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    Or, as Tom Hanks put it (in the monologue in Punchline): “I’m not a hate monger. I don’t hate anybody. I’m more of a hate… stylist.”

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    #4 Speedbumpcopter!!!

  • So, one serious attempt @29 and a bunch more squabbling. I once heard Billy Bragg say something like, “People say there’s only an inch of difference between the parties, but I’ve met people who depend for their lives on that inch.”

    Sack up, lightweights. It’s time to make a choice.

  • Otter commented on the blog post John Nolte’s Big Sarah Palin HBOner

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    if you know what I mean and you probably wish you didn’t.

    Thanks for the Joe Bob reference. If the market for mocking the GOP weren’t dominated by your Demonic Conservative Ridicule Machine, perhaps he’d comment on politics in addition to the occasional Tebow rant.

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    had I been the sort of person who uses box cake mixes and velveeta

    But that’s exactly the point! She IS that sort of person, she’s just getting hers from a more expensive box.

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    After years of watching TBogg go out on the intertubes and hunt down stupid people to be mean to, it’s great to see a new business model taking off: luring stupid people to his blog where he can be mean to them without all that tiresome searching.

    Well played, sir.

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    ‘Cause if he doesn’t arrange it, pretty girls never want to stand by the DJ?

    The guy’s a genius who makes new things out of old. If hearing “Bounce That” or “Peak Out” (which slips the choruses of Wings’ “Silly Little Love Songs” and 2 Live Crew’s “We Want Some Pussy” together like they were made for it) doesn’t get you up, it’s just too late for you.

  • Otter commented on the blog post Galt!: The Musical

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    Am I the only one having trouble with the concept of an Objectivist chorus? I mean, anyone singing harmony is a looter, no?

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    I saw Black Swan back in October at a film festival. A house watered down by opening night posers who were not up to spending the rest of the week watching serious films was completely won over. There was no doubt in that crowd that Natalie Portman would get an Oscar nomination, and I thought it was a much better film than The Wrestler.

    An expanding rollout is exactly what you do with a film that relies on good reviews more than marketing. And it has had lots of good reviews.

  • Otter commented on the blog post The Hack Pool (Updated)

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    My only concern with this list is that McMegan will redouble her efforts output after being shut out, and we don’t really need any more foolish words on the economy at the moment.

    Otherwise, a delightful, if not comprehensive, list.