “leaders” helped him create – willingly enough, most of us.

  • I always drop my family’s ballots in the box at the county courthouse. Gives me a nice little ritual, and I know the county actually has it. And saves 3 stamps.

    Anyway, you can’t mail it on Nov. 5th.

  • An Oregon Green seconding your enthusiastic support of vote-by-mail.

    Only caveat: Oregon is a “clean” politics state. We have very few scandals at all, because the voters punish them severely. It would be more of a challenge in, say, Chicago. But then, any system is.

    There is a fairly obvious solution to the stunt that woman in Clackamas County pulled (filling unvoted positions – straight Republican). For each position, there should be an extra bubble that says “Not voting this position.” You still have the undervote, which I think is legitimate, but no ambiguity to invite cheating.

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    Significant quibble: the law against polygamy is a prohibition; the rule presently at stake is a requirement. I’ve no idea how those show up in the court record, but it’s an important difference. (And incidentally: How many of you think the prohibition of marijuana is an illegitimate intrusion on personal liberty? Hmmm – that’s a lot of hands.)

    To be clear: I think it’s a good rule, given the disastrous state of our health care system. One advantage is that it gives the Bishops such a splendid chance to prove what shits they are.

    Much more important: this would be moot if the Democrats weren’t so dead-set against real universal health insurance, aka single-payer. They’ve now proven their opposition to it twice, once under Clinton and again under Obama. Went to great lengths to keep it “off the table.” If you support single-payer and you’re still a Democrat, you’re absolutely in the wrong party. You’ve really run out of excuses. The Green Party, http://www.gp.org, campaigns for single-payer and always has.

    Oh, and finally, just to be perverse: why is it any business of mine (or yours) how many husbands some woman can round up? Or the inverse? Assuming, of course, that there are the usual protections against exploitation, already in place for couple marriage. (To be technical about it: there would be some financial issues, involving things like property and insurance, that would have to be dealt with.) The last time I wrote about this, I wound up showing that the prohibition against multiple marriage discriminates against older women – because there’s a shortage of older men. Go ahead; figure it out. The real point is that this is a liberty issue – like, for instance, drug prohibitions. but, again to be clear, I don’t think that applies to large businesses like hospitals. They aren’t people.

  • So you and I will just have to do it – advocate for new parties and candidates, that is. Like this: the Green Party, http://www.gp.org.

    What is with these people, that they never take the obvious next step? We need a campaign to bring them over. That means letters addressed to them personally (look in “Contact”, unless they provide an email address), not just comments they can ignore.

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    NO, you don’t have to vote Republican to vote against Obama. There WILL be a Green Party presidential candidate, probably, as of now, Jill Stein of Massachusetts. (Roseanne Barr is also running, which should make the race much more entertaining – and better publicized.) You can look up both at http://www.gp.org.

    Now, the caveat: Ballot access in some states is extremely difficult. We’re working on it, but if you can’t find us on your state Sec. of State’s website, we need some serious help. You can connect with state parties via the map on the home page of the site I just gave you. If you have some money to work with, so much the better. It’s what we’re most short of – social justice parties just don’t get the big bucks.

    At worst, there’s always the write-in.

  • One more reminder of how thoroughly Obama/Holder are in thrall to the big banks.

    Mass private lawsuits on the broken chain of title, giving thousands, even millions clear title to their homes, look more and more like the best bet. Is there an NGO that can facilitate that? Of course,it would break the banks. Good thing, too. Sort of a private anti-trust action.

  • “See the problem is we don’t have anyone to vote for who represents us.”

    In 2008 you had Cynthia McKinney, as well as Nader. Nader is hoping not to run again, and I don’t now whether Cynthia will, but the Greens will still be there for you: http://www.gp.org.

  • Immediately, you’re right,of course;but how long do you want to sit in the streets? At some point, a new system has to be institutionalized; that could mean a lot more direct democracy, but you’ll still need new people administering even that.

    Short of a complete overhaul of our constitution, different policies mean different people in office. Even a constitutional convention would depend on representation.

    To take the example at hand: Jeff Merkley has been a very pleasant surprise. Before his election to the Senate, he was considered a generic Democrat. The trouble is, he IS still a Democrat, dependent on the party to get anything done in the Senate, or to win re-election. Unless he shows signs of breaking free, he should be encouraged but treated with great caution. Like, say, Kucinich, he will line up and salute if the pressure gets heavy. Right now, they all see a new political force, so they’re trying to adjust. And he isn’t up for re-election for 3 more years, in a very Democrat state.

    My understanding is that Occupy Wall Street is trying to stay “above” politics. But the more successful they are, the more they’ll need a political arm. This was a problem for the Arab Spring: Mubarak, for one, had suppressed political parties to where they had trouble entering politics.

    On Oct. 6, Occupy Wall St. fuses with Occupy Washington, which starts that day; the Green Party is an initial sponsor of October2011. Ultimately, the new movement is going to need a political arm, and it clearly will NOT by the Democratic Party or anyone attached to it.

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    I want to thank you for this post, Jane; evidently you do get it. I have a favorite few lines:

    “”But we will make it as painful as possible for any politician from any party to participate in this wholesale looting of the public sphere, this “shock doctrine” for America. And maybe along the way we’ll get a vision of what comes next.”

    So what comes next, Jane? If the DP is written off (as I did 15 years ago – but hey, you’re younger), where do we go from here? Where do YOU go?

    Obviously, I have a suggestion: http://www.gp.org.

    We really, really need the help of media figures to break the media blockade.

  • So here we see the Obama Administration running interference for the fraudster banks; in particular, pushing an outright coverup of their crimes by preventing an investigation under cover of helping a few in-trouble homeowners. The same thing could be accomplished with a foreclosure moratorium.

    It isn’t usually mentioned, but the overhang of fraudulent foreclosures damages the market from the buyer’s end, too. We’re actually looking at getting back into the housing market; literally at the moment, we’re looking at a “bank-owned” building that looks like a good deal. But we have to wonder whether the bank – don’t know which one, yet – really has a clear title. We can make sure we have title insurance; but how many title companies will be in trouble if it turns out there are a huge number of doubtful sales out there? That duplex might stand empty, deteriorating, for a long time.

    This is exactly what the Republicans mean by “uncertainty” damaging the market – and they’re making it worse, by opposing a real investigation. It’s a reminder of something my father told me: a culture of honesty is worth real money. When it breaks down, which is more the norm than the exception, doing business becomes much more expensive and difficult. We really shouldn’t buy that place without paying a real estate lawyer – who might be just as blind here as we are.

    As a potential BUYER, I vote for a real, thorough investigation, and lots of handcuffs all around. Let some petty dope dealers out of prison and put crooked bankers and politicians in their place. That way the cells might serve a useful purpose.

    When the corruption reaches all the way to the top, as it plainly does, we’ve moved to the 3rd World. Our income disparity is now WORSE than a lot of 3rd-world countries, and getting worse.