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    “If not destroyed, Obama claimed, ISIS would attack America.”

    Well, we wouldn’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud, etc. Obama channels the Vulcans, here, demonstrating once again to anyone with ears that the difference between the two parties is an issue of spelling alone.

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    A big part of the meaning of Permanent War: When everything is war, then nothing is war. In this twisted sense, Kerry is right. One can’t go to war when they are always at war.

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    So much bullshit here that one wonders where to begin . . .

    One item, anyway: Obama claims that he can “neutralize” an insurgency whose members are equiped mainly with small arms without putting troops on the ground? Who takes this shit–that can’t even pass the sniff test–at face value?

    Perhaps his “strategy’ for dealing with ISIS is to call the CIA and tell them to call off their dogs?

  • Ha! No. For promulgating fear, violence and the supporting public opinion in the US, the more confusion the better. Has someone made a list of all the labels (e.g. Islamofascists, Al-Qaeda, IS/ISIL/ISIS) US opinion-makers have come up with over the past 13 years? The more the better. It helps keep our options for enemies open and maleable.

  • “If Obama is going involve the country in yet another war he should at least follow the Constitution by getting authorization from Congress first.”

    Surely, you jest. If not, what possible difference would that development make?

  • “At this point it no longer sounds like it is a question of if we will be at war in Syria but only a question of when and how.”

    If we go back to the pre-9/11 NeoCon agenda for the Middle East (“Real men want to go to Tehran,” etc.), then this recent development not only makes sense, but makes sense in regard to planning and malice aforethought. In relation to Iran (and of course its oil), the US is to its east in Afghanistan, to it south in the Persian Gulf, and to its west in Iraq. In other words, the US has Iran almost surrounded. Now, the US is about to try and get rid of one of Iran’s major allies in the region.

    Who are these folks who insist that US military strategy in the Middle East is a haphazard, muddled failure? On the contrary, it is going largely as planned. US strategy looks like a debacle only–only!–if one takes the public political bullshit of spreading Freedom and Democracy at face value. What has been going on in the Middle East since the collapse of the Soviet Union is a straight-up war of imperial conquest. And it is not going to make a damn bit of sense unless it is seen as such.

  • “whatever these murderers think they’ll achieve by killing innocent Americans like Steven, they have already failed.”

    Unless what they hoped to achieve was to escalate US military involvement in the Middle East. Just when it looked like the GWOT might be slowing down a bit, ISIS arrives to save the state of perpetual war. What a happy, and thoroughly unforseen, development. Plus, the US has the chance to counter Russia vis a vis Ukraine. What a warmonger this Obama turned out to be. Truly, the Lesser of Two Evils.

    And ye gods: “Their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists. And those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget, and that our reach is long and that justice will be served.”

    Whomever is writing the speeches isn’t even trying anymore. Were these lines spoken by a comic book villian? General Jack D. Ripper, is that you?

    Something is stiff, alright. But it isn’t “resolve.”

  • “You see, the people over there are ALL the Enemy . . .” etc.

    Indeed. Brilliant and accurate summation!

  • The US is going to start bombing its own military forces in the Middle East?! And conveniently right after they pushed into Iraq. The purpose of bombing Syria is to bomb Syria. Assad’s government will be the target. Anyone care to bet against that outcome? Or, are we to take the President at his word?

    And one shouldn’t forget how stunningly effective bombing campaigns are against insurgencies.

    Yes, DSW, this IS a joke. Perhpas Obama’s greatest public strength is his ability to deliver punchlines with a straight face (George W. could never do that).

  • Maliki forgot at whose behest he served. He is now being reminded. The ghost of Diem points and laughs.

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    You have always been one of my favorite commentors. :)

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    Good for you, Calvo!

    I was on a dig at Blackman Eddy outside of San Ignacio about a dozen years ago. If you get any free time, I highly recommend Caye Caulker, Tobacco Caye, Xunantunich, and the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

    Have fun!

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    Me too. I just don’t buy the declensionist narrative that the US was once this great effort toward freedom and democracy that has become derailed of late and gone down the tubes. I don’t think the historical record supports a supposedly Edenic past. There was a jump in general quality of life with the rise of the middle class from the 1940s through the 1970s in an otherwise exploitive, imperialist trajectory. The obvious consideration in challenging an Edenic past is the plight of women, the working class, and anyone browner than WASPs. The US was mainly started by the 1% in pursuit of their own interests.* That is the “American Experiment.”

    *At the time of the Revolution, most folks in the colonies–who weren’t slaves, prisoners or indentured servants, which was a significant population–were either loyal to the Crown or didn’t give a damn.

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    I was thinking more like figurehead. Deep government in Washington’s time who stood him up as public figure? The business interests behind the Federalists? The 1% who started a revolution to avoid taxes and increase their profits and then promptly behaved toward US citizens in the same oppressive way as the government they had revolted against?

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    Didn’t it start with George Washington, a mediocre officer who married his wealth and influence, and immediately spent tax-payers’ money on fancy carriages, horses and clothes as soon as he became president?

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    Obama out-Reaganed Reagan, the first actor president (of course, who better to be the front man in the TeeVee age than an actor). George W. tried but could never get through his lines with a straight face–he always had to get in a winking aside to the audience. Obama makes Reagan look like something solid, someone with conviction, by comparison. Obama is not even an empty vessel. He is a blank slate.

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    “and the man came across as unreal, made up, constructed”

    Obama is the most fictional president ever. He is no more real than a flickering image on the TeeVee with a script someone else wrote.

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    Ha! It is relative. The hard right tack of the US over the last 30 years explains why Nixon now looks like a lefty, too. Shit, a year ago Fox News called him “The Last Great Liberal.” Can you fucking imagine that?! Obama, the Bushes and the Clintons are so far right that Nixon is a hippie by comparison.

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