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    Off topic, but extremely important that Americans finally know what happened on 9/11 at the Pentagon. A new video has just been posted on YouTube of the attack. It has been analyzed, and you can find out who attacked the pentagon here:


    * This is not a joke. Please view before the account is closed by YouTube or Google.

  • MORE BREAKING NEWS – A certain main stream media site has refused to refer this video for national consideration. Why? Because it is a video of an under the dome alien base in Antarctica. Now how many people will ever see it? I find that astonishing. For years, rumors have been flying about secret bases, [...]

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    Take a break from recognizing the f job that’s going down on the American taxpayer, and check this video out. No, it is not mine. I just found it fascinating. It’s about the discovery of pyramids on the moon. You’d think the media would pick up this story, but I guess it would mess with the religious nut’s minds too much.


  • I will NEVER vote for Obama again. EVER!

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    ALERT! MSNBC Blatantly Excludes Ron Paul From List of TOP Fundraisers


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    We have a government that secretly spends hundreds of billions of dollars a year on black funded projects that utilize technology so advanced that most of us have never even heard of it. Technology that would free the world from it’s oil dependence. What is it? Why haven’t YOU heard of it? You paid for it.

    From the Disclosure Project Site

    …”significant technological breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have resulted from the study of these objects (and from related human innovations dating as far back as the time of Nikola Tesla) and that these technologies utilize a new physics not requiring the burning of fossil fuels or ionizing radiation to generate vast amounts of energy;

    …classified, above top secret projects possess fully operational anti-gravity propulsion devices and new energy generation systems that, if declassified and put to peaceful uses, would empower a new human civilization without want, poverty or environmental damage.

    Those who doubt these assertions should carefully read the testimony of dozens of military and government witnesses whose testimony clearly establishes these facts.”


    (highly recommend)

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    European E.Coli Superbug Bioengineered to Produce Human Fatalities ..a super resistant strain of e.coli is sickening patients and filling hospitals in Germany,and virtually no one is talking about how e.coli could have magically become resistant to eight different classes of antibiotic drugs and then suddenly appeared in the food supply… There’s really only one way [...]

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    Just watch the first minute or two of this video. Watch Gov Walker LIE before Congress about union busting, and watch Dennis Kucinich FORCE him to admit that busting up unions wouldn’t save Wisconsin one dime. Why isn’t he in jail?


  • I think both parties are corrupt. The Democrats are just the least corrupt,, I think.

    As for Issa, the Young Turks did a good segment on his CRIMINAL history. Let’s just say if he doesn’t get his way, better hope he’s not packing heat.


  • Rep Anthony Weiner on the deficit, social security, and medicare.


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    Moments after preaching extreme self-reliance to one of his constituents, a Georgia Republican told a gathering in his district that he will continue to rely on government-subsidized health care “because it’s free.”

    You can’t make this stuff up. Unbelievable.


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    At least Rachel Maddow ran this video on her show. Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan caught by someone’s cell phone having a very interesting chat. Makes you wonder who’s zooming who?


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCGAuK-SpOg

    WASHINGTON — Moments after preaching extreme self-reliance to one of his constituents, a Georgia Republican told a gathering in his district that he will continue to rely on government-subsidized health care “because it’s free.”

    Freshman Rep. Rob Woodall, who served as chief of staff to his predecessor, made national news earlier this week for comments he made, captured on video by Patch.com, to a retired constituent who told him her company does not provide retiree benefits.

    “Hear yourself, ma’am. Hear yourself,” Woodall told the woman. “You want the government to take care of you, because your employer decided not to take care of you. My question is, ‘When do I decide I’m going to take care of me?’”

    “I have a question about taking care of you. You have government subsidized health care, but you are not obligated to take that if you don’t want to. Why aren’t you going out on the fee market in the state where you’re a resident and buy your own health care? Be an example,” said a constituent in the new video.

    “Your question is,” Woodall responded, “my government’s willing to give me lots and lots of stuff for free and why don’t I take it?”

    The woman followed up. “Why aren’t you leading by example, and go and get it in a single-subscriber plan, like you want everybody else to have, because you want to end employer-sponsored health plans and government-sponsored health plans. You said so in a letter to me, that your goal is to get rid of the employer-sponsored health care [system]. So why aren’t you leading by example and go out yourself, decline the government health plan and go to Blue Cross/Blue Shield or whoever, and get one for yourself and see how tough it is,” she said. “You don’t have any pre-existing conditions, I guess, you haven’t had any life-threatening illnesses like I had last year.”

    Woodall responded that “this is why it’s good to have these conversations, because there’s some bad information out there.”

    But his constituent presses him further. “Answer the question: Why haven’t you gone out and got it?”

    “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I did. It’s because it’s free. It’s because it’s free,” he said. “The same reason I went out to Walgreen’s and bought ActivOn and I don’t have any arthritis pain: Because it’s free. Folks, if you give people things for free, don’t blame them for taking them.”

  • When state legislators across the nation introduce similar or identical bills designed to boost corporate power and profits, reduce workers rights, limit corporate accountability for pollution, or restrict voting by minorities, odds are good that the legislation was not written by a state lawmaker but by corporate lobbyists working through the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a one-stop shop for corporations looking to identify friendly state legislators and work with them to get special-interest legislation introduced. It’s win-win for corporations, their lobbyists, and right-wing legislators. But the big losers are citizens whose rights and interests are sold off to the highest bidder.

    ALEC’s major funders include Exxon Mobil, the Scaife family (Allegheny Foundation and the Scaife Family Foundation), the Coors family (Castle Rock Foundation), Charles Koch (Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation), the Bradley family (The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation) and the Olin family (John M. Olin Foundation). These organizations consistently finance right-wing think tanks and political groups.

    Members of ALEC’s board represent major corporations such as Altria, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Koch Industries, Kraft, PhRMA, Wal-Mart, Peabody Energy, and State Farm. Such corporations represent just a fraction of ALEC’s approximately three hundred corporate partners. According to the American Association for Justice, over eighty percent of ALEC’s finances come from corporate contributions.


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    I continue to be amazed at the holy jihad republicans are waging upon the American people. Absolutely stunning!!

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    I don’t know why ANY woman would ever vote republican. Time and time again they introduce legislation that harms women. These are our wives, our girlfriends, our daughters, our sisters…

    Republican Alan West from Florida just got done blaming the deficit on feminism. I’m not joking.


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    I saw a segment on the Ed Show that helps explain what corporate America is up to if anyone is interested. It’s pretty good.


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    Sometimes right wingers are so crazy, you can’t even understand their arrangement. Nothing computes. They don’t even understand what they’re saying as evidenced by this.


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    A lot of hate email was received from the poster of this video.

    *** UNCUT video of Andrew Breitbart stoking the flames of class war.


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