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  • orionATL commented on the blog post Senator Sanders Wants To Know If NSA Spies On Congress

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    glad to see these questions being asked out in the open. doing so creates a marker for future revelations.

  • kiriakou is being psychologically brutalized by the bureau of prisons. those folks really ought to be subject to a legal housecleaning.

  • what a clever, neat, pat answer.

    the Church has the answer for its problems – “no problem, sir”.

    but i have a question for you, r____,

    what does the Church do to avoid ever having these problems?

    even more importantly, what do the Church

    or You do to insure that these problems do not repeatedly occur

    what do you do to avpid

  • this post may have solved the mystery of why manning was soviciously mistreated for so long while in solitary confinement at quantico.

    the sanity board hearing was being delayed on hope that manning would break. instead he proved extraordinarily tough mentally.

  • orionATL commented on the diary post Superstorm Sandy Shows Nuclear Plants Who’s Boss by Gregg Levine.

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    great coverage.

    developing situations like this are where weblogs shine.

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    greg levine:


    glad you’re here and posting on the nuclear part of the sandy disaster.

    i hope to hell the cooling systems don’t fail and this situation spin out of control like fukushima.

    edward teller: thanks.

    q: is there just one reactor at each of the sites you mention or more?

  • the key to a successful public medical care delivery system would be training, repayment of schooling loans, adequate compensation,

    and very low administrative costs for administering the public health care system.

    the low administrative costs would be analogous to the low admin costs of well-run stock funds, or of the federal employee retirement fund – substantially less than 1%.

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    “…Romney’s comeback has been based on a reinvention (however thoroughly implausible) as an optimistic, politically centrist economic repairman that casual observers …”


    i think it has been based on physiognomy – there is, apparently, solace to be taken by some of the voting population in such matters as the cotton make-up pads glued to romney’s temples, and to the square-faced, bright-eyed, haunted look he presents on camera.

  • health care, say for your two-year old with an earache and a high fever to make the point very emotionally,

    is NOT an option; is not a bargaining opportunity

    it is NOT something we can take or leave, like a “deal” on lettuce at kroger, or a “deal” on a new car.

    health-care is often an IMMEDIATE NECESSITY with very little, or no, near-time flexibility for shopping/bargaining.

    the reasonable, workable solution is to establish a first-rate gov’t health care program with gov’t docs and nurses and labs and specialists whose education and training and salaries are paid by the state and/or federal governments, similar to public education and public safety.

    paid for with social security-like payments by individuals and with an any-gov’t-surplus trust fund designated for the medical, food, and education needs of any part of the citizenry that needs it.

    a second medical system for those with money/great insurance could exist side-by-side with this public one.


    it’s simple.

    why doesn’t it happen?

    no political will.

    why no political will?

    because voters’ attentions are kept on “values” issues by republican politicians who do not give a flying damn for the health/medical well-being of their constituency – only for the financial well-being of their wealthy contributors,

    and because democrat politicians routinely fake giving a flying damn for the health/medical well-being of their constituency – caring only for the financial well-being of their wealthy contributors.

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    but i have to say, on reading my own writing as it appears in your comment:

    “jeez, that is one long, tough cheese sandwich to have to consume.” :)

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    and speaking generally,

    let me say this fdl column of yours is among the most interesting of all of fdl’s contributors.

    the act of guessing at what might be relevant and interesting info from the absolute flood of info available on the internet is extremely useful.

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    thanks, fatster, for the reference to madison and the bill of rights. i did not know those specific facts.

    we know so little of our political history and what we did learn in school is so easy to forget over several (ahem) decades of life.

    but the facts and history you bring to light here are central to what this nation is, or until recently, was.

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    “highly-planned and highly-coordinated attacks on our laws, freedoms and way of life…” that is the reality we face. i rarely see it stated so directly and bluntly. from billionaire oligarchs like the kochs, to catholic church bishop-pricks and born-again entrepreneurs, to democratic party fakirs like schumer, levin, feinstein, rockfeller, pelosi, hoyer, and the blue dog [...]

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  • orionATL commented on the diary post Schneiderman Puts Netroots Nation in Coma by masaccio.

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    i was noticing the smile too, but my take was:

    what a shit-eating, egg-sucking grin.

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    president obama’s vast, persistent (see the recent firing of treasury official james fries, jr) cover-up of the banking/real estate fraud that occurred from 2006-2012 is the one issue that could sink his presidency in a heartbeat.

    it is fascinating to me that, as ruthless and power-hungry as they are, the republicans will not raise this issue against obama.

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    should you take up the challenge,

    and wish to have another stave in your arsenal,

    there’s this from our democratic president’s acceptance speech to the democratic nat’l convention on the anniversary of martin luther king’s great “i have a dream” speech on the washington mall –

    you know, that washington mall that is the real, the one-and-only, the true town hall meeting place in america.

    well, our president-to-be did not seem to know, or more in character, was to politically fearful and scheming to acknowledge that fact, and so put it this way:

    “…And it is that promise that 45 years ago today brought Americans from every corner of this land to stand together on a mall in Washington, before Lincoln’s Memorial, and hear a young preacher from Georgia speak of his dream…”

    “on A mall in washington” wrote our english major prez?

    and thus did a president-to-be ever so carefully and ever so skillfully diminish his public admiration for an event and a speech that both stand as one of this nation’s proudest moments.

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    i don’t know who will win virginia or north carolina.

    i think equating those two to florida is wishful thinking, even given the arithmetic.

    but i have to say, oldfatguy, that you are right in your injunction – there is no reason to vote for either.

    but wait – and here is the challenge of intellectual honesty to “progressives” – president obama has berayed almost every promise he made you, and almost every promise he made to liberals like me.

    so the obvious reaction should be retaliation against obama, possibly by not voting (which is entirely sensible and entirely permissable despite the hocus-pocus socially-correct contrary admonitions one hears when proposing this choice),

    or by voting for romney, former governor of massachusetts – formerly (pre-romney) said to be the most liberal state in the u.s.

    the repubs maintain control of their sheep by pointing to the “kenyan liberal muslim socialist”.

    but guess what?

    there are herds and herds and millions of democratic sheep (are you one of those, dear reader?)

    how do democrats keep THEIR sheep in line?

    why, the same way – scare the shit out of the sheep

    with some boogey-message, e.g.,

    - “think of the supreme court”,

    - “think of women’s rights” ( not that democratic leaders, or for that matter, most female democratic voters, show any real passion for this issue)

    - think of social security,

    - think of jobs.

  • orionATL commented on the blog post The Roundup for May 4, 2012

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    firedoglake really should retain you and this column.

    there is way too much very relevant info missed that the standard fdl columnists simply are cannot cover.

    in addition, this column, continued, would be a great resource for “diaries” or whatever name they go by here at fdl.

    it would also be a great resource for regular fdl columnists.

    in any event,

    thanks, fatster, for your very informative, interesting, and competent postings.

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